by Dawn Rae Miller
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Crushed by Dawn Rae Miller

For seventeen-year-old serial womanizer Fletch Colson, life is a game and if he plays by the rules, he'll win it all: his dream college, his parents' money, and a hot (if a little vapid) girl on his arm. Really, it couldn't be easier. All he has to do is get good grades, live a privileged boarding school life, and try not to mess up too much.

However, when he accepts the seemingly impossible bet to change his ways and be "just friends" with smart, beautiful, tempting Ellie Jacobs - a girl who seems hell bent on confusing him - Fletch's whole world is turned upside down.

Suddenly, what seemed simple and clear, no longer feels right and Fletch must decide if winning it all is worth losing a piece of himself.

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ISBN-13: 9781482330502
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 02/05/2013
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.54(d)

About the Author

Dawn is a Twitter and fashion addict whose favorite things in life are her family, gorgeous dresses, tea leaf salad, and French macarons. She splits her time between San Francisco and Northern Virginia, and is always up for a trip to Paris.

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Crushed 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Ginger-Read-Reviews More than 1 year ago
I was interested in Crushed when I found out it was from a male perspective, there is something about an author taking on the opposite sex as a teenage protagonist that completely intrigues me. Probably because even though I like to think I know how teenage boys think, I don't really believe that I can fully get inside of their pea-brains. Maybe Miller has teenage boys around because I think she probably hit the nail on the head here. A large part of Fletcher's story revolves around sex, drugs, alcohol and did I mention sex? He lives a privileged life with a rich Daddy who takes care of everything. What Daddy expects in return is, well everything. Be the perfect kid, get the perfect grades, get into the perfect college; but have a bad-boy good time doing it. It's okay, Daddy will take care of the trouble you cause. Fletch is content in the life he's been given, until he's not. Until he realizes that the life he thinks he wants is a lie and it is slowly suffocating him. Fletch needs to find himself before he's lost forever. Fletch is such a guy on the surface and such a girl on the inside. I really loved this kid. He's an ass and heart breaker at times but so vulnerable and loveable at other times. He's just a kid trying to find his path in life, find someone who loves him for him and not his money and find someone that challenges him. Ellie does just that. Not intentionally. She isn't looking for a relationship, she isn't even looking for friendship with Fletch. But that's what she gets. She sees him for who he is, not the portrait he hides behind. Getting too close to Fletch could break her heart though and that's not a risk she's willing to take. What I loved about Crushed was how slowly Fletch and Ellie fostered the relationship. I enjoy when authors give teenagers credit for having grown up feelings and making grown up decisions. Now, this is not to say that there aren't a ton (and I do mean a ton) of really immature decisions being made in this book. There are a countless many and this book will not be for everybody. Not everyone will understand the rawness and realness of how these kids live. However, if you can handle underage drinking, drug-doing and casual sex then maybe check this one out. It's perhaps a little over the top and could have used a bit more closure but there is some deep emotion and witty humor mixed in to make this an entertaining coming of age story.
Xkoqueen More than 1 year ago
Crushed by Dawn Rae Miller is a standalone, YA romance. It is unique in that the story is told from the point of view of an 18 year old boy. If you enjoy reading YA romance, you’ll find it interesting to see teenage angst through the male POV. If you don’t enjoy YA novels, Crushed is not likely to appeal to you. Crushed tells the story of Fletcher Colson--known as Fletch to his friends—a high school senior at a boarding school. He is doing what he is supposed to in order to follow the plans his parents have laid out for him. His dreams and their plans aren’t synced, but he doesn’t know how to step out of their prescribed path. There is a definite feeling of affluenza as you read about Fletch and his circle of arrogant, self-centered friends. Their B.M.O.C. behavior and flippant attitude made it hard for me to care about them and hard to get into the story. As the story progresses and I got to see more of the real Fletch (as opposed to the player persona), I became more invested in his story. I really enjoyed the depiction of love the unrequited love from the boy’s perspective. What starts as a fairly calloused wager between Fletch and his friends, ends up being a lovely friendship-to-love relationship between Fletch and Ellie. Ellie is spunky, confident, and clearly comes from a warm, loving family. Their friendship frees Fletch a little. Fletch’s growing attraction to Ellie inspires him to question the path his parents have laid out for him and ultimately choose his own. Crushed is more than a boys-gone-wild story at a posh boarding school. It’s about growing up and being true to yourself. 3.5 stars
JackiesBookWorld More than 1 year ago
Rating:4.5/5 It's not everyday that I read books in the male protagonist point-of-view, yet Dawn Rae Miller did a great job at making the story as realistic as possible while giving us a good sense of who Fletcher Colson is as a character.  From the very beginning it is evident that Fletch Colson is a serial womanizer, and someone who always gets what he wants. As an eighteen-year-old student, he is used to having lots of parties and girls all over him. Yet with having all of that, his suddenly finds himself accepting the bet of a life time because getting to be “just friends” with Ellie Jacobs was going to be difficult than he thought it would be. Now Fletch soon gets caught up in wanting to be friends with Ellie and getting to know her better. There time together has made Fletch realize just how he wants his life to be, and to follow a path of his own rather than the one made for him by his parents. As the two start to get closer, he discovers secrets that his family has concealed from him, and in the end he has to decide what he truly wants for himself without hurting those he loves. Throughout the book we only get to see Fletch's POV, and although it was his story to tell, I would still have liked to see Ellie's POV as well. There were a lot of characters that get introduced in the book that made the story truly stand out, the choices that Fletch has to make were realistic and there is process in him throughout the story. I also enjoyed reading scenes between Fletch and Ellie, one could really tell that they had chemistry that turned into something more towards the end. The very end was very promising as the main characters made some hard decisions that could alter their path. Overall, I enjoyed story it was realistic and the characters were moving. I highly recommend it. :) ***A copy of the book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.*** 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It won't let me read it ........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????!!!!"????
Ambur More than 1 year ago
I have to admit, most of the books that I read have female protagonists, so whenever I read a book with a male protagonists, I find it a little refreshing...especially when I enjoy the character, and I absolutely adored Fletch! :D Fletch is a ladies man and he really has no problem with that, and sometimes that kind of persona can be a bit off-putting with male narrators, but for Fletch--it worked! It worked because Fletch was so forthright and honest, and while he did hook up with a lot of girls, it wasn't all he wanted and it wasn't all he thought about either. I loved that Fletch was so confident, but also vulnerable at the same time. I also loved seeing him become friends with Ellie. It allowed him to become an even better character, and it gave him a way to look introspectively into his own life and decide on what he wanted to be like in his future. I thought that Crushed was an amazing story. It was funny, and the characters were fantastic. Fletch is easily one of my favourite male narrators of all time; I loved his friends, especially Ellie. I loved seeing Fletch grow up, and I adored seeing his perspective on his budding friendship with Ellie. Overall, I just loved everything! Crushed was a wonderful story, an incredibly enjoyable read, and I fully recommend it! I especially think you'll enjoy this one if you like male narrators, and if you like when your narrators are flawed, but also willing to learn and grow. :) * This review also appears on my blog and on other social media sites. * I received a review copy in order to share my honest opinion about this book. All thoughts are my own.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I usually give good ratings on books because I love to read. This book just dragged on and on then just ended. Sorry not impressed by this book at all!
csingh More than 1 year ago
Wow. This book is crazy in a good way. Just when I thought I knew what was going on with Fletch Colson, something happened that changed my whole frame of thought. All I could think when I finished this book was ,"Come on! What happens next?" Is there a polite way to demand more Fletch, Ellie, Brady, Reid, and Paige? And if for nothing else, read this book for Brady's speech. I can recall reading The Catcher in the Rye in high school, and Fletch and this book certainly brought Holden Caulfield to mind. After reading this book, told from the male perspective, I will be keeping my eye out for any new releases by Ms.Miller and I strongly suggest you do too.
Ava8 More than 1 year ago
I would firstly like to thank the author Dawn for an eBook copy in exchange for my fair review. From the very first page I knew I was going to love Fletch Colson. He had me smirking by the 5th line and I knew I needed to continue. I have read books that are solely from the male point of view before and if done well I love it but if done poorly it can take me out of the story and I am aware it is a female writer. Believe me when I say- there was nothing feminine about this boy. We meet Fletch in his senior year of a private boarding school, he wants to go out on one last hurrah and with his parents’ influence within the school he knows he can push the boundaries further than most. Fletch’s life is made up of partying, booze and girls. One girl in particular has a hold on him and maybe even his heart. Calista and Fletch have summer hook ups and their parents have not so subtly been grooming them for marriage. Fletch has been swept up in the assumption that Calista is the one he will end up with until events unfold and he realises all is not what it seems. And then there is Ellie. Sweet, sweet Ellie is introduced as a pawn in Fletch’s world. He makes a bet with his friends that he can have a platonic relationship with a female without trying to get her in bed. This is how their relationship starts out and Fletch will soon realise he needed Ellie more than he thought. Unbeknownst to Fletch he embarks on a journey of discovering who he is as a person. He has to peel back the layers of the stereotypes his parents and friends had assumed him to be.  I really enjoyed this book; I read it in one sitting and finally finished it at 2:40am (totally worth it though). I loved the writing style of the author and I would describe this book an easy read. This for me means the writing flowed so well that I got lost in the story; I couldn’t put it down and fell for these characters. I also loved Fletch’s ‘voice’, Dawn has a hormonal, conflicted 18 year old down to a T. Brady was the comic relief of this story- I LOVED him. He played the role of typical boisterous best friend and everyone needs one of those. Calista was a complex character, at the beginning I was rooting for her as I assumed Fletch was up to his ‘playboy’ ways but as the story progressed my patience wore thin and my dislike for her grew. Again this is testament to Dawn’s characterization and drawing these reactions from me. One of my initial thoughts after reading this book was that I wished for more of Ellie but now after digesting the story I am happy with the way things went. This book isn’t primarily about romance and happily ever afters. It is about a boy on the cusp of adulthood, dealing with issues that would change him as a person. I asked Dawn when I had finished if we would hear from Fletch and his comrades again, I am not the only one to request this and I think it would be great to catch up with Fletch in the future to see where his journey took him. I’m just glad I got to witness the first one!
JMC13 More than 1 year ago
Fletch, the book’s narrator, is the character you'll love to hate, but the hate won't last. I read this quickly, often shaking my head at his antics, but all the while hoping for his success and change. And Miller does not disappoint on these aspects. We follow Fletch through his elite boarding school life, his incredibly-well drawn friendships and relationships, and yeah, his often shallow and sometimes meaningless debauchery. But all this changes when he starts to take a look at who he is, where he comes from and the hard truths about family and girls and love and expectations. This is a coming of age tale that will not disappoint. You will shake your head at some of the things Fletch gets up to, but he’ll end up stealing your heart in the end.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Intersting story, enjoyed it
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was an interesting spin on the life of a group of elite boarding high school kids. The main character, Fletch, is a womanizing, overachieving, rich kid whose entire life is being mapped out for him by his mother and father. Crushed outlines his thoughts as he trys to figure out who he is and what emotions are really his. With a group of friends who range from pot smoking, womanizing fiends to girls with the self-esteem of snails, it did make me scared to ever let my child leave the house the closer he gets to becoming a teenager.