Crystal Resonance: High Vibrational Well-Being from the Earth and Beyond

Crystal Resonance: High Vibrational Well-Being from the Earth and Beyond

by Kerry Nelson Selman

Paperback(Second edition)

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At our very essence, we are Spirit with limitless tools at our disposal to help navigate this life in physical. Crystal Resonance explores combining gifts from Mother Earth to enhance connection to our innate spark of Divinity, Archangels, and Higher Self and fearlessly embrace a life well lived that is supported by the wonder of All That Is..

Kerry teaches the synergy and life-enhancing resonance that occurs when we combine specific crystal stones and essences, flower essences, essential oils, and practices to facilitate our reconnection with all that we are. Kerry feels a deep connection with Spirit and writes personally as she openly shares her own life ‘moments’ with the crystal combinations.

Each of us is gifted free will—it is inherent, part of the package when we come forth into physical. We each get to choose every step of the way, and the choice to enhance our innate connection with All That Is remains with each of us.

For those who enjoy honoring Spirit within, and for those looking to change and embrace high vibrational well-being, the gifts in Crystal Resonance are waiting to be explored and celebrated.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780648326601
Publisher: Shadowlands Publishing
Publication date: 05/15/2018
Series: Crystal Resonance , #1
Edition description: Second edition
Pages: 278
Sales rank: 902,898
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.63(d)

About the Author

Kerry Nelson Selman is an accredited practitioner of naturopathy, herbal medicine, nutritional medicine, crystal therapy, aromatherapy, Reiki Master/Teacher, and the passionate creator and Teacher Practitioner of Vibrational Oneness practice. She has been called an energy alchemist and practices from her clinic, Wellness by the Sea, on the rugged far south coast of eastern Australia. Kerry is passionate about facilitating wellness and well-being in all who come to her ... whether as a writer, teacher, or practitioner. She brings together all of her knowledge and passions in her writing.
She knows how it feels to dare to choose a different path, and freely admits to having often chosen 'the scenic route'. Kerry is aware of the strength that comes from a life rich in experience - and she is grateful for all she has lived. She appreciates the conscious awareness that she now has of the love, compassion, and strength that flow constantly and consistently to her, through her, and from her ... and are there for each of us.
In Crystal Resonance Kerry openly shares many of life's 'moments' as she inspires us to embrace self-responsibility for all that we choose to be, and then choose to live a life well-lived supported by the vibrational resonance of specifically combined gifts from the Earth and Beyond.

Table of Contents


Thanks and Appreciation


Part One: How It All Works and the Synergy of It All

Understanding the Energy Body

Understanding the Healing from the Earth and Beyond


How Crystals Work

Choosing Crystals and Using Pendulums

Cleaning Clearing and Activating Your Crystal

Crystal Essences

Making your Crystal Essence

Essential Oils

How Essential Oils Work

Choosing Essential Oils

Using Essential Oils

Flower Essences

How Flower Essences Work

Making Your Synergistic Flower Essences Blend

Making Your Flower and Crystal Essences Blend

Spirit Connection

Higher Guidance

Archangels and Angels

Your Personal Guides and Teachers

Understanding the Magic of Synergy

Bringing It All Together in a Daily Practice

Part Two: Synergistic Crystal Combinations and Practices



Green Aventurine




Red Jasper


Clear Quartz

Rose Quartz


Tiger Iron

Black Tourmaline


Reference Tables

Crystal Combinations Reference Table

Archangels Reference Table

Meditation Affirmations with Links to Guided Meditations

Glossary of Terms


About the Author


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