Crimson Crusader

Crimson Crusader

by Lgoo Books

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Crimson Crusader by Lgoo Books

Mitch awakens from what he perceives as a dream after being knocked unconscious. He is still in a cavern but what cavern he awakens in complete darkness except for light from the mouth of the cavern very confused he walks toward the elevator falls over some stones finds a flashlight and discovers the lighting which once was was no longer where it is supposed to be and even the elevator is missing he walks to the entrance of the cavern the waterfall still there and steps into the sunlit landscape there are hay piles and livestock where there was once only neatly trimmed lawns as he climbs out of the valley and over the hill he sees the castle he lives in but it looks strange like it is brand new and there are three barns not one and no garages and no driveway mitch believes he must still be dreaming he gets to the door and tries the lock but can't get in he pounds on the door and a maid of perhaps twenty years old comes to the door yes she says may i help you sire?

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BN ID: 2940044304208
Publisher: Lgoo Books
Publication date: 01/30/2013
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About the Author

Lgoo Books is well known by family and friends for his love of aircraft and knowledge of things mechanical but many even family had no idea that he's been a published Author for five years and has written over 18 works. Lgoo Books is a pen name chosen to remain anonymous; When did he become interested in writing? Probably at an early age but due to economics e-book publishing just wasn't a reality his first computer was purchased in 1997. Growing up with no vehicle in the family he walked as much as two miles to get to libraries to read books checking out as many as six at a time or the limit. Compassion was learned at an early age and practiced throughout life. At fourteen a first flight lesson in Toledo Ohio and the cost just $5. His passion since early in life was someday becoming a pilot in the military or civilian it hadn't mattered he just had a desire to experience flight. It was not until he was in his early fifties that time and money that endeavor became a reality. One day he was sitting at the computer writing and recovering from an injury and pondering early retirement from skilled trades but what to do until age 65? A little research online lead to the local college, signing up for ground school, not long after he was in a cockpit of a Cessna Sky-hawk a 4 seater. These days writing keeps him up at night, he's enjoyed some success tinkering with and repairing computers for pleasure as well, working on his website and delving into various schemes with his new wife. A couple of years ago he even took on a part time gig as an Instructor of residential hvac at a local adult education facility. The first few books were devoted to giving back to help homeowners and others with fixing their own furnaces or air conditioning. A main character in that first book of fiction soon stretched into four books. The first book Lasting Effects of an Indiscretion is partly a true story. Each book were written to complement the previous book with new characters as well as some of the same ones as in previous books. Some stories are fantasy, two are short children stories the latest called Ghosts of Red Cavern is science fiction and may appeal to ten to twenty year olds. Four are devoted to skilled trades self help books for people who enjoy working with their hands and have some skills in the trades. Lgoo has always had a sense about right and wrong and so one true story had to be written. (Charisma) That story took place before the birth of his writing career many years almost thirty years ago. Its titled Charisma and it is about a close friend and coworker and a murder committed by him.Thank you for reading e-books from Lgoo Books hope you enjoy future stories. Note that any duplication's in the titles are stories in Spanish and Russian languages make sure its in the language you're wanting to download.

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