Crystals for Positive Manifestation: A Practical Sourcebook of 100 Crystals

Crystals for Positive Manifestation: A Practical Sourcebook of 100 Crystals

by Sarah Bartlett


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Crystals for Positive Manifestation is the only book to specifically address the manifestation power of crystals while also detailing their attributes, powers, and divination strengths.

This comprehensive source book of 100 essential crystals for manifestation is both a practical handbook packed with advice, and a fascinating source book about each stone and its spiritual qualities. Offering detailed information about each crystal's attributes, power, and divination strengths, Crystals for Positive Manifestation is the only book which specifically addresses the manifestation power of crystals and how to help them guide you to get what you want out of life.

Crystals for Positive Manifestation includes introductory chapters on what crystals are, both from their scientific legacy and their magical one, caring for and choosing crystals, the importance of chakras and color, plus background on why these particular stones have been used for centuries to help us get what we want out of life. There is also a practical chapter about working with these stones specifically chosen for manifestation. The alphabetical source book section that follows provides information about the uses and benefits for each crystal listed.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781592337668
Publisher: Fair Winds Press
Publication date: 04/01/2017
Series: 100 Crystals Series
Pages: 192
Sales rank: 761,455
Product dimensions: 6.90(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Sarah Bartlett is the author of several spiritual and occult books, including the best-selling Tarot Bible and the Essential Guide to Psychic Powers. An astrologer for many women's magazines such as UK Cosmopolitan, She, Spirit and Destiny, and the London Evening Standard, Sarah currently contributes to BBC Radio 2 show, Steve Wright in the Afternoon, as well as to, of which she is a founding member. She has written Supernatural Places for National Geographic, and The Afterlife Bible for Octopus. Dividing her time between London and the south of France, Sarah teaches and practices astrology, tarot, Wicca, and other occult arts.

Table of Contents

Introduction 8

How to Use This Book 10

Section 1 Crystal Basics 12

What Are Crystals? 14

Crystals in History and Legend 16

Crystal Usage 20

Crystal Shapes 22

Crystal Colors 24

Choosing Crystals 30

Caring for Crystals 32

Dedicating Your Crystals 34

Programming your Crystals for Manifestation 36

Crystals and the Chakras 38

Section 2 Manifestation Basics 42

What Is Manifestation? 44

Principles of Manifestation 48

Self-Awareness 49

Knowing What You Truly Seek Right Now 52

Affirmations and intention 54

Belief and Passion 58

Creative Engagement 60

Timing and Realistic Goals 62

Letting Go, Acceptance, and Gratitude 64

Why Crystals Help You 66

Setting Up a Generator Crystal 68

Grid to Manifest Abundance 70

Crystal Spiral to Attract Love 72

Manifesting Harmony in the Home 74

How to Work with the Crystal Sourcebook 76

Section 3 Crystal Sourcebook 78

Crystals for Abundance and Good Fortune 80

Crystals for Success 106

Crystals for Well-being/Home 134

Crystals for Love 159

Further Reading 182

Glossary 184

Index 188

Credits 192

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