Cross-Cultural Adoption: How to Answer Questions from Family, Friends, and Community

Cross-Cultural Adoption: How to Answer Questions from Family, Friends, and Community



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ISBN-13: 9780895260925
Publisher: Regnery Publishing
Publication date: 07/28/2004
Pages: 160
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1.The Questions Kids Ask
What does "adopted" mean?5
Where is she from?7
Why did they go all the way over there to adopt a child?9
Who are her "real" parents?11
Why didn't her "real" parents want her?13
Was she abandoned?15
Why does she look different?17
Is she my real cousin?19
Where was she before she was adopted?21
Why didn't they just have one of their own?23
Why are there so many little girls, and not as many boys?25
Did she have a different name when she was born?27
How much did they pay for her?29
Will she be able to understand me and speak English?31
What if they want to give her back?33
What if she wants to leave them and go back to her birth parents?35
Will she remember where she was born or who her birth parents were?37
Won't she feel sad when she finds out she's adopted?39
2.Do's and Don'ts for Grown-Ups
Do treat her like any other kid45
Do support her when curious strangers ask questions46
Do respect her privacy48
Do treat prospective adoptive parents the same as expectant parents49
Do acknowledge and celebrate the differences50
Don't introduce her as adopted53
Don't say how "lucky" she is55
Don't assume adoption is a second choice56
Don't jump to conclusions about the birth mother57
Don't tell us we're sure to have "our own" now58
3.Want to Know More About Her Birth Country?
The People's Republic of China65
The Republic of Guatemala85
The Republic of Korea (a.k.a. South Korea)93
The Republic of Kazakhstan101
The Republic of India115
Socialist Republic of Vietnam123
The Republic of Colombia133
The Republic of Haiti141
AppendixResources for Learning More About Adoption149

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