Cryptands And Cryptates

Cryptands And Cryptates

by Luigi Fabbrizzi


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ISBN-13: 9781786343697
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Europe Ltd
Publication date: 01/05/2018
Pages: 268
Product dimensions: 6.50(w) x 1.50(h) x 9.50(d)

Table of Contents

Foreword vii

About the Author xi

Chapter 1 The Beginning of the Story: Crown Ethers 1

Chapter 2 The Birth of Cryptands and Cryptates 11

Chapter 3 Recognition of the Radius of s-Block Metal Ions by Cryptands 17

Chapter 4 Competitive Hosts for Alkali Metal Ions: Spherands and Derivatives 29

Chapter 5 The Coordination Chemistry of Ammonium and Oxonium 39

Chapter 6 The Age of Anion Coordination Chemistry 51

Chapter 7 The Appearance of Bistren Cryptands 59

Chapter 8 Bistren Cryptands Grow and Multiply 69

Chapter 9 The Formation of Dicopper(II) Bistren Cryptates and the Nature of their Cavity 77

Chapter 10 Anion Recognition by Dicopper(II) Bistren Cryptates: The Geometrical Factor 87

Chapter 11 Anion Fluorescence Sensing by Dimetallic Bistren Cryptates: The Fluorophore-Spacer-Receptor Paradigm 101

Chapter 12 Anion Fluorescence Sensing by Dimetallic Bistren Cryptates: The Indicator Displacement Paradigm 109

Chapter 13 Nucleotide Recognition and Sensing by a Dicopper(II) Bistren Cryptate 117

Chapter 14 Anion Inclusion by Hexaprotonated Bistrens: Halides 129

Chapter 15 Anion Inclusion by Hexaprotonated Bistrens: Oxoanions 137

Chapter 16 Recognition of Linear Dicarboxylates: The Hydrogen Bonding vs Metal-Ligand Interactions Contest 159

Chapter 17 Bistren Amides: Neutral Receptors that Recognise Anions only Through Hydrogen Bonding interactions 171

Chapter 18 The Taming of Peroxide (By a Bistren Amide Cryptand) 183

Chapter 19 Coordination Chemistry of the Smallest Bistren Cryptand 189

Chapter 20 Size Exclusion Selectivity: The Case of Fluoride 201

Chapter 21 Pseudo-Cryptands: Closing the Receptor's Cavity with a Transition Metal 207

Chapter 22 Use of Cryptands to Make Automatic Molecular Burettes 229

Chapter 23 Cages in Everyday Life, Chemistry and Art 235

References 239

Index 249

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