Criminal Law for Police Officers

Criminal Law for Police Officers

Paperback(3d ed)

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ISBN-13: 9780131938212
Publisher: Prentice Hall Professional Technical Reference
Publication date: 01/01/1981
Series: Criminal Justice Series
Edition description: 3d ed
Pages: 352

Table of Contents

1. Historical Background of Criminal Law.
2. Fundamentals of Criminal Law.
3. Jurisdiction.
4. The Criminal Act.
5. The Mental Element.
6. Matters Affecting Criminal Responsibility.
7. Assault and Related Crimes.
8. Homicide.
9. Sex Offenses and Offenses to the Family Relationship.
10. Theft.
11. Robbery.
12. Burglary and Related Offenses.
13. Arson.
14. Forgery and Related Offenses.
15. False Imprisonment, Abduction and Kidnapping.
16. Crimes Involving Narcotic Drugs and Alcoholic Beverages.
17. Extortion, Blackmail, and Bribery.
18. Offenses By and Against Juveniles.
19. Traffic Offenses.
20. Crimes Affecting Judicial Process.
21. Crimes Against Public Order.
22. Organized, White Collar and Commercial Crimes.


In this eighth edition, I have taken to heart some recommendations of ewers, past and present, and have expanded the material on juveniles and placed it in a new chapter entitled "Offenses By and Against Juveniles." In addition, new material has been added concerning carjacking, contraband forfeiture, environmental crimes, computer crimes, and other topics, in hopes of bringing the substantive law into focus with changing and evolving developments.

I have added key words and phrases at the beginnings of each chapter and glossaries at the ends to aid in a clear understanding of the materials. As is emphasized in the first chapter when discussing language and communication, the success of this text as a learning aid depends on my ability as a writer to ensure that you understand the words as I mean them.

In this edition, I have expanded the references to states that assume one position or another on legal issues, used actual quotes from statutes in more jurisdictions, added more thought-provoking questions in the text and at chapter ends, and added some additional anecdotes to liven up the subject.

My thanks to the reviewers of this book and their helpful suggestions. They are: Daniel Ford, Cameron University Lawton, OK; Bob Walsh, University of Houston/Downtown, Houston, TX; Ellen Cohn, Florida International University, Miami, FL; and Daniel S. Campagna, Aurora University, Aurora, IL. A very special thanks goes to the dedicated law students at Florida State University who spent hours researching and verifying materials to assist me in this effort. They are: Brian Stabley Diane Whiddon, Rob Rogers, and Tequisha Myles.

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