Crowned by Hate
Crowned by Hate

Crowned by Hate

by Amo Jones

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Crowned by Hate by Amo Jones

Some would say I have a privileged life. Daughter of the current President of the United States, wealthy, famous, and all things that some girls wish they had. 
Only I'd dream of having a simple life. A life where I wasn't marrying the scariest man I have ever met. Well, I thought I had just met him, but it turns out, there's so much I don't know about myself. That's all thanks to a past so twisted, so warped, that no amount of money, or presidential status could wipe it clean. 
I'm the rebel child. Or as some may see it, the disappointment. I've never cared about expensive wedding gowns, or how much someone paid for a tailored suit. I don't care if your wedding dress is from Walmart, or if it's from some fancy, upscale designer line. 
So why am I marrying the devil dressed in a thousand-dollar suit? 
I'm about to find out how I got here. To marrying one of the most powerful men in the country. The road to finding out, though, is paved with darkness, painted with the blood of innocents, and it leads my ass straight to hell. Only this hell is a multi-million-dollar penthouse suite in New York City where Bryant Saint Royal, sits on his throne. 

Little bit more about this book... 
I've had this plot turning inside my brain for a while now. I've tossed and turned with it, fought with it, tried to modify it to be more acceptable, and in short, I've tried to p*ssy foot around my brutal little demons who have been whispering this story for over a year. Truth is, I couldn't tame it. I couldn't tame them, and I had to write it exactly as I saw it. Exactly as I have lived it, breathed it, relished in it inside of my head. See, my stories aren't voices, they're real, and they own every single inch of my being as I write them. Back to this book, yes, it was originally supposed to be a standalone, but I sent it to TWO betas who BOTH kicked up a sh*t at me about how the story was just...untold. So, I went back in, dove head first back into the murky depths of hell to revise, re-edit and twist the plot even further so this could be told in THREE parts. Book 1 is a full length standalone, but books 2 & 3 will be A LOT longer. You won't be able to figure out this plot. Calling it twisted is an understatement, and It will f you in more ways than you've ever been f-ed before.
Anyway, I would say goodluck, but luck ain't got shit, and god ain't gon' save you. 

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BN ID: 2940154909058
Publisher: Amo Jones
Publication date: 11/14/2017
Format: NOOK Book
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Crowned by Hate 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
jmhoward07 More than 1 year ago
This was anything I was not expecting and then some. Over and over my mind was rattled on every page I couldn't get over the amazing words and the story line. Amo really did an out standing job with leaving you craving more and more. By the time the story was over I couldn't wrap my head around the events that have happened not to mention the crazy love story that was falling right before my eyes. I'll be the first to admit that I was in a book hangover completely by surprise that it happened. I couldn't stop thinking about what happened? why it happened and what in the world did I just read. This story had everything I love alpha men, sex and of course the love. Did I mention alpha men? well there is a lot of that. The only part I didn't really get till the end was the 2 people really were 1, I know your thinking what but see that's the best part you have to read the story. I'm not spoiling anything about this story. I loved Bryant and Isa a bunch. The characters have this way to hold you into the story love and hate, hate and love back and forth makes your head spin but so worth it in the end. MUST READ I feel as if I write anymore I will be giving to much away; just know this is one story you want on your list so many things and yet not enough to really satisfy your crazy. Amo Jones really knocks that out of the ball park for you. Just sit back , relax and grab something to scream into cause with every page is something completely out of this world amazing and crazy all mixed into one. ***I received this ARC in exchange for my honest thoughts, I was in no way told what to say this is all me, myself and I***