Crossing Cultures: Readings for Composition

Crossing Cultures: Readings for Composition

by Henry W. Knepler, Myrna Knepler



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ISBN-13: 9780023652004
Publisher: Macmillan/McGraw-Hill School Division
Publication date: 01/01/1983
Pages: 429

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* Indicates readings new to this edition.


Elizabeth Wong, The Struggle to Be an All American Girl.

* Gary Soto, The Jacket.

Maya Angelou, Graduation.

Lindsy Van Gelder, The Importance of Being Eleven: Carol Gilligan Takes on Adolescence.

Maxine Hong Kingston, Girlhood Among Ghosts.

Grace Paley, The Loudest Voice.

Mike Rose, I Just Wanna Be Average.

Countee Cullen, Incident.


John Tarkov, Fitting In.

Toni Morrison, A Slow Walk of Trees.

Harry Mark Petrakis, Barba Nikos.

Michael Novak, In Ethnic America.

Anton Shammas, Amérka, Amérka: A Palestinian Abroad in the Land of the Free.

Wendy Rose, Three Thousand Dollar Death Song.


Sun Park, Don't Expect Me to Be Perfect.

Jane Howard, Families.

* Deb Price, Gay Partners Need to Make a Name for Themselves.

* Ruth Breen, Choosing a Mate.

Alfred Kazin, The Kitchen.

Arlene Skolnick, The Paradox of Perfection.

Theodore Roethke, My Papa's Waltz.


Marcus Mabry, Living in Two Worlds.

Marie L. Muñiz, Back, but Not Home.

* Gish Jen, An Ethnic Trump.

* Nicolette Toussaint, Hearing the Sweetest Songs.

Eva Hoffman, Lost in Translation.

* Judith Ortiz Cofer, The Myth of the Latin Woman: I Just Met a Girl Named Maria.

Malcolm X, Hair.

*Nell Bernstein, Goin' Gansta, Choosin' Cholita: Teens Today "Claim" a Racial Identity.

* Gwendolyn Brooks, The Pool Players: Seven at the Golden Shovel.


Brent Staples, Night Walker.

Piri Thomas, Alien Turf.

Walter White, I Learn What I Am.

Michael Dorris, For the Indians, No Thanksgiving.

Jeannne Wakatsuki Houston and James D. Houston, Arrival at Manzanar.

Dwight Okita, In Response to Executive Order 9066: All Americans of Japanese Descent Must Report to Relocation Centers.


* Daniel Meier, One Man's Kids.

* Geraldine Brooks, Unplugged.

* Pico Iyer, Home Is Every Place.

* Lars Eighner, On Dumpster Diving.

* Barbara Brandt, Less Is More: A Call for Shorter Work Hours.

Barbara Ehrenreich and Annette Fuentes, Life on the Global Assembly Line.

* Aurora Levins Morales, Class Poem.


* Bette Bao Lord, Walking in Lucky Shoes.

Michel Guillaume St. Jean de Crévecoeur, What Is an American?

Recapture the Flag: 34 Reasons to Love America.

Anzia Yezierska, Soap and Water.

* Malcolm Gladwell, Black Like Them.

Joseph Bruchac, Ellis Island.


Margaret Atwood, Canadians: What Do They Want?

Mark Salzman, Teacher Mark.

John David Morley, Living in a Japanese Home.

Laura Bohannan, Shakespeare in the Bush.

Jonathan Swift, A Modest Proposal.

George Orwell, Shooting an Elephant.

* Jamaica Kincaid, On Seeing England for the First Time.

* Gloria Anzaldúa, To Live in the Borderlands Means You...


Gloria Naylor, The Meaning of a Word.

* Amy Tan, Mother Tongue.

* Joshua Gamson, Do Ask, Do Tell.

Jack G. Shaheen, The Media's Image of Arabs.

* Lisel Mueller, Why We Tell Stories.


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