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Crossroads and Boundaries: The Archaeology of Past and Present in the Malloura Valley, Cyprus

Crossroads and Boundaries: The Archaeology of Past and Present in the Malloura Valley, Cyprus


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Since 1990, the Athienou Archaeological Project (AAP) has investigated the Malloura valley on the edge of the central Mesaoria plain near the modern town of Athienou, Cyprus. Excavations have concentrated on the Archaic-to-Roman sanctuary and the adjacent settlement and cemeteries at the ancient site of Malloura. Survey in the Malloura valley has revealed other sites ranging from Aceramic Neolithic through Cypro-Classical, Roman and Late Medieval up to hamlets abandoned only in the 20th century. This research has focused on how successive rural populations in the Malloura valley have adapted to local environmental changes and shifting political tides in the region, and how this adaptation is reflected in the archaeological, historical, and ethnographic record recovered by the project and reported in this volume.

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ISBN-13: 9780897570862
Publisher: American Society of Overseas Research
Publication date: 04/30/2012
Series: Annual of ASOR , #65
Pages: 400
Product dimensions: 8.27(w) x 11.03(h) x 0.00(d)

About the Author

Michael K. Toumazou is Professor of Classics at Davidson College in Charlotte, NC. In 1990, Toumazou launched an archaeological dig in his native Cyprus that he initially estimated to require three to five years. More than twenty years later, Toumazou and his team have discovered at least 120 Cypriot artifacts, which are displayed in a museum in the area. P. Nick Kardulias is Professor and Chair of the Department of Archaeology at the College of Wooster. An expert in the archeology and ethnography of the Mediterranean region, the archaeology of North America, political anthropology, world systems theory, ancient trade systems, and analysis of stone tools, Kardulias currently serves as field coordinator of the Ohio State University Excavations at Isthmia in Greece, associate director of the Athienou Archaeological Project in Cyprus, and director of the Kokosing River Basin Archaeological Survey in Central Ohio. Derek B. Counts is an associate professor within the art history department at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. His research and teaching interests include classical archaeology and art with a special emphasis on the material culture of Greece, Cyprus, and the eastern Mediterranean; ancient religious practice and associated iconography; Greek sculpture; identity in ancient contact zones; and "globalization" in the ancient world and postcolonial theory.

Table of Contents

TABLE OF CONTENTS Acknowledgements About the Editors List of Contributors Chronological Chart Maps Introduction M. K. Toumazou, P. N. Kardulias, and D. B. Counts Section I: Background Research 1. Research by Design: An Integrated Approach to Culture Contact in the Malloura Valley P. N. Kardulias, D. B. Counts and M. K. Toumazou 2. Environmental Context of the Athienou Archaeological Project R. W. Yerkes 3. The Historical Background-Regional Chronology and Local History E. W. Averett, P. N. Kardulias, and M. K. Toumazou 4. A History of Archaeological Activity in the Athienou Region D. B. Counts 5. Mapping Malloura: A Carto-Historical Survey from the Early Modern Period to the Present D. B. Counts and J. A. Parvis Section II: Archaeology in Practice: Excavation and Survey in the Malloura Valley 6. Excavation M. K. Toumazou and D. B. Counts 7. Survey P. N. Kardulias and R. W. Yerkes Section III: The Objects of Archaeology: Daily Life and Ritual in the Malloura Valley 8. Flaked Stone Artifacts from the Malloura Valley Survey and Their Cypriot Context P. N. Kardulias and R. W. Yerkes 9. Pots for Goods and for the Gods: The Iron Age Ceramics from the Malloura Sanctuary S. Fourrier 10. The Ritual Context of the Malloura Terracotta Figurines E. W. Averett 11. Local Style and Regional Trends in Cypriote Limestone Sculpture: The Athienou School D. B. Counts 12. Pan at the Crossroads in Late Classical and Hellenistic Cyprus C. M. Cofer 13. Writing from Unknown Hands: A Selection of Inscriptions from Athienou-Malloura E. Cova 14. Lux Aeterna: The Terracotta Lamps from the Hellenistic and Roman Tombs at Athienou-Magara Tepesi J. M. Gordon 15. Athienou Archaeological Project Survey Pottery R. S. Moore and T. E. Gregory 16. Textile Production at Athienou-Malloura: The Case for the Processing of Flax in the Venetian Period M. DeMasi 17. Agro-industrial Installations in the Malloura Valley M. Spigelman Section IV: Bioarchaeology and Physical Remains: New Light from Old Bones 18. Faunal Remains from Athienou-Malloura D. S. Reese 19. Burial Treatment Based on Kinship?: The Hellenistic-Roman and Venetian Period Tombs in the Malloura Valley N. K. Harper and T. A. Tung 20. Trade or Trousseau: Skeletal Evidence for Spinning and Weaving in Medieval Athienou-Malloura N. K. Harper Section V: Problem Solving in Archaeology: Methods and Innovations 21. Geophysical Investigations at Athienou-Malloura A. Sarris 22. Settlement Patterns and GIS P. N. Kardulias and D. Massey 23. Exploring Sacred Space: GIS Applications for Analyzing the Malloura Sanctuary N. G. Blackwell and J. A. Johnson 24. The Chemistry of Malloura: Adventures in Anthrosol Analysis R. Beeston Section VI: The Role of Archaeology: The Past in the Present 25. Site Conservation and Planning for Athienou-Malloura M. Breuker and R. Breuker 26. Viewing the Past through the Present: Ethnoarchaeological Studies of Population and Ancient Agriculture R. W. Yerkes 27. Archaeology and the Structure of Community Relations in Athienou P. N. Kardulias, M. K. Toumazou, and D. B. Counts 28. Looting and Ethics in Archaeology M. K. Toumazou Section VII. Conclusion: Archaeology and the Fabric of Local History M. K. Toumazou, P. N. Kardulias, and D. B. Counts

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