Crime Rhymez: Tenth Anniversary Edition of My Book of Chrymes

Crime Rhymez: Tenth Anniversary Edition of My Book of Chrymes

by Wilfred Kanu Jr.

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This book gives its reader a glimpse into Freddy Will's musical journey. It covers the events that transpired during his separation from his family during the two civil wars. Those circumstances nearly left him dead without a coffin. It narrates the true story of Wilfred "Freddy Will" Kanu Jr.'s exhausting childhood while he was on his quest to develop his talents. The social anarchy that he lived through affected the lyrics contained in the accompanying songs in the book. In due course, he migrated to the United States where his quest for a new life came to fruition. America offered Wilfred what many would call a second chance, but bittersweet clashes still lingered after his haunted past. Once in the United States, he put his sincerest aspirations aside. Freddy wanted to rehabilitate himself from the inside out as he made up for the lost time. He worked on healing and forgiving those who had wronged him in the past. In anticipation of new challenges, he pursued a different set of accomplishments. Some include his college diplomas and full-time jobs that were once never available to him. And that brought an end to his desperate pursuit of financial stability. Freddy Will wrote the majority of the lyrics on his debut album during or right after the experience. He wrote the second set of songs, "City of Kings Reloaded," in Toronto Canada while preparing to record his third studio album. This book should encourage the reader to decipher the lyrics on Freddy Will's "While I'm Still Young... the Talking Drums 1.2v." It narrates the story of how he adjusted to his new community in the United States. How did he develop as a force with which to reckon? It proceeds to illustrate how he developed his talents. As a reader, you will come to surmise the sequence in his travail, and only then will you appreciate the inspiration behind his artistic vision. "Crime Rhymez" is the tenth-anniversary edition of Freddy Will's first publication, "My Book of Chrymes." Moreover, this edition contains an in-depth embellishment of the events that transpired after the release of his debut album. It continues the story from then to where he is now in 2019. Freddy Will has made a modest pursuit of happiness since 2009. He concentrates on his achievements and his age at that time. This edition couriers his perspective of financial success and how it redeems one from the psychological oppressiveness of scarcity. Some of his insights in this writing date back to his earliest scripts through the 1990-1998 eras in Hip Hop. That time marked the most cryptic moments in his life that drew out his primal instincts in the same way that it unleashed his talents. These lyrics also comprise of some critical perspicacity on his most exhilarating and authentic adventures that he had not revealed before this time. There are fascinating aspects of his thoughts on social and political matters. Find out how Freddy Will earned a Grammy nomination. Learn a clear version of when and how he was honored with four "Limited Edition" postage stamps from Sierra Leone. The best component regarding this book is not only the storytelling behind Freddy Will's musical journey but the projection of younger artists into their future as musicians. Freddy Will's life purpose is to inspire other artists and authors to persevere in their quest for greatness.

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ISBN-13: 9781646695799
Publisher: Badson Publishing
Publication date: 08/26/2019
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