Creatures of Our Time, in a Land Fit for Heroes

Creatures of Our Time, in a Land Fit for Heroes

by Dave Diss


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This is the second volume of Dave Diss's autobiography. It's richly illustrated with paintings of his own and family photographs drawn from the period of the text. That's from 1955, when Dave bids a sailor's farewell to the Royal Navy after nine years of sailing the seven seas to marry his beautiful sweetheart, Pauline, and whisk her away to a honeymoon in gay Paree, and then back to take up his tame desk job in London, to 1970, when this family of five hopeful English emigrants -- Mum, Dad, their two growing boys and their eight-year-old daughter -- step ashore from the deck of the Castel Felice, a majestic white-painted Italian vessel of the Sitmar Line, onto the dockside in Port Adelaide, South Australia, in the welcoming southern autumn sun.

They will begin their new lives in this great southern land, having sailed the 12,000 miles or so from the bitter February cold of the Southampton docks. They are among the many thousands of boat people lured from the security of their native hearths, families and friends, by the extravagant media campaigns. It's a huge, and exciting adventure, to be sailing away on a five-week long ocean voyage, and visiting strange, exotic ports on the way -- the Canary Islands, Cape Town, Fremantle -- especially for the kids, many of whom, like some of their mothers and fathers indeed, are leaving England's frosty shores for the first time in their lives, to seek their fortunes elsewhere, in a land of milk and honey, where nothing can ever go wrong...

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