Cross Country (Alex Cross Series #14)

Cross Country (Alex Cross Series #14)

by James Patterson

Paperback(Mass Market Paperback - Reprint)

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Unprotected and alone, Alex Cross is chasing a horrible new breed of killer. When the crimes hit close to home, he must hunt down the source . . . before it finds him first.

When the home of Alex Cross's oldest friend, Ellie Cox, is turned into the worst murder scene Alex has ever seen, the destruction leads him to believe that he's chasing his most dangerous enemy yet. As Alex and his girlfriend, Brianna Stone, become entangled in the deadly Nigerian underworld of Washington D.C., what they discover is shocking: a stunningly organized gang of lethal teenagers headed by a powerful, diabolical man-the African warlord known as the Tiger. Just when the detectives think they're closing in on the elusive murderer, the Tiger disappears into thin air. Tracking him to Africa, Alex knows that he must follow. Alone.

Heart-stopping, speed-charged, and electrifying, Cross Country is a stunning thriller from "the man who can't miss" (Time).

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ISBN-13: 9780446536301
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Publication date: 09/29/2009
Series: Alex Cross Series
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 448
Sales rank: 25,606
Product dimensions: 7.48(w) x 4.32(h) x 1.19(d)

About the Author

James Patterson has had more New York Times bestsellers than any other writer, ever, according to Guinness World Records. Since his first novel won the Edgar Award in 1977 James Patterson's books have sold more than 300 million copies. He is the author of the Alex Cross novels, the most popular detective series of the past twenty-five years, including Kiss the Girls and Along Came a Spider. He writes full-time and lives in Florida with his family.


Palm Beach, Florida

Date of Birth:

March 22, 1947

Place of Birth:

Newburgh, New York


B.A., Manhattan College, 1969; M.A., Vanderbilt University, 1971

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Cross Country (Alex Cross Series #14) 3.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 460 reviews.
WhiteFlowers More than 1 year ago
I have been reading the Alex Cross series from the begining. I am usually at the store the day of release. I did not purchase this book. I borrowed a copy. He lost me with this story line and I feel the exciting and original story line that is usually par for the course just was not there. I prefer to "leave the party with who brought me", so to speak and this series went in a direction that just does not interest me. Which is ashamed because Alex, Nana, the "Big Man" and all the rest are some of my favorite characters of all time. I buy books everyweek, read them enthusiastically and recomend these books to everyone. For some reason, I just decided to test the waters this time before buying and to be honest I don't know why. Like I said I'm there on the day of release. I do not regret my decision not to buy and will just have a hole in the "Alex Cross" section of my library. Maybe the next book will make up for the lack. Maybe deep down I was already feeling like the story line was turning in a direction that I just did not want to go. However, for any new readers looking for some fun stuff, go to the beginning of the Alex Cross series, starting with Along Came a Spider to Double Cross, and plan on having a real good time.
caffiend More than 1 year ago
Have read all the Alex Cross novels - this one is an insult. Horrible book. Alex Cross doing stupid things in Africa. Don't even waste your time, just keep your fingers crossed that the next one is better.
lostinbooksDS More than 1 year ago
I read some pretty negative and a few positive reviews and thought I would judge for myself. I SHOULD HAVE LISTENED! I am a huge fan of the Cross Series, but this one, Patterson should have had second thoughts. As a fan, I could have waited another year or two for a better book.
Jane-O More than 1 year ago
I can't figure out how James Patterson can write a truly suspenseful novel one minute and then turn out such a bomb! This book was ridiculas, unbelieveable and just plain boring. Honestly, one man does not jump on a plane to Africa, ridden with killings, torture, starvation and poverty, to solve a murder from the US. I just don't buy it. And his two page chapters are just plain stupid. James Patterson is better than this book and he should take more time to write a truly good book rather than trying to turn a new book out every couple of months.
Terra More than 1 year ago
James Patterson's new novel, Cross Country, along with several of Clive Cussler's latest novels are prime examples of the thriller genre which I like to call 'every chapter a cliffhanger'. This is another in the series featuring Detective Alex Cross and his crime fighting partner and girlfriend, Brianna Stone.

To my tastes, Patterson has better characters. fewer stereotypes and deeper plots than Cussler, while still adhering to the basic formula that you can lay the book down after your train commute or at he beach and pick it up later and easily slam a few more chapters without loosing ground on an overly complex plot, such as you'd find in Ian Rankin or Ken Follette. That being said, Patterson keeps things chugging along nicely by hopping midway thru the novel into several chaotic African country, where life is cheap and hero's detective Alex Cross' continued existence is rapidly heading to the red light discount bin. Patterson actlually makes you despair at the turmoil and corruption that is embedded in some problems countries in Africal. I actually lost count of how many times he got beat up and betrayed by hopped up teenage killers, evil cops and rogue CIA operatives... as mentioned before, a cliffhanger per chapter.

If you like fast plotted, punchy writing with better than average character depth and a solidly plotted thriller then this Fall offering may make it into your holiday reading plans.
CrimeFan More than 1 year ago
I was happy to get to the end of the book, and have it done. I agree with the Elwoods, totally unbelievable. Since when was Alex Cross so stupid? Off in another country acting like an idiot. This book ruins the Alex Cross series. An international assassin with a band of children as the "gang" able to travel in an out of countries without dectection, and the ability to appear at a moments notice at any given place. If there was a message in this plot that was supposed to tell the world about conditions in Africa, it's lost in the ridiculous handling of the situation by Alex. And here we go again with Kyle Craig also omnipotent, in the back ground, sounds like he's due to turn up in the next book. How come there are people no jail can hold, and the FBI and CIA are always involved? James Patterson may have very high goals as a writer, but quantity doesn't equal quality and he's going downhill. Really diasppointing.
ElWoods More than 1 year ago
I read this book from beginning to end and thought it was totally out of the realm of reality! I don't understand how the main villian and his young henchmen(boys, no more than 15 yrs old) could continue to fly in and out of the U.S. without detection. How Alex continues to get the crap beat out of him and never see a doctor or have those injuries deter him in any way. He continues to run and fight with only one arm functioning! Alex cared less about his family and more about getting revenge for an old friend's murder. How selfish! Why would we the readers believe this one man could change the rules in another country. I was rooting for the natives because of Alex's stupidity!
thomastwl More than 1 year ago
This book may have totally turned me off on James Patterson, and that's something I thought I'd never say. Bad plot, bad characters, bad fight scenes, bad everything.

I was looking forward to an Alex Cross novel because most of Patterson's other books(mass produced with other writers)have gotten really bad. And now he's gone and taken Corss down to this level.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If this had been my first James Patterson read, it would have been my last.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The worst book by Patterson ever. The only interesting part was the awfull true stuff going on in Africa. This book and Alex's mind was simply STUPID. Also the characters are taking on "SUPER HUMAN POWERS" totally unbelievable. I used to read Patterson's books with such joy. He has totally changed his way of writting, and appears to be writting screen plays ready for a movie. He has definitely insulted me as a reader. I am not that stupid. Then to solve everything in the last chapter isjust as insulting. No longer weaving his stories, he seems to just throw stuff together. Also the chapters are a joke, 3 pages is what he is calling a chapter. He is apparently still "hungry" for the money, but no longer "hungry" to build a happy, respecting audience. Sad.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Marvel comic readers would probably rate this a 5 star.
Ada Gutierrez More than 1 year ago
I just want to say, I really wanted to like this book. I was thoroughly disappointed. Alex Cross did absolutely nothing in this book. A character who in the past we've seen capture ruthless killers could do nothing to stop getting his butt kicked all over Africa. Cross seemed to be getting soft. Maybe its time to retire. I loved the Cross character until this book. Can we maybe kill him off and spin off into Bree's character? What a truly horrible book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I am a loyal fan of Mr. Patterson and his character, Alex Cross, however Cross Country is not one of the best Cross books. There is little to no development of characters; Cross has little personality in comparison to previous books. Also, the scenery changes far too rapidly. Barely introduction one image before being presented to the next, similar to that of a video game. I understand that it plot is "Cross Country" and that it is supposed to be a fast-paced, action pact novel that takes place in several places, however we should not be given a quick slide show on what is happening. We should be given a full presentation. The over-quick pace plot lost my attention and made the book a dreary to read at some points. Mr. Patterson is beginning to redeem himself in his newest addition to the Cross series, I, Alex Cross, but he has yet to reach the heights of his early accomplishments.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love his books but I didn't care for this one. Just could not get into it like his other books. I collect his books but I don't think I'm keeping this one.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
24girl on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
When Detective Alex Cross is called to investigate the grisly murder of an entire family he discovers that one of the victims was his college girlfriend. She was murdered because of research she was conducting for a book in progress based on corruption in Africa. During the investigation he is drawn into the horrible world of The Tiger. A notorious killer fore hire that Alex follows to Nigeria where the trouble heats ups. Immediately upon his arrival he is thrown into jail for three horrifying days and upon his release he was encouraged to go home and mind his own business. At this point he¿s already drawn to far into the investigation and has no choice but to continue following The Tiger¿s trail of death and destruction to the final nail-biting climax.My review is based on the unabridged audio book which is excellently narrated by Peter J. Fernandez and Dion Graham. What I especially love about listening to the book on CD the sound effects and voice characterizations painted a clearer picture in my mind of the action and characters. At one point I was listening while driving and almost jumped out of my skin when a car honked inside the story. Cross Country is vintage Alex Cross that deals with a ¿ripped from the headlines¿ topic. The action starts from the very first chapter with the murders and doesn¿t stop until the end. The secondary characters in the book are great. Some are humorous some are open-hearted and the bad guys are really bad. I¿ve read a lot of other reviews that bashed the book for being unbelievable or that Cross was acting unreasonable in Nigeria but to me the story was just plain great suspense fiction that kept me hooked throughout the story. I highly recommend this book to all James Patterson and suspense thriller fans.
readafew on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
OK, this one was over the top. Don't get me wrong, this was a fast-paced action filled dynamo that kept one wondering what's happening next and when does Cross actually get his man. But we have a Washington DC cop who takes it upon himself to chase a well funded hitman across the globe to Nigeria Africa where civil unrest is growing. I got the impression this was really a way to try to showcase the corruption, danger and awful living conditions so many Africans face on a day to day basis. Cross seems to have tunnel vision and can only see the assassin and misses all the clues of something bigger happening. Alex Cross is called to a murder scene where the whole family has been gruesomely murdered, and the mother was a friend of Cross's in college. A couple days later, he's called to another one. Something big is going down, these appear to be hits, but not your normal professional hit. His friend had been working on a book dealing with violence in Africa and had recently been there. The father in the second family had direct ties to Nigeria. When a third family is murdered and they happen to be the Ambassador's from Nigeria it's too much of a coincidence. Cross sets up a meeting with the CIA and learns that his hit man 'The Tiger' has flown back to Nigeria and against all better judgment and reason decides to follow. His trip is nothing like he expected and most of his decisions leave one wondering about his state of mind. Is he the hunter or the hunted? The pressure never lets up in this brutal tale.
PaulOwens on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
James Patterson is the world¿s most popular thriller writer with over 170 million copies of his books sold worldwide .Was Cross Country a good book? Did James Patterson do a good job on this book?The main character is Alex cross and his against a diamond smuggling mass murderer and his group of violent boys for Nigeria to me this book is similar to the book honor of the clan but it probably won¿t connect for most people.So this book Cross Country I think was really boring and I did not like it but older people with a lot of time on their hands will probably like it. Overall I give this book 2 out of 10.
vagabond22 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Absolute crap don't bother reading it or waste any mine buying this book. He has written such excellent books i wonder what made him publish crap like this.
jo-jo on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This was my first encounter with an Alex Cross novel and it was sure action packed and fast paced. Although there are several novels preceding this one in the series, I feel that Patterson did a good job of bringing the reader up to speed with Alex's current situation. When Alex arrives at a murder scene he is shocked to find the first woman that he fell in love with, along with her entire family, has been brutally killed. He knows the responsible party must be stopped and as he follows leads he stumbles upon eerily similar murder scenes, which eventually take him to all corners of Africa. Cross finds himself experiencing many dangers in Africa from the activities in the diamond mines to the atrocities taking place in Darfur.Finding himself alone in a crime-ridden country he learns that he needs to put his trust in a few key people. Hopefully he has selected the right people to confide in, but only time will tell. As Alex continues his investigation it is evident that the individual responsible for the brutal murders is a thug that is known as Tiger. He becomes confident with this new lead only to be let down when he learns that many of the most violent criminals from Africa take the name Tiger. I'm not going to give any more away about this book as it is from the suspense/thriller genre. It was a great book to bring along on our road trip as my husband enjoyed it too. And it was even his second time listening to it! Although I don't think I would enjoy reading this type of book, this is the second audiobook that I have listened to by Patterson and I'm sure I will be listening to more in the future.
MikeD on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
One of Patterson's better stories! Fast pace strory that takes Cross to Africa in search of a merciless killer with more political connections than Alex can comprehend. Brutal story of the current political situation in Nigeria and the misery there that most of the world seems to ignore. A good part of this book hopes to enlighten the reader about this... but at the same time a very, very good read.
Brian55 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Good action scenes but, not very believable. Hard to comprehend how a police psychologist traveling in a foreign country without local law enforcement assistance how Cross could escape as many life and death situations with only bruises and a broken nose (twice). Seemed more like a statement about the horrific acts in Africa rather than a murder mystery. I bought this one in paperback and gave it to the library when I finished.
historybuff1 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Cross Country is a good book for those looking for adventure. However, if you are looking for a believable read, this book is not for you. The book is packed full of adventure (no matter that the adventures/events are totally unbelievable) that keeps the reader interested until the end. I will not give a synopsis of the book here, as I fear I may spoil the plot. You must read to find out more about Alex Cross and the adventures he faces.
dbhutch on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Not my favorite of the Cross series, but not a bad book. Took me a bit to get into this one, more than usual. Cross comes across a murder case in DC - an entire family butchered. Then Cross learns the woman was one he went to college with and dated years ago. Soon, 2-3 more fmailes are killed around DC, and the trail leads to someone known olnly as the Tiger, and now he is in Arica. Against everyones wishes, Cross goes after the killer there, and find himself into such turmoil and upheaval that he barely survives. After many misadventures, and witnessing several more murders, Cross is shipped back to the USA - by the CIA in Africa. when he gets back, he finds his family kidnapped, and them himself, tortuted for 3 days or more to find out what he knows about Africa, and what he knows.
sallyawolf on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This book is about Alex Cross who investigates a murder that takes him all over the world. I think that this is a solid book that has a good beginning fair middle and a happy ending.This audio book was bought from Great Escape