The Crooked Timber of Humanity: Chapters in the History of Ideas

The Crooked Timber of Humanity: Chapters in the History of Ideas

by Isaiah Berlin

Paperback(1st Vintage Books ed)

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ISBN-13: 9780679735762
Publisher: Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group
Publication date: 02/29/2000
Edition description: 1st Vintage Books ed
Pages: 278

About the Author

Isaiah Berlin was, until his death in 1997, a Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford. He was renowned as an essayist and as the author of many books, among them Karl Marx, Four Essays on Liberty, Russian Thinkers, The Sense of Reality, The Proper Study of Mankind, and from Princeton, Concepts and Categories, Personal Impressions, The Crooked Timber of Humanity, The Roots of Romanticism, The Power of Ideas, and Three Critics of the Enlightenment. Henry Hardy, a Fellow of Wolfson College, Oxford, is one of Isaiah Berlin's literary trustees. He has edited several other volumes by Berlin, and is currently preparing Berlin's letters and remaining unpublished writings for publication.

Table of Contents

Editor's Preface
The Pursuit of the Ideal
The Decline of Utopian Ideas in the West
Giambattista Vico and Cultural History
Alleged Relativism in Eighteenth-Century European Thought
Joseph de Maistre and the Origins of Fascism
European Unity and its Vicissitudes
The Apotheosis of the Romantic Will: The
Revolt against the Myth of an Ideal World
The Bent Twig: On the Rise of Nationalism

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