Crossbow-Isle Volume 4 Crossroads Part 2: Crossroads Part 2

Crossbow-Isle Volume 4 Crossroads Part 2: Crossroads Part 2

by Elensaar Gelindor, Irefenia Salgonda


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Crossbow-Isle Volume 4 Crossroads Part 2: Crossroads Part 2 by Elensaar Gelindor, Irefenia Salgonda

Crossbow Isle - Crossroads Part 2
With Yaara Heru en' Thaurer's apparent defeat, the 2nd Age on Sindora had ended and the 3rd Age began. Much had changed and more and very positive changes began to replace the virtues that had pleased the former Ruler of the Worlds Below.

Nevertheless, the 3rd Age began with much work to remove the severe signs of devastation. On Ai Seler' en' Tolea'Fuin, the cleanup work turned in the aftermath out to be in favour of Yaara Heru en' Thaurer's idea of destruction as one of his devices destroyed all that was. However, as rarely used, the elves employed their skills to conjure the most remarkable place and thanks to Rasmus's ingenious talents, it turned Yaara Heru en' Thaurer's device of destruction into an advantage for the island that remerged from utter devastation to become a jewel of elven magic.

Following Zaron's idea, the 3rd Age was fittingly welcomed by a great gathering under the "Spire of the North" and even Fucanglong and his kin contributed outstanding performances never seen on Crossbow Isle.

The trylons that had been hidden during the war were raised again and all pomits found their places but something was still missing and consequently, they ceased the promising light spectacle, which anyway made not yet sense to everyone.

During the celebration under the "Spire of the North", Lady Shirazim, Ruler of the Eikinskjaldi, discovered that her clan held a vital part of the puzzle and some more stunning revelations, which were unravelled during the visit of the Trinity.

Lastly, the Companionship of Seekers decided that the time had come to resume the quest that had been interrupted by the war whilst Torgos realised that possessing someone's mind, as he had done many of times, was not fun at all if he was the target and especially when a second entity joined as uninvited as the first one. Hence, he made rightfully the experience that with two minds besides his own, it was somewhat 'overcrowded' in that little space.

Despite the heavy winter that held all of Crossbow Isle solidly in its grip, they set out to explore what Olnir had discovered more than four hundred years ago, which eventually lead to more discoveries that were not lesser stunning than the revelations in the past.

It became evident that the time was right and that at least some of the many questions were ripe for their answers to be found.

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ISBN-13: 9781500642662
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 10/21/2014
Pages: 312
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Irefenia Salgonda;

Very early had Irefenia developed a passion for writing. Her essays and short stories were circulated amongst friends, later she wrote longer stories but never considered publishing any of them.
Once she had met Elensaar Gelindor, she accompanied him on journeys around the world, which allowed her to outlive her passion and fascination for ancient cultures, their history, and mythology, on four continents.

During that time, she studied the English language and mastered as foreign-language correspondent with distinction. Especially during the time of travelling, she had extensively pursued her writing passion; therefore, it was not much of a surprise as she presented the first draft chapters of "Ithilhin - Moonchild" to her partner. Fascinated by the fantastic option to cast their long hedged notions into a breathtaking tale, they developed the idea to "Crossbow Isle", - but this time with aim of publishing it.

Elensaar Gelindor...

...had always a passion for music, art, and technology, a combination that led him all his life to the most unusual places and events.
However, as restlessness might have lain in his blood, he followed the example of one of his grandfather's, - who had migrated in the early years of his life to China, - so eventually, he took up an assignment that led him to West-Africa, where he worked for several years.
Once he had met Irefenia, for many years they both traveled around the globe in pursuit of business and lastly settled in Malaysia.
After a turbulent time that saw the introduction of new and unusual businesses, they moved to Borneo, where Irefenia developed the first draft chapters of "Ithilhin - Moonchild".
From that point onwards, they both worked out the story's plot and its central theme. Lastly, Elensaár decided to author Irefenia's red-line-script into the version of this book.

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