Cry of the Soul

Cry of the Soul

by Narendra Simone

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Having successfully dismantled a major part of Al Qaeda operation in Afghanistan, Matt Slater, a FBI Special Anti-Terrorist Agent returns to the States. He has been asked to interrogate a detainee at the Guantanamo Bay where he learns about a dangerous connection between the international terrorist groups and certain unknown politicians in Kenya. Under the protection of the Kenyan government, illegal ivory trade is being promoted to provide funding to international terrorist organizations. Upon return to Washington, Andrew Hunt, the Deputy Director of the Bureau informs Matt that CIA has been carrying out covert operation in Kenya to gather intelligence on crime groups behind the illegal ivory trade. However, the CIA agent has been brutally murdered on Maasai Mara. Due to the fact that CIA is covertly supporting the forthcoming elections in Kenya, they are reluctant to investigate the murder of their agent and has asked the FBI to undertake the case. The murdered CIA agent was the only child and daughter of a senior US senator who is actively fighting illegal ivory trade. Matt has been assigned to solve the murder of CIA agent and take measures to stop the terrorist groups behind illegal ivory trade. He decides to retrace the footsteps of the deceased CIA agent and arrives on a safari to Maasai Mara in Kenya. There he meets Bule, the owner of the Voyager Tours and a stunning beauty. They agreed to meet for a dinner date in Nairobi after Matt returns from the safari. Matt visits the Maasai Sopa Animal Farm where Julie, the CIA operative had worked under cover and he meets with the owner/operator Dr. Robert McDonald. Robert’s late father was a famous hunter of big games and it seems that Robert was passionate about saving animals, perhaps as his penance to atone his family. Robert is pleased to see FBI involvement and wanted Julie’s murderer brought to justice that would also keep his future farm operation safe. Matt discovers that Julie was involved with Taro Sora, the son of Maasai Chief who was engaged in a battle with the elephant poachers. Kalicha was the biggest name in elephant poaching and he was a merciless killer of elephants. He was also engaged in killing people motivated by political reasons. Matt engages with the local police authorities and after a difficult start gets support of Inspector Gedo who is investigating multiple murders. As election in Kenya approaches the political killings reaches a new height while at the same time slaughter of elephants intensifies to raise funds through illegal ivory trade. Matt builds relationship with Bule who turns out to be the daughter of a senior minister in the Kenyan government. Bule’s father dislikes Matt’s involvement with his daughter and warns him to stay away or risk his life. Matt suspects a sinister alliance between the poachers and the Kenyan political leaders and deeper he probes more complex the situations becomes. With a bounty on his head there are more than one group that want Matt dead. Washington is worried with the way Matt’s investigations has upset the whole balance of sensitive political relationship between the two governments of the USA and Kenya and wants the situation resolved quickly or eliminate Matt from the scene. Matt is running out of time while relentless killing goes on. Matt is outnumbered by various crime groups and outwitted by local complex political play. Would he survive and be able to solve Julie’s murder case as well as successfully expose the criminal groups behind political killings? What is the connection between the political ambitions of corrupt Kenyan ministers and elephant poaching? Matt has a slim chance to succeed but timely help from a friend and sudden realization of where the actual problem lies gives him renewed hope and a slender chance of success.

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ISBN-13: 9781483504841
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication date: 08/12/2013
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 190
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