Crystal Ball: Stones, Amulets, And Talismans For Power, Protection, and Prophecy

Crystal Ball: Stones, Amulets, And Talismans For Power, Protection, and Prophecy

by Sibyl Ferguson

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Scrying- the art of divining by looking into an appropriate surface and receiving information in the form of visions- has been used by healers, shamans, and witch doctors for divination since ancient times. In Crystal Ball, Sibyl Ferguson offers a concise and accurate account of the history and the art of using crystal balls, or "shewstones", as they were called in the Bible, as a tool for enhancing daily life. This revised and expanded edition includes additional guidance for crystal ball use and care as well as information on using crystals and gemstones for healing and protection. Also included is an A-Z list of stones and their lore, power, and healing properties. Discover which stones to use for which specific purposes.

* Beryl helps you to find anything you have lost- keys, jewelry, money, even people.* Obsidian is the karma stone and helps you to see and resolve past-life issues.* Quartz crystal can put you in touch with helpful spirit guides who foretell events.* Selenite is particularly useful with any matters regarding health and home.* Smoky quartz connects you with nature spirits and shows you what to avoid in your life.

The art and science of shewstones revealed.

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ISBN-13: 9781609258450
Publisher: Red Wheel/Weiser
Publication date: 06/30/2005
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 82
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Crystal Ball

Stones, Amulets, and Talismans for Power, Protection, and Prophecy

By Sibyl Ferguson

Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC

Copyright © 2005 Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-60925-845-0


The Transformational Power of Crystals

Humankind has been interested in stones, crystals, and gemstones for untold centuries. Primitive peoples probably picked up stones by impulse and out of curiosity. Through trial and error, they discovered which ones were more durable and fashioned them into tools that withstood the strain of hard use. Likewise, they noticed that some stones wore down more quickly while others could be polished to a lovely sheen.

The earliest humans also made use of the unique properties of crystals and used them for ceremonial decoration. Amber was possibly the first stone used for ornamentation. We have found ancient amber artifacts dating as far back as the Stone Age, showing that these early humans had discovered the rock-hard resin deposits that make amber and fashioned them into roughly rounded beads for necklaces, belts, and pouches. Archaeologists and anthropologists have found many sites in which precious amber was buried with the tools and remains of shamans, medicine men, and rulers. We can see that since these very early days, amber has been thought to have healing properties, a belief that stays with us to this day.

Obsidian was another early stone used for decoration, as we can see from deposits dating back to the Neolithic Age. Various gems such as lapis lazuli, amber, and pearls were made into powder and taken orally as medicine. And the first humans polished the shiny surface of jet and used it for mirrors to see not only the present but also the future.

The Egyptians were perhaps the first people most conscious of the power of crystals They even placed them in the cornerstones of the Great Pyramids They used gems as objects of protection, power, wisdom, and as symbols to show love for the living and the dead. A very important part of the Egyptian burial ritual made use of lapis lazuli, obsidian, turquoise, quartz, and carnelian. They carefully placed these stones inside the burial chamber. Each one had a specific purpose within the burial rite; for example, carnelian had the power to transport the souls of the dead to the other side. People traveled far and wide throughout the ancient world to obtain these precious, pretty rocks.

Today, people use gems and crystals as personal power tools to enhance their lives. Certain stones bring love into one's life. Others can heal the body and bring a sense of well-being. Still others create prosperity or aid in divining the future. By utilizing and integrating crystals in your own life, you will reap countless benefits.

Stone, Crystal, or Precious Gem?

Before we begin, it might be helpful to get some clarity on the terms "stone," "crystal." and "gemstone" or "gem." The broad category of "stones" actually includes the items in the other two categories, as it consists of all minerals that are crystalline in nature. It includes quartz crystals and diamonds, which are obviously crystalline in structure, as well as stones such as turquoise and agate that don't look like typical clear crystals because their crystalline form is not visible to the naked eye.

The terms "gemstone" and "gem" refer to stones that are made up of the same chemical compounds as the common variety of a mineral, but they are considered valuable because of their beauty, rarity, and clarity of color. For instance, a ruby is the gemstone form of the mineral red corundum, and an amethyst is a "semiprecious" type of quartz crystal.

So the terms "stones," "crystals," and "gems" all refer to crystalline substances, and I will use them interchangeably when I am speaking of crystals in general throughout the book. However, since each specific stone also has its own distinctive properties, I will refer to them separately by name as well, as we learn that these stones are not only lovely to look at and to adorn yourself with but also have powers that can bring you love, health, happiness, abundance, and peace of mind.

The Power of Crystals

Where do crystals get their power? They all have a crystalline structure that collects, stores, and releases electromagnetic energy in a manner that is similar to the way commonplace batteries store and release energy.

Scientists and engineers have discovered through experimentation that a crystal will accumulate and concentrate the energy of any given energy field in close proximity. Further, they've discovered that if a crystal is squeezed, energy from within the crystal is released. Light can also be released during the compression of a crystal. While the expansion is infinitesimal, electrons are emitted and are then reabsorbed by the crystal, thus producing energy. Schoolchildren discover this by rubbing or heating crystals and feeling a marked static charge. This is known as the piezoelectric effect. This effect can be quite powerful—it is one of the causes of earthquakes.


Quartz is the largest of the crystal families, and we can be grateful for that since it is such a powerful healer. Quartz is also the crystal most often used today in both scientific and spiritual arenas. Quartz is, perhaps, the most common of all stones and can be found on virtually every landmass on Earth. Common quartz was used in the machinery that made the world's first radio broadcasts possible. It enabled the chips that propelled the computer revolution. It stands to reason that quartz was the first crystal to be synthesized by manufacture. Today, man-made crystals are used in many items including watches, computers, and other electronic devices.

Quartz is composed of silicon and oxygen, the same basic minerals that make up this planet. Silicon dioxide (SiO2), the building block responsible for the geologic makeup of the earth, is also inside us, which may explain why there is a natural attraction between our bodies and crystals.

Quartz can take the form of great hexagonal stones or of crystals so small that only a microscope can see them. Quartz can appear in clusters or singly. It can also appear in every hue of the rainbow. The gorgeous and varied hues of quartz come from electrostatic energy, which now can be altered through technology Most people, however, prefer the simple beauty provided by Mother Nature herself.

Thomas Edison carried quartz crystals with him at all times and called the stones his dream crystals. He believed they inspired his ideas and inventions. Literary legends George Sand and William Butler Yeats also relied on crystals to help spark their considerable creativity.

Data has also been gathered to show the effectiveness of quartz in certain healing techniques, such as chakra therapy, acupressure, and light-ray therapy, as we will discuss in depth later. Moreover, it functions as an energy regulator for the human body, affecting the vibrations of the aura, or energy field that surrounds all living beings. But the simplest way to promote healing with crystal is to wear a stone.

The Unique Qualities of Crystals

Crystals found in nature are imbued with special qualities from the minerals and rocks surrounding them. Geologists explain the varying colors of crystals in terms of chemical impurities. One way to think about crystalline color is similar to the way we think about what goes into making a fine wine, where the soil, neighboring trees, plants, sun, and rain affect the grapes and the resulting nectar. So, gems and crystals also have notes, like a fine wine. Truly gifted gemologists can distinguish these delicate differences, especially the vibratory distinctions from the slight variations in a crystal's structure and color.

We have a vast healing and life-enhancing trove of beautiful and sacred stones from which to choose, and each gem, crystal, and stone has its own inherent, divine qualities. Each stone is unique for the energy it emits and how it interacts with our subtle energy field, or aura. In the same way that no two fingerprints or snowflakes are alike, each crystal is completely unique, never to be repeated again in nature. Man-made crystals are exactly alike, and many people feel this uniformity reduces their appeal as well as their healing qualities.

Choosing Your Crystals

There are certain affinities between people and crystals that should be acknowledged. If you are attracted to a certain stone, by all means, investigate. Learn about the properties and characteristics of that particular gem or crystal and examine your present mental, emotional, or practical condition to see if you are in need of its properties. For instance, you may be attracted to striated quartz, which is a clear crystal embedded with needle-like streaks of gold. Gold is said to intensify the healing power of the quartz. Striated quartz can carry more powerful healing properties and help cleanse your aura and awaken all your chakras, or energy centers (see Chakra Stones on page 47).

Citrine can help an individual hear and receive criticism gainfully. If you are attracted to citrine, consider carrying some with you and see if it opens you to reflection from others that can speed your personal development. So, please do listen to sudden stone attractions. Your body or subconscious may be sending you a very important message!

Included throughout this text and in the Crystal Lore section at the end are lists of stones and their affinities and healing properties. I encourage you to explore and discover those crystals that heal and energize you.

Working With Your Crystals

Once you've chosen a crystal, the first thing you need to do is to charge it, which means align it with your personal frequency and vibrations. You're placing your desires and wishes into the vessel of the crystal. The crystal's inherent energies will interact with your personal power, and your intentions can be manifested, or made real, through the crystal. Let's go through a step-by-step guide to align our crystals.

The very first step in this process is the dedication of the crystal toward the greater good of all beings. To begin, we must cleanse the crystal in order to purify its energy. Although this is a straightforward task, it is of supreme importance for your use of the crystal down the road. If a gem or stone is not as effective as you had hoped, the problem could stem from the initial dedication. Think of this primary step as the honing and direction of the intention.

Here is how to do it: Hold the crystal in the palm of your right hand and in your mind picture a glow of light surrounding it. When the stone is completely enveloped by light in your mind's eye, state out loud, "This crystal is only for exacting good of the highest order. In this stone of the earth, there is only love and light." Leave the crystal out in natural light of the sun and the moon for a twenty-four-hour period. This will give your crystal the maximum dedication of light and love from the universe and the heavens as part of its purification process. If time is of the essence, you can move right on to step number two, charging the crystal.

All stones possess natural energies of their own. You want to merge your energies with those of your crystals so that the crystals will be in sync with your vibratory channel or your essential body and spirit energy. Remain mindful of the power your stones have and you will be in a good position to work with them. Consider carefully what kind of energy you want to place into your crystal. Sit in a comfortable position and hold the crystal in your right hand. Focus on the energy you desire your crystal to hold and project it into the stone. Bear in mind, gem magic should not be used solely for your purposes, but always for the greater good. Please make sure you're projecting positive energy and not anger or hatred. Ask aloud for your crystal to work together with you for the highest good. You are doing creative visualization here, so keep concentrating until you can see and feel the energy flowing into the stone. You will feel when the charging is complete because your intuition will tell you when your crystal has stored enough energy.

You can charge a stone for someone else, although it is not ideal. For example, if you have a friend who is very ill and lives halfway around the world from you, you can charge the crystal with positive, healing energy and send it to your friend to help him. Ask the crystal to work for the highest good of this person and then release that crystal to him.

Crystal Care and Cleaning

After the first thirty-three days of tuning in with a new crystal, you should give it a good cleaning, both physically and energetically. Thirty-three is a power number and is the amount of time you need to wait for your crystal to be permeated with your personal psychic energy. I recommend keeping your crystal with you during this time—in a pocket or, if it is small, in a little pouch around your neck. The constant interaction with your body will get your crystal in sync with you.

There are many ways to clean your crystals. The simplest is to wash the crystal in warm water and then wipe it with a soft, natural-fabric cloth. Scott Cunningham, the esteemed author and expert on many magical matters, recommended that you utilize the power of moonlight—especially the strong light of the full moon—to cleanse and charge the crystal with your intentions. I cleanse my crystal before and after each use with rainwater that has sat through at least one day of sunlight and one night of moonlight. You can create your own cleansing rituals, adding ceremonial actions of your own or taking some from crystal lore. Your crystal rituals can get as elaborate as you want! To thoroughly cleanse your crystal, put it in a bowl of sea salt for seven days.

Your crystal is meant to be in harmony with your energy. Do not allow anyone else to touch your crystals. If by chance it happens, use one of the above methods to cleanse them of outside energy and influence.

Treat your crystals as the precious things they are. Keep them in a soft cloth; I prefer a dark blue silk bag. Never store your crystals in a synthetic material—they came from the earth and need to stay connected to the earth's grounding energy. Cunningham recommended wrapping your crystals in a soft white, yellow, or black cloth. Regard your crystals with the highest respect, and the highest mind, and they will give you a lifetime of service. Also, remember to remain mindful of how you are using them, and always only call on your crystals to assist you for the purposes of universal love and healing. If you do, the effects will be positive.


Crystal Tools for Protection, Prophecy, and Healing

The possibilities for applying crystal power in your life are truly limitless when you begin tapping in to the wisdom of the stones and using them as tools for prophecy, protection, and healing. You can purchase ready-made tools or fashion your own ritual accessories from crystals you find yourself. Your intentions and personal energy are the driving forces behind the enchantments you create. You'll be amazed as the various crystal accoutrements start to collect and hold the energy of your magical workings. You may start to experience how your power and your care for the greater good grows.

Prophecy Stones

Healers, shamans, witch doctors, and medicine men have been using special stones—the bones of the earth—for divination since time immemorial. Lore around stones has developed in different cultures. In Europe, during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, crystals became widely used as tools to help predict the future. The desert civilizations of the Middle East called crystals "prophecy stones," and ancient Egyptians believed that holding such a crystal gave one access to the Akashic Record, or the great storehouse containing all the knowledge accumulated throughout time.


There is no future to look into, there is only the Great Now.

Lon Milo DuQuette

It seems that everyone wants to see into the future, and scrying is an ancient method of doing exactly that. Scrying is the art of divining by gazing at or into an appropriate surface and receiving information about the future in the form of visions. The reflective surface could be water, a mirror, a crystal ball, or a slab of stone. Some people are quite talented at seeing visions in the flames of fire or in the bottom of a teacup. However, smooth, neutral surfaces are much less distracting.

We don't know how the art of scrying first began. Perhaps a chunk of shiny black obsidian was the first scrying mirror. We do know that ancient civilizations had special prophets and priestesses who engaged in foretelling the future. They made the tools of their trade from various crystals they found in their locale. No doubt these ancient future-seers would be delighted to know we are still using crystal balls made from translucent quartz and mysterious volcanic obsidian, the same materials they used!

Scrying is even mentioned in Genesis 44:4–5. Queen Elizabeth I entrusted all matters of the heavens and the future to John Dee, a brilliant mathematician and metaphysician. Dee used a mirror of polished black obsidian and employed scrying to great effect in calling upon certain angels . He reported hearing knocking and even voices that sounded like an owl screeching during sessions. His skill and legacy led succeeding magicians and psychics to prefer black mirrors.

Scrying can be also be used to divine the past, present, and future. You can contact spirit guides, improve your skills of creative visualization, and even use it as a gateway to the astral plane.

Any time you feel the need for insight and answers, scrying can lend illumination. Are you stymied at work? Are you restless and don't know why? Do you suspect someone isn't being honest with you? Try scrying!


Excerpted from Crystal Ball by Sibyl Ferguson. Copyright © 2005 Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC. Excerpted by permission of Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents



Part 1: The Crystal Ball by Sibyl Ferguson,

Part 2: Stones, Amulets, and Talismans for Power, Protection, and Prophecy by Witch Bree,
1. The Transformational Power of Crystals,
2. Crystal Tools for Protection, Propecy and Healing,
3. Crystal Lore A–Z,

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