Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear

by Noelle Sherrard


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An interest in the connection between environmental and human health inspired Noelle Sherrard to write Crystal Clear-an investigation into the chemical properties of crystals, minerals, and water as a source of mineral supplementation, albeit at an energetic level.

Crystal Clear is a gem; it is not only a record of the author's journey, but also a practical workbook that readily allows readers to become aware of their individual needs from a mineral perspective.

For those who use crystals principally as a source of comfort and inspiration, Crystal Clear offers an added dimension. Humanity, plants, and animals cannot survive without minerals and water, and Sherrard invites the reader to explore the possibility of doing things differently-a change of consciousness.

"The refreshingly clear and perceptive research outlined in this book I found doubly satisfying in that the author has made it possible for the reader to make good use of the information and ideas presented."

-R.H.S. Barnacle, retired school principal

"The knowledge in this wonderful book differs from the usual new age concept of using crystals, as Ms. Sherrard teaches us about the valuable minerals they contain. It is a fascinating account of her wide-ranging philosophy, as well as a very practical manual on how to use crystals to benefit our health."

-M. W. Clissold, BA

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ISBN-13: 9781452542966
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 03/19/2012
Pages: 104
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Harnessing the Combined Potential Power of Crystals and Water
By Noelle Sherrard

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2011 Noelle Sherrard
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4525-4296-6

Chapter One


When I commenced studying with AMORC (Ancient & Mystical Order of the Rose Cross) Organisation some 30 years ago, the concept of everything having its own rate of vibration was not much more than a theory. To a large portion of the population this was a fanciful notion and not worthy of investigation. Consequently these teachings were not publicly proclaimed. It was necessary to become a member of an organisation to obtain access to the knowledge. A few years prior Russia was engaged in research relating to psychic phenomena. A book on the findings PSI – Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain by Sheila Ostrander and Lyn Schroeder was published in Great Britain by Sphere Books Ltd in 1973.

After reading excerpts from the book it became clear to me that Russia exhibited an accessible un-mystical approach to the mystical and unseen world. References were made and explanations given on the work of Semyon Davidovich Kirlian and his wife, Valentina. Kirlian photography today is accepted as part of the world of energy. The Rosicrucians, in their teachings, talked of two bodies – the physical body and the non-physical body. The Kirlians had made it possible to view not only the physical body, but also the non-physical body, that is, the energy body.

Through continuous research and application with plant material the Kirlians were able to identify illness in plants before it was visible to the naked eye; it seemed as though the physical body replicated the energy body; if there appeared an imbalance or distortion in the energy body, gradually this change would manifest in the physical body and the plant would die.

This discovery gave credence to modalities like Homoeopathy, Flower Essences and Acupuncture in which the energy body or non-physical body is the body being treated. It was postulated that the root of all illness lay in the energy body and if allowed to continue residing there would materialise in the physical body.

Today this view of the Energetic Medicines has become widely accepted amongst non-allopathic practitioners. What is of interest to me, as a practitioner and someone who is drawn to the use of minerals in a curative sense, is the concept of using crystals (which contain minerals) as energy medicine rather than minerals in their gross material state. (Energy medicine being non-physical, gross material being the physical state.)

Gem Essences are used extensively by non-allopathic practitioners. In the main, their usage, however, is confined to correction of emotional issues. Homoeopathy, on the other hand, includes numerous minerals in its arsenal of remedies as a means of addressing problems which have already manifested in the physical body. An example of this is Mercury (Mercurius) - "Every organ and tissue of the body is more or less affected by this powerful drug; it transforms healthy cells into inflamed and necrotic wrecks, decomposes the blood, producing a profound anaemia. This malignant medicinal force is converted into useful life saving and life preserving service if employed homoeopathically, guided by its clear cut symptoms." This description on the use of mercury is the preamble on Mercurius taken from Boericke's "Materia Medica" (1987, p. 432).

The difference between a homoeopathically prepared substance and a gem essence is quite specific. Homoeopathically prepared substances are based on several components - the law of let like be cured with like and the law of the minimum dose as well as the process of trituration and potentisation. Making gem essences, by comparison, is a simple process. The vibration of the mineral/crystal is unique and is held in liquid form and summing up - crystal, water and time are all that is required. Alcohol may be added to increase the shelf life. (See Mineral Tinctures.)

As well as treating the non-physical body, homoeopathy treats the illness once it has manifested in the physical body. What I am trying to determine is whether there is a therapeutic value in Gem Essences based on their energetic mineral component. Could this energetic mineral component act as a prophylactic for the physical body?

Through the late nineteen eighties and early nineteen nineties when magnetism was being investigated in the West as a therapeutic tool, Russia was already conducting research on the uses of magnetism from a commercial sense. One of the areas being surveyed was the farming industry. Two discoveries were made that assisted with increased productivity –

1 Crops of lucerne that were watered with water which had travelled over lodestone (naturally occurring magnetic rock) yielded a forty per cent increase in growth.

2 Dairy cows that were fed the lucerne generated an increased milk supply.

The point is made that the water was not developed into a homoeopathic substance, neither was it a gem essence – it was a naturally occurring therapeutic medicine! The chemical composition of lodestone is mainly iron and oxygen. Could it be that iron and oxygen were energetically being transferred to the lucerne and as a consequence, to the dairy herd? In support of this concept Haas (1992, p. 200) states

"..... some of our soil is iron deficient so the plants grown or the animals grazed there may contain relatively smaller amounts, though this is not yet a major concern." And the following "The primary function of iron in the body is the formation of haemoglobin. Iron is the central core of the haemoglobin molecule which is the essential oxygen-carrying component of the red blood cell ..."

Staying Healthy With Nutrition is an American book on nutrition, but Russia could well have a shortage of iron in the soil. The fact that the lucerne responded, as did the dairy herds, leads one to think that soils in Russia could also be deficient.

Information relating to the therapeutic uses of energy medicine, be it in the form of Flower Essences, Gem Essences or the actual crystals, is either channelled information or programmed information. The person doing the channelling is the recipient of such information. Three different channellers may receive the same information; on the other hand, they may all tune in to different information. Whatever the information received by the channeller, it is valid because the intent of the person is 'in the mix'. This results in a blending of the energies – energy emanating from the crystal or the flower and the energy of the channeller. The same applies if a crystal is being programmed. There are specific processes involved but always the intent of the programmer takes precedence.

Melody (2008, p. 42) succinctly outlines this point:

"Without conscious programming of a mineral that one desires to use for an elixir/stone oil, all of the energies are transmitted, and no specific direction for these energies is delineated; this method is conducive to activation of "spring tonics" and for general daily use. Most minerals can be used in the preparation of elixirs and stone-oil."

When dealing with crystals I believe that, as well, there is the very essence of the crystal itself which is based on its mineral content. It is this latter point which I will continue to pursue, as this book is written with a view to the reader having access to minerals that are no longer available or are becoming harder to acquire.


One of the oldest peoples on earth, Australian Aborigines, have an inseparable link to their country. The land is seen as their mother and they are the children – the bond between mother and child is unbreakable. Developing that analogy further it is not difficult to conclude that Earth provides their sustenance. Water is the blood of Mother Earth and its rocks and minerals are the bones.

Regardless of skin colour we are all Children of the Earth. What lies buried in the Earth is also to be found within our bodies. Quantity and quality of course vary. Medical science has not yet made this discovery but as we move further away from orthodox medicine new discoveries will be made in this field and realisation will lead to the understanding that good health lies within us all. However, it needs to be understood that not all soils contain the minerals we need and secondly the pH of the soil is not always in balance, thus preventing the uptake of certain minerals. Humans, plants, animals and soil bear a resemblance, in that to function effectively all require a pH of around seven. pH stands for potential hydrogen and is a scientific measurement to determine the acidity or alkalinity of a substance. The scale ranges from one to fourteen; a reading of less than seven indicates acidity; more than seven indicates alkalinity. The further the reading moves away from seven in either direction is an indication of greater acidity or alkalinity.

The mineral content of a human has approximately the same ratio as is found in Mother Earth. This statement implies viewing Earth as a whole. An example would be the shortage of selenium in Australian soils being compensated by selenium-rich soil in Arizona. Is it a coincidence that:

* Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world;

* Selenium is used in the treatment of cancer;

* Australian soil is deficient in selenium?

Mineral imbalance in the body leads to imbalance both from a physical and non-physical point of view. Naturopaths and other natural therapists are now using minerals almost exclusively in some instances, to treat physical and non-physical ailments. Interestingly silica is found in vast quantities in the earth and is widely used in treatment of the integumentary system (skin), the largest organ in the body. Silica is also used in treatment of hair and nails, bones, ligaments and joint stiffness.

Examples of mineral use at a non-physical level are potassium phosphate and magnesium phosphate. Potassium phosphate is used for poor memory, lack of concentration, depression, apathy and weepiness. Magnesium phosphate is used in treatment of stress, tension, headaches and colic. Administration of any mineral for therapeutic purposes implies it is not available at a dietary level.

As human beings our origins lie buried deep in the mists of time. A few enlightened souls may remember their birth but the majority of people have no recall of this event. Our forefathers knew and remembered our origins, with solemnity and ritual, when they laid one of their own to rest. "We therefore commit his body to the ground; earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust." (The Book of Common Prayer, p. 190)


To view Creation from The Big Bang perspective of Science or the Dreamtime of Australian Aborigines offers diverging concepts which have ongoing ramifications.

Coming from the Big Bang viewpoint, planet Earth is described in a concise, systematic way. The substance of which Earth, and all who reside here, is made, is explainable in a tangible, non-spiritual manner. By digging into the earth, mining the oceans, initiating space travel, modifying plant life, or altering species, the religion of science has brought numerous benefits to humankind.

For those whose belief of Creation is linked to the Dreamtime process the Big Bang theory is simplistic. Somehow the implication of an ancestral Dreamtime brings a sense of responsibility and respect for all that has been created. (Was it not our Ancestors, aeons past, who were the Creators?)

The Big Bang theory has escaped this concept. In its quest for superiority, the religion of science has omitted respect and responsibility from the equation. Lawlor (1991, p. 19) refers to "the ladder mentality". The ladder symbolises climbing to the top – white males are on the highest rung while the rest – women, children, other races, plants and animals are designated to the rungs below.

Whichever way we choose to view Creation, in particular Planet Earth, the end result is the same – we have a planet with a diversity of life, a diversity of terrain, a diversity of climate, and a diversity of breath-taking beauty.

Heline (1977, p. 27) relates Creation to the number four.

"Four represents the Principle of Creation manifesting as the four elements out of which all things are created.... The four elements, ... are recognised upon this physical plane as fire, air, water and earth. On the higher or invisible planes these elements are recognized as spiritual forces".

Heline elaborates further

"Four letters compose the Sacred Name of nearly all the Gods who have been worshipped by the human race. Note the following: Isis – Egyptian; ... Deus – Latin; Odin – Scandinavian; Dieu – French; Gott – German; Zeus – Greek; Atma – Hindu; and Jove – Roman."

Lawlor (1991, pp. 31-32) also links number four to Creation:

* There are four directions – North, South, East and West.

* Australian Aborigines have a universe divided by the colours of the four earth pigments – red ochre, yellow ochre, white pipe clay and black carbonic soils.

* Science also claims the four-fold system of elements - nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon and oxygen – the basis of all organic substance.

* The human body comprises four main tissues – bone, blood, nerve and layered tissue.

* Science recognises four force fields – gravity, electromagnetism and the two nuclear fields.

* There are four races of people – black, white, yellow and red.

* The Native Americans have four different colours of corn – yellow, red, white and black from which they relate the four directions and the four different races of people.

* Amongst the oldest indigenous tribes of Africa their dances involve repeating each step four times. The reason given "To be in this world is to be four in spirit and in body, like the four winds and the four legs of the animals."

And Arrien (1993, p. 7) states:

"... my research has demonstrated that virtually all shamanic traditions draw on the power of four archetypes in order to live in harmony and balance with our environment and with our own inner nature: the Warrior, the Healer, the Visionary, and the Teacher. Because each archetype draws on the deepest mythic roots of humanity, we too can tap into their wisdom...."


Life-giving, thirst-quenching, a solvent, a carrier of minerals (as well as toxins), the blood of Mother Earth, and until comparatively recently a commodity which we have taken for granted. Water was a substance not taken for granted by Viktor Schauberger, (1997, pp. 6-8) an Austrian forester and naturalist, who in the nineteen twenties warned of an environmental crisis as the result of deforestation and the subsequent abuse and loss of water which he maintained was not merely hydrogen and oxygen but a living entity. Through close observation Schauberger determined that water, if it was to be unspoiled and "alive", must be allowed to follow its natural courses. In its natural state a water course bends and curves, its banks covered by bushes and trees. Through years of patient and thorough observation Schauberger concluded that water, if it were to retain its energy and vitality, needed to maintain a temperature of plus four degrees Celsius. Water likes to be transported in coolness and in darkness. Where else could mature water be born than in the coolness and darkness of the old forests?

It was of great concern to Schauberger (1997, pp. 6-8) that with the felling of the old forests little or no thought was given to the effect this would have on the supply of water. This concern was in the nineteen twenties and it would seem that in the second decade of the twenty-first century not much has changed. Water is the commodity, according to some, that will precipitate global conflict. Vast areas of rain forest are now being destroyed on a daily basis, destroying habitat of wild life and, as Schauberger would claim, contributing to the paucity of water around the planet.

If forests are the birth place for water and humans destroy this birth place, water becomes endangered, leading to an overall detrimental effect – no forests, no water, no food, no life.

More recently a Japanese researcher, Masaru Emoto, published The Hidden Messages in Water (2004a) followed by The True Power of Water (2005). Through the mediation of photography he established the living attributes of water. The photographs are of crystals which form when water is frozen. Over a period of five or more years Emoto photographed hundreds of such crystals and from these was able to identify what was "good" water and "bad" water.

Emoto (2005, p. 17) maintains that all water circulating on the planet does so in cycles varying from "thirty to fifty years". Because the last six decades have shown increased industrialisation and, as a result, increased air pollution, ground water now in use will remain polluted.

Skow and Walters (1991, pp. 16-17) explain with simple arithmetic the power of water as it relates to farming. The quantity of fertiliser used on one acre is comparable to some of the basic principles of homoeopathy namely: the Law of the Minimum Dose, or, Less is More. According to their calculations there are approximately five million atoms in one drop of water. Skow and Walters elaborate on these figures in relation to fertilisation, but none the less as far as water is concerned, it becomes exciting to contemplate the amount of energy that five million atoms generate in one drop of water!


Excerpted from CRYSTAL CLEAR by Noelle Sherrard Copyright © 2011 by Noelle Sherrard. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


HOW TO USE THIS BOOK....................3
ENERGY MEDICINE....................4
CHILDREN OF THE EARTH....................6
FARMING PRACTICES AND SOIL....................14
THE CELL....................17
CRYSTAL SYSTEMS....................21
NUMEROLOGY AND CRYSTALS....................23
THE DINSHAH CONNECTION....................25
Australian Aborigines....................27
South American Indians....................28
Hildegard of Bingen....................29
MINERALS - HELPFUL INFORMATION....................33
MINERAL TINCTURES....................50
APPENDIX 1 THE CRYSTALS CHOSEN....................55
APPENDIX 2 THE PICTURES....................56
APPENDIX 3 TABLE OF ELEMENTS....................71

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