Critical Perspectives on Free Trade and Globalization

Critical Perspectives on Free Trade and Globalization

by Bridey Heing (Editor)




Technology and travel have connected the world like never before making it easier than ever to trade goods and culture across borders. But with the ease of trade have come questions about how best to use this increased connection and how to benefit all parties while protecting the world's most vulnerable workers. This text will introduce readers to the debate surrounding free trade and globalization to help them understand the nature of international commerce, cultural exchanges brought on through trade, and how the international economy is evolving.

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Publication date: 01/15/2018
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Table of Contents

Introduction 4

Chapter 1 What Academics, Experts, And Researchers Say 8

Chapter 2 What The Government And Politicians Say 83

Chapter 3 What The Courts Say 124

Chapter 4 What Advocacy Organizations Say 150

Chapter 5 What The Media Say 165

Chapter 6 What Ordinary People Say 200

Conclusion 212

Bibliography 214

Chapter Notes 217

Glossary 222

For More Information 224

Index 226

About The Editor 229

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