Crying with Cockroaches: Argentina to New York with Two Horses

Crying with Cockroaches: Argentina to New York with Two Horses



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Crying with Cockroaches: Argentina to New York with Two Horses by Marianne Du Toit

An extraordinary travel/adventure tale. An undertaking against the odds. A journey considered by many as madness.

Yet, South African born Marianne Du Toit was determined to follow her dream - adamant that with only two horses for company, she should explore the Americas, travelling from Argentina to New York City over 21 months.

Limited equestrian experience, only one contact and an unknown continent, she persevered. Despite it being a journey of heartbreak, frustration, bureaucracy, loneliness, danger, and hunger, nothing stopped her from following her heart. Heart-warming encounters with local people combined with many hair-raising and dangerous moments make this book a page-turner.

It's a simple tale, which explores the complexities of the human and equine spirit and indeed the marriage of the two. Both are pushed to the limits on this revealing epic journey, with very happy and very sad consequences. Courageous yet fragile, worried yet full of conviction, amongst people yet often lonely, carefree yet feeling unsafe - these are the themes which form part of the writer's physical and psychological journey into the unknown.

Her adventures had a powerful message - you can overcome the impossible if you are determined and positive. Humour and a 'taking everyday as it comes' attitude helped a great deal too. Her story, told with sincerity and warmth, is bound to capture the readers' imagination. It is a story to be enjoyed by the young or old, fellow adventurers or those who simply prefer to explore the world from the comforts of their armchairs.

More than 100 coloured pictures complete this unique story.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780955371400
Publisher: Liendi Pub
Publication date: 08/28/2007
Pages: 415
Product dimensions: 6.31(w) x 9.15(h) x 1.15(d)

About the Author

Marianne Du Toit is a South African woman who has been living in Ireland since 1996.

Following graduation in 1992 with a BA degree, majoring in political science and psychology from Stellenbosch University, South Africa, Marianne travelled and worked extensively throughout Europe for three years. In 1995, she single-handedly planned and embarked on a three month cycling tour of Europe.

In 2002 The TATA (Travels across the Americas) Challenge was conceived. It was an epic journey which involved Marianne travelling solo with two horses from Argentina to New York over a 21 month period.
Crying with Cockroaches, an account of this extraordinary adventure is her first book.

As the idea for her adventure evolved, Marianne realised that it could also help others and chose to use it to highlight the lack of therapeutic riding facilities in Ireland. She is currently a director of Pegasus, a therapeutic riding centre in Sligo.

Marianne campaigns for animal rights by supporting the DSPCA and other welfare organisations. She is particularly interested in drawing attention to the cruelty involved in the production of foie gras where ducks and geese are force-fed (by the insertion of metal pipes in their throats) over a twenty one day period. She also supports the movement to ban fur farming in Ireland.

Table of Contents

Introduction     11
Planning and Hoping     13
Lone Ranger in Buenos Aires     28
Eyes on the Horizon     54
We are Three Again     66
More Days in Argentina     99
Bolivia Beckons     126
Indian Territory     142
Hunger Pangs and High Mountains     170
Sweat and Horseflies in Beni     213
Forty Days and Forty Nights     247
Calls of the Gran Sabana     266
On a Jet plane     304
More Foreign Lands     322
Strange Days     336
Welcome to America     364
Afterword     411
Useful websites     413
Spanish Index     414

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