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Jones & Bartlett Learning
Criminal Investigation / Edition 4

Criminal Investigation / Edition 4

by Ronald F. Becker, Aric W. Dutelle


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Criminal Investigation / Edition 4

Criminal Investigation, Second Edition takes an integrated approach to the investigation process. This introductory text explores how contributors to criminal investigation-and its resulting prosecution-are more effective when they understand and appreciate their role on the team, what role other team members play, and how it all comes together. Readers will learn how investigations are connected to a team that is much larger than those charged with the investigations of a crime. The end result is a solid foundation in criminal investigation.

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ISBN-13: 9781449650544
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
Publication date: 02/21/2012
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 576
Product dimensions: 8.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 1.30(d)

About the Author

Chaminade University

Table of Contents

1Introduction to Criminal Investigation1
Fundamentals of Forensic Science1
Criminal Investigation and the Scientific Method4
Importance of Forensic Evidence6
Medical Contributions7
Objectives of an Investigation11
Investigator's Role12
Selecting Investigators13
The Legal Team13
Admissibility of Evidence16
Chapter Resources18
2A Brief History of Criminal Investigation21
Early History21
Law Enforcement Developments in London and New York City22
The Birth of Scientific Investigation24
Scientific Investigation in the United States24
The Growth of Forensic Science25
Chapter Resources30
3The Crime Scene33
First Response34
Note Taking37
The Walk-Through41
Recording the Crime Scene41
Dry-Land Crime Scene Searches50
Underwater Crime Scene Searches55
Mass Disasters64
Chapter Resources71
4The Law of Search and Seizure75
The U.S. Constitution and Due Process75
The Exclusionary Rule79
Search Warrants82
Warrantless Searches Based on Probable Cause84
Warrantless Searches Based on Reasonableness86
Chapter Resources97
5Blood Evidence101
Bloodstain Interpretation102
Bloodstain Mechanics102
Testing Blood Evidence105
Handling Blood Evidence108
Chapter Resources111
6Suspect Identification115
Biometric Identification115
DNA Typing125
Composite Identifications134
Chapter Resources139
7Managing Criminal Investigations and Cultivating Sources of Information143
Managing the Criminal Investigation143
Sources of Information148
Chapter Resources174
Successful Interrogations184
The Reid Technique186
Written Statements and Confessions189
Chapter Resources192
9Firearms Investigation195
Physical Evidence195
Ballistics and Firearms Identification196
Types of Firearms198
The Firing Mechanism203
Firearms and Forensics208
Legal Aspects213
Submerged Firearms216
Physical Evidence Predicates219
Chapter Resources221
10Death Investigation225
Who Kills?226
Homicide Investigations226
The Staged Crime Scene229
Recovering Human Remains232
The Autopsy236
Identifying the Deceased237
Window-of-Death Determinations238
Forensic Entomology242
Gunshot Wounds246
Sharp-Force Deaths252
Chapter Resources256
Aggravated Assault260
Investigating Child Abuse266
Legal Justification for the Use of Force271
Chapter Resources273
Modus Operandi279
Processing the Robbery Crime Scene284
Robbery Checklist286
Prosecutorial Summary286
13Sexual Assault293
Elements of Sexual Assault294
The Forced Sexual Assault Investigation297
Sexual Assault Profiling310
Nuisance Sex Crimes313
Chapter Resources316
14Theft and Burglary319
Motor Vehicle Theft326
Chapter Resources333
15Drug Offenses337
The Addict Myth337
Drug Analysis338
Club Drugs363
Drug Regulation364
Drug Investigations365
Drug Prevention367
Chapter Resources369
Investigation of Arson373
Arson Evidence376
Vessel Arson381
Vessel Explosions385
Relevant Case Law387
Chapter Resources389
Weapons of Terrorism396
Investigating Terrorism397
Hostage Negotiation399
Chapter Resources405
18Organized Crime407
Organized Crime Groups407
Ritual Abuse413
Organized Crime and Applicable Laws418
Investigating Organized Crime419
Chapter Resources423
19White Collar Crime427
Money Laundering427
Confidence Swindles428
Forgery and Check Fraud429
Questioned-Document Examination430
Computer-Assisted Crime432
Chapter Resources441
20Underwater Investigations445
Elements of Underwater Investigation445
Recovering Submerged Firearms448
Body Recovery451
Auto, Aircraft, and Vessel Recovery460
Chapter Resources468
21Defense Lawyers, Prosecutors, and Investigators471
The Defense471
The Prosecution477
Investigators and Trials480
Chapter Resources488
22Expert Testimony491
Expert Witnesses: A Brief History491
Contemporary Expert Witnesses495
Chapter Resources500
ADirect Examination of Fingerprint Experts503
BDirect Examination of Forensic Chemist519

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