by Edward Lee
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Creekers 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Edward Lee is one of my favorite Horror Writer's. I haven't read a book of his yet that I have not loved, and Creekers has to be one of his best stories to date. Creekers are a family of outcasts that live in the woods outside the small town of Crick City. They are a mysterious clan that has been inbreeding for centuries. They are hideously deformed with blood red eyes. Phil Straker a homicide cop has come back to the town of his childhood in hopes of solving a bunch of gruesome murders that have been taken place in Crick City. There are rumors flying around that the Creekers are the ones responsible, and he is determined to bring them to justice. He has no idea what he about to get himself into. I could not put Creekers down. I was glued to it the moment I started. I devoured it in two nights, and hated to see it end. It is an original story full of Blood, Guts, and Sex. There are scenes that will have your stomach churning, and heart racing. Creekers is a must read for any fan of Lee's work. I was happy to see that it is reprint. Now more people will get a chance to read one of the best stories Lee has ever written. 5 Stars
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really liked the book "Creekers". It wasn't the usual red neck on a rampage book. Although, there were plenty of small town residents up to no good. It was an interesting mix of police work, a hill folk cult, red neck drug runners, strippers and demons. The story had a few concurrent plot lines that eventually converge in a unfortunate way. Some of the main characters are more likeable than others. While I really liked Phil and Susan, I really disliked Chief Mullins from the beginning when he recruited Phil. Every time Vicki (and others) blamed Phil for her current circumstances, I became more and more annoyed. Adults are responsible for their own lives, and that includes all of the bad decisions we make. I knew that she was trouble, but Phil did not seem to care. Here is the basic plot description. The main character is a cop, Phil Straker. He was framed for the murder of a kid during a drug bust gone wrong while working at a big city police department. Straker chooses to resign rather than face a murder charge for the kid's death. He is unable to get a job anywhere, as a cop, because of the incident. Phil is later recruited by the chief of police in the tiny town that he grew up in. He does not want to go back, but it is the only way he can be a cop again. He spends a lot of time undercover investigating a local PCP drug ring and a strip club that offers extras. Phil Straker has a lot going on in his life ever since he moved back to his home town. He tries to deal with leftover feelings for his ex-girlfriend (Vicki), who is a former cop turned stripper/ hooker/wife for a Creeker named Natter. Natter owns the strip club where Phil goes on multiple undercover stakeouts. He keeps running into Creekers at the strangest places, and they are saying the strangest things. He gets involved with the police dispatcher that he likes a lot (Susan). His boss, Chief Mullins, continues to hide and lie about pertinent information. Not to mention that Phil uses his old friends for information about drugs and keeps getting in Natter's way. Straker unravels the mysteries of his repressed memories through his nightmares. Terrible murders, rapes, and beatings occur. Phil tries to tie it all up, but it just does not fit right. Finally, Phil's memory of a traumatic childhood experience is fully revealed. Then, it all makes sense? Wait, what just happened? I read approximately 770 pages that were crazy and engaging prior to the bad ending. I was fully invested and along for the ride. But, in the last 20 pages, I read the most rushed and terrible ending. I was left with a Phil Straker that was acting so completely differently in those last pages that I thought who is this guy? Why is he acting like that? Why is he okay with all of this stuff? Suddenly, he changed his personality so radically that it made no sense to me. Worst. Ending. Ever. Mr. Lee what happened to Phil Straker? People do not change who they are intrinsically over just a few pages. I am so disappointed. I haven't been so disappointed since "Brides of the Impaler". I am okay with a twist ending but not this kind. I mean, "Lucifer's Lottery" and "Flesh Gothic" were great. I cannot in good conscience recommend a book with an awful ending. Although, the rest of the book was really good. The writing and character development are solid. The end is less than stellar. -AvidReader
fallfever More than 1 year ago
Good story and unusual twist though ending a bit abrubt. Definitely recommend.
abeelynn More than 1 year ago
Morbid keeps u interested
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great read
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago