Crysis: Prima Official Game Guide

Crysis: Prima Official Game Guide


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Crysis: Prima Official Game Guide by David Hodgson, Michael Searle

•Detailed strategies on when and where to utilize your Nanosuit abilities, weapon augmentations, vehicles, and more.

•In-depth information on every single weapon, including rates of fire and damage criteria for both single- and multiplayer.

•Incredibly deep tactics covering every single-player campaign checkpoint, area, and combat from multiple angles.

•Full multiplayer strategies, including detailed overviews for all gameplay modes, and thorough tactical explorations of each multiplayer map.

•Learn how to destroy encampments with just your fists, take down enemy squads with thrown scenery, and mandhandle your foes in dozens of different ways.

•Crytek-approved tactics, character biographies, storylines, full-color maps with the best routes to take, and more unique information packed inside.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780761557401
Publisher: DK Games
Publication date: 11/13/2007
Series: Prima Official Game Guides
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 8.18(w) x 10.94(h) x 0.40(d)

Table of Contents

Special Forces Training
Miracles of the Nanosuit, Mission Plans, Basic Techniques, Advanced Techniques

Weapons Detail
Firearms, Grenades, and Explosives, Weapon Augmentations

Along for the Ride
Land, Sea, Air

Profiles in Courage and Corruption
Character Profiles, Enemy Forces: KPA Army, Enemy Forces: Alien

Stage 01: Contact
Objective 01. Land at the Predesignated Point
Objective 02. Get to the Beach
Objective 03. Rendezvous with Jester
Objective 04. Assist Aztec
Objective 05. Rendezvous with Your
Squad at the Landing Zone
Objective 06. Locate and Disable the GPS Jamming Device
Objective 07. Regroup at the Signal Location: Section 01 of 02
Objective 07. Regroup at the Signal Location: Section 02 of 02
Objective 08. Investigate North Korean Command Post: Section 01 of 03
Objective 08. Investigate North Korean Command Post: Section 02 of 03
Objective 08. Investigate North Korean Command Post: Section 03 of 03
Objective 09. Access North Korean Tactical Network
Objective 10. Rendezvous with Your Squad at Anomaly

Stage 2: Recovery
Objective 01. Capture the Communications Trailer
Objective 02. Find the Hostage in the Village: Part 01–Coastal Recon
Objective 02. Find the Hostage in the Village: Part 02–KPA Takedowns
Objective 03. Find an Access Point for the NK Tactical Network
Objective 04. Find the Hostage in the School Building
Part 01: Village Perimeter Routes
Part 02: Village Infi ltration Points
Part 03: Village Combat Hotspots
Objective 05. Destroy the KPA Tanks
Objective 06. Proceed to the Rendezvous Point
Objective 07. Meet with Prophet
Objective 08. Proceed to the Cave System

Stage 03: Relic
Objective 01. Locate and Disable North Korean GPS Jamming Station
Part 01. Banana Plantation Shack Takedown
Part 02. Banana Farm Infiltration
Objective 02. Infiltrate the KPA Military Base Outpost
Part 01: Clearing the Surrounding Area First
Part 02: Military Base Outpost Infiltration Points and Combat
Objective 03. Investigate the Western Road
Objective 04. Proceed to the Excavation Site and Rescue Dr. Rosenthal
Part 01. Negotiating the Rice Paddies
Part 02. Fishing Shack and Forest Infiltration
Part 03. Excavation Site: A Terrifying Discovery–A Relic Revealed
Objective 05. Proceed to the Extraction Point
Part 01. Reaching the Bridge Checkpoint
Part 02. Reaching the LZ
Objective 06. Secure the Extraction Point So the VTOL Can Land
Objective 07. Climb into the VTOL

Stage 04: Assault
Objective 01. Coordinate with Lieutenant Bradley at the Overlook
Objective 02. Destroy the Anti-Aircraft Units
Part 1: Heading to the Main Road
Part 2: AA Battery Takedown: Bridge Area
Part 3: AA Battery Takedown: Peninsula
Objective 03. Gather Intel from KPA Comm. Trailer
Objective 04: Destroy the Anti-Aircraft Units (Continued)
Objective 05: Sabotage the Jammer on the North Korean Cruiser
Objective 06: Paint Target for Air Strike
Objective 07: Secure the Harbor
Objective 08: Rendezvous with Major Strickland at the Rail Tunnel

Stage 05:Onslaught
Objective 02. Secure the Train Station
Objective 03. Push Ahead to the KPA Munitions Dump
Objective 04. Destroy the Anti-Aircraft Artillery
Objective 05. Part 1: Sabotage the North Korean Munitions Dump
Objective 05. Part 2: Paint the Munitions Dump in Preparation for the Air Strike
Objective 07. Proceed to the Mine

Stage 06: Awakening
Objective 01. Proceed to the Landing Zone next to the Crusher Building
Objective 02. Infiltrate Office and Retrieve Intelligence Data
Objective 01. Get to the Landing Zone at the Crusher Building (Continued)
Objective 03. Secure the Landing Zone
Objective 04. Infiltrate the Mining Complex
Objective 05. Locate the Hostages
Objective 06. Eliminate General Kyong
Objective 07. Evacuate the Hostage

Stage 07: Core
Objective 01: Find a Way out of the Cave

Stage 08: Paradise Lost
Objective 01. Find the Missing Marines
Objective 02. Escort Prophet out of the Sphere

Stage 09: Exodus
Objective 01. Meet with Keegan
Objective 02. Assist Strickland’s Recon Team
Objective 03. Get into the LTV
Objective 04: Proceed to the VTOL Crash Site
Objective 05: Defend the Crash Site
Objective 06: Rendezvous with Major Strickland
Objective 07: Defend the Evacuation Point

Stage 10: Ascension
Objective 01. Escape to the Aircraft Carrier
Objective 02. Defend the Plateau
Objective 03. Investigate the Camp
Objective 04. Defend the VTOLs
Objective 05. Assist the Convoy
Objective 06. Escape to the
Aircraft Carrier (Continued)

Stage 11: Reckoning
Objective 01: Proceed to CDC
Objective 02: Proceed to the Armory
Objective 03: Proceed to the Bridge
Objective 04: Defend the Flight Deck
Objective 05: Locate the Chief Engineer
Objective 06: Disable the Circuit Breakers
Objective 07: Shut Down the Reactor
Objective 08: Lower Control Rods
Objective 09: Return to the Flight Deck
Objective 10: Go to the Armory
Objective 11: Destroy the Alien Exoskeleton
Objective 12: Get to the VTOL
Objective 13: Defeat the Alien Warship

Instant Action and Power Struggle, Weapons, Vehicles and Equipment, Suit Variations, Tactics and Tips, Power Struggle Maps, Instant Action Maps

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