Crystal Grids: How to Combine & Focus Crystal Energies to Enhance Your Life

Crystal Grids: How to Combine & Focus Crystal Energies to Enhance Your Life


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Crystal Grids: How to Combine & Focus Crystal Energies to Enhance Your Life by Henry M. Mason, Brittani Petrofsky

Crystal grids are effective for transforming your life in a dazzling array of powerful and practical ways. Whether you desire to find love, attract wealth, bless your home, overcome anxiety, or clear negative energy, the crystal grids in this book will help you achieve your goals. With simple instructions and comprehensive insights, Crystal Grids shows you how to choose the best crystals for your purpose, select a grid shape that will enhance your intention, clear and position the stones, and activate the grid.

Discover how you can use crystal energy for improved health, wealth, relationships, and a better life. This book also includes twenty-nine expertly designed grids that you can use immediately to reinforce and magnify the power of your crystals.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780738746883
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide, LTD.
Publication date: 04/08/2016
Pages: 216
Sales rank: 408,358
Product dimensions: 7.40(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Hailing from a family of gemologists and gem cutters, Henry M. Mason (Florida) is a gemologist, lapidary, gem cutter, and amateur mineralogist. He is certified by the Gemological Institute of America and holds an MBA and a Bachelor of Science from the USAF Academy.

Brittani Petrofsky (Palm Coast, FL) is an authorand videographer for


Table of Contents

List of Figures xiii

Introduction 1

The Crystals 3

Crystal Energy Lattices 3

Seekers: The Crystals That Form in the Hexagonal Crystal Structure 4

Enhancers: The Crystals That Form in the Isometric Crystal System 6

Guardians: The Crystals That Form in the Monoclinic Crystal System 7

Dispellers: Crystals That Form in the Orthorhombic Crystal System 8

Barriers: Crystals That Form in the Triclinic Crystal System 10

Attractors: Crystals That Form in the Tetragonal Crystal System 11

Crystal Colors 12

Wheel of Life 13

Turquoise 17

Green 18

Olive 19

Yellow 20

Gold 22

Orange 23

Scarlet 24

Red 25

Amethyst 26

Violet 28

Indigo 29

Blue 30

Other Colors 30

White 31

Black 31

Brown 32

Silver 32

Summary 33

Grid Design 35

Sacred Geometry 37

The Center of the Grid: The Point 38

The Circle 38

The Vesica Piscis 40

The Borromean Rings 42

The Tripod of Life 43

The Triangle 45

The Seed of Life 46

The Flower of Life 47

The Square 48

The Pentagon 50

The Spiral 52

The Hexagon 53

The Star of David 54

The Ashoka Chakra 56

The Cross 57

Grid Elements 61

The Path 61

Grid Visuals 62

Photos 63

Symbols 63

Affirmations 64

The Focus Stone 64

The Way Stones 66

The Desire Stones 68

The Perimeter 69

The Activation Wand 69

Constructing a Crystal Grid 71

Step 1 Objective 71

Step 2 Select the Grid Design 72

Step 3 Select the Visuals 73

Step 4 Select the Focus Stone 74

Step 5 Select the Way Stones 74

Step 6 Select the Desire Stones 76

Step 7 Select the Location of the Grid 76

Step 8 Prepare the Crystals and Stones 77

Cleaning 77

Clearing 78

Charging 80

Step 9 Assemble the Grid 81

Using a Crystal Grid 83

Step 1 Activate the Grid 83

Step 2 Daily Use of the Grid 84

Step 3 Disassembly and Storage 85

Grid Stories 87

Selecting a Grid for a New Career 87

Selecting a Grid for Healing Heartbreak 89

Selecting a Grid for Sleeping Well 90

Selecting a Grid for Blessing a Home 91

Conclusion 93

The Grids 95

The Twenty-Nine Grids 96

Notes on the Grids 97

The Acceptance Crystal Grid 98

The Balance Crystal Grid 100

The Better Sleep Crystal Grid 102

The Confidence Crystal Grid 104

The Conquering Fear Crystal Grid 106

The Controlling Anger Crystal Grid 108

The Courage Crystal Grid 110

The Dealing with Melancholy Crystal Grid 112

The Dispel Negative Energy Crystal Grid 114

The Energy Crystal Grid 116

The Friendship Crystal Grid 118

The Good Decision Making Crystal Grid 120

The Good Health Crystal Grid 122

The Good Luck Crystal Grid 124

The Heal a Broken Heart Crystal Grid 126

The Home Blessing Crystal Grid 128

The Long Life Crystal Grid 130

The Love Crystal Grid 132

The Mental Clarity Crystal Grid 134

The Money Crystal Grid 136

The Overcoming Anxiety Crystal Grid 138

The Peace of Mind Crystal Grid 140

The Protection Crystal Grid 142

The Romance Crystal Grid 144

The Self-Esteem Crystal Grid 146

The Serenity Crystal Grid 148

The Success Crystal Grid 150

The Wealth Crystal Grid 152

The Willpower Crystal Grid 154

Bibliography 157

Lists of Stones by Crystal Structure 159

Index 165

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