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Crystals: Understand and Connect to the Medicine and Healing of Crystals

Crystals: Understand and Connect to the Medicine and Healing of Crystals

by Rachelle Charman

Step-by-step instructions on how to connect to crystals' healing energies and powerful medicine
Bringing a fresh, new approach to the world of crystals, this interactive book encourages readers to become actively involved in the process and experience the crystal energy for themselves. It lists all the popular crystals,&


Step-by-step instructions on how to connect to crystals' healing energies and powerful medicine
Bringing a fresh, new approach to the world of crystals, this interactive book encourages readers to become actively involved in the process and experience the crystal energy for themselves. It lists all the popular crystals, and each is accompanied by a color photograph and instructions on how to connect with that crystal. The book also offers blank sections for recording this experience. It provides many case studies and stories showing how crystals have assisted in healing on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level.

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Understand and Connect to the Medicine and Healing of Crystals

By Rachelle Charman, Catherine Spedding Editorial Services, Lisa Shillan

Rockpool Publishing Pty Ltd

Copyright © 2012 Rachelle Charman
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-921878-84-8


Understanding the Crystal Kingdom and their ancient healing wisdom


This book is a gift to you, the reader, from my heart to assist you on your deep journey of transformation and awakening as you connect to and explore the Crystal Kingdom and its magic. The information in this book will guide and encourage you to have your own experiences with the Crystal Kingdom as you bring through your own wisdom and knowledge of this powerful medicine from the Earth.

The intention for this book is for you to empower yourself on your journey through life. All of us are searching in some way for a tool that can assist us in moving through our challenges into a place of empowerment and joy in our lives. We sometimes search outside ourselves looking for the answers. I truly believe everything we need to know lies within each and every one of us, now and always. The beauty of crystals is they inspire us to delve deep within ourselves as we connect to our own internal wisdom and knowledge. Please take what feels right within the pages of this book and leave what doesn't and, more importantly, find your own way and your own connection to your heart and divine mission here on Earth. This workbook is like a blank canvas that is offered to you to create and paint your own picture, assisting you in finding your own way — your own deep wisdom — and empowering the healer that lies within as you embark on your magical journey with the Crystal Kingdom.

This book is created as a step-by-step guide with simple yet powerful processes and exercises on how to cleanse, charge, program and connect to crystals, encouraging you to have a tangible experience of your own, promoting deep self-transformation and personal empowerment. Also included are ways to create crystal essences, working with the Teacher Crystals (Master Crystals), crystals and the chakras, and simple healing techniques and meditations.

The second section of the book lists various crystals and the meanings of their medicine. Underneath each crystal is a blank section for you to write your own experience of its energy. Throughout this book you will be offered several processes, assisting you to create a deep connection between you and the crystal supporting and enhancing your own experience. Once you integrate each individual crystal and its energy, ensure you record the healing that occurred in your life and within yourself at that time. This healing will mirror and relate directly to the healing vibration of the specific crystal. As you embark on this journey it will guide you to a deeper level of self-healing and awakening of self as you start to facilitate your own connection and healing with the crystals, creating your own unique crystal reference book.

In the third section of the book you are invited into the world of other people's experiences and interactions. These experiences include several powerful and life-changing stories and case studies on how crystals have assisted and facilitated healing and transformation on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. It is always inspiring to hear other people's experiences as they open, deepen and ground your own experience and understanding. Many of the stories have been offered and shared by the teachers and students of The Academy of Crystal Awakening.

This is an active workbook so at times you will be required to work with the physical crystal. You can purchase many of the crystals from your local new age shops and gem shops. The Academy of Crystal Awakening also has for sale on our website crystals that are specially infused and charged with Divine Love energy. I personally invoke the Devas with the intention of healing using the processes in this book.

As you read through and experience each chapter you will be guided and supported to journey deep within the Crystal Kingdom and its medicine of love. On this journey you will unlock and bring forth your own wisdom and knowledge, awakening to your own divine truth. Creating your own unique connection with the Crystal Kingdom is an essential and, I believe, very important part of your own healing process. Owning and listening to your own inner wisdom is important for truly stepping into your power.

Over the years I have had my own life-changing experiences with the healing power of the Crystal Kingdom, and it is my passion and vision to offer this opportunity to those who are also drawn to these amazing gifts. Crystals have assisted in creating many miracles in my life, allowing me to shine in my totality. Crystals are singing more than ever on our planet at this time and are calling people from all walks of life. The information offered in Crystals has already assisted thousands of people through my workshops on their healing journey, creating self-love, wellbeing and inner peace. Many people have found a new depth of belief in themselves and discovered renewed inspiration and purpose. I feel truly blessed to assist in bringing hope and inspiration to you and a tool to assist you to create more wellbeing and inner peace in your life.

We can invite crystals into our lives in various different ways. Having these beautiful crystals in the home creates an environment for transformation. You can sit quietly with your crystal, simply setting your intention to tune into its healing energy. You will also benefit from a crystal's healing properties simply by holding, wearing, or having a crystal in your pocket because your energy field will start to mirror the energy field of the crystal's pure structure, bringing balance and healing.

I truly believe crystals are gifts from Mother Earth, to support us on our divine journey back to love. As we connect and work with crystals we create divine union with and reconnection to our Mother Earth and our source, experiencing oneness and joy.

Please know and remember my heart is with you as you embark on this sacred journey into the Crystal Kingdom.

Crystal awakening – my personal journey

For thousands of years the ancients have been pointing to this time in history on Earth. It is recorded in the ancient texts and calendars that this is a time of powerful awakening and transformation. They called the time in which we are living the New Age. This is a time of new awareness as we journey deeper into our hearts with the understanding that we are all of one essence, the essence of love. We are being called to seed a new consciousness into the planet, one that comes from a place deep within our hearts as we start to create a world of love and oneness, connecting back to our tribes, creating harmony and wellbeing in our lives.

The veil of the worlds is lifting as we journey towards the cosmic kiss, the marring of the dimensions. We are transcending from a third and fourth dimensional reality to a fifth dimensional reality where we hold more love and peace within our hearts. The magnetic fields of Earth are becoming less powerful as we become more light sensitive, and more aware spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. As our Mother Earth lessens in magnetic energy and quickens in vibration we have all been given the opportunity to heal and become more aware, to release the old belief systems and emotions that no longer serve us in this lifetime.

I believe that crystals have an important role to play in this transformation, as more and more souls awaken and truly start to understand the powerful healing qualities of crystals, and the divinity and power within our own hearts. Crystals amplify and bring more light into our being, enabling and supporting us in healing and transformation as they bring us back into our pure natural state of being. We are all loving, all knowing and all wise as we remember our oneness and connection with All That Is. Our seeds of love and hope, that have been planted and nurtured over the years, have finally sprouted and we are manifesting our dreams and ambitions. This is the time of the awakening of the heart and we are so privileged to be here on Earth at such an exciting time. Our heart opens as we experience compassion and an awareness of how precious and beautiful we are, sparking within a calling for us to nurture and love ourselves, those around us, and the Earth. In this connection a deep healing and awakening of self is created and shared in this sacred journey called life.

Crystals have been a major part of my awakening and healing on this journey of self-discovery and I would like to share with you my experience of this transformation as we all venture into this time of the New Age. We all have our story, our past, our experiences that makes us who we are today. I spent most of the first 28 years of my life walking asleep. I felt like I was running from a deep pain that lay dormant within me. I found myself running away from home, living on the streets and running from myself to numb the pain. I felt a deep sadness, depression and anxiety in my life. Over the years of healing I have come to understand and realise that these powerful life lessons and experiences have made me who I am today, and I have come to a place of gratitude and peace in my heart for choosing this powerful path of growth.

Around 2000 I started becoming aware of a new feeling within, which brought with it a new understanding that there was more to life than simply just existing. I was gifted a powerful Amethyst Crystal by a dear friend. I had no idea what crystals were at that time, what energy was; I did not even know who I was. One night I was holding the crystal in one hand and my whole physical body started to vibrate. I found myself in a place of pure bliss. This experience lasted for days as I saw things in my past that I had been a victim to. I was able to see these things in a new light, able to see the lessons and gifts that came with such challenge. With this expanded awareness and awakening came much healing and nurturing to my soul.

A deep spiritual awakening had occurred and it brought light to the darkest parts of my being. A spark of deep passion was ignited within to learn more about the Crystal Kingdom and what it had to offer. I completed three intense crystal healing workshops with a beautiful lady, my teacher Maggie Vrinda Ross. Everything we learnt, I experienced — it was like a flower blossoming within as I started to remember the sacred healing power of crystals. I believe if you are attracted to crystals you have known them before, so it becomes a process of remembering and reawakening this sacred knowledge within.

I then found myself working for Hay House Australia as Doreen Virtue's assistant, as well as travelling and working with many amazing spiritual teachers. After learning much about the Angelic Realm, where I witnessed and experienced many miracles, I was called to travel to South America where I spent time working with a Peruvian shaman by the name of Edwin. Once again I was given the opportunity to awaken my inner knowing and knowledge of the healing ways of the shaman.

I now live in my homeland of Australia and have created and birthed The Academy of Crystal Awakening, with more than 3000 students and 26 teachers in Australia, New Zealand and China. I travel and teach the magical powers of crystals and truly love what I do. I am blessed to share my passion for and love of healing. I deeply believe if we do what we love in life and follow our hearts, manifestation is organic. I also know that if I am now travelling the world teaching about crystal healing, walking my path, that every single one of you can do what you love and what you are here to do too. The secret is to open and follow your heart with strength, courage and unconditional love for yourself, your tribe and our Divine Mother Earth.

I have come to understand that healing is not about fixing anything, rather it's an experience of expanded awareness, acceptance and surrender as we realise that we are divine beings of light on this journey of love. Experiencing ourselves in all forms, from the light to the dark, we shall know ourselves in all ways as an expression of Divine Love.


Crystals are divine gifts and sacred tools from Mother Earth that assist us in our growth, transformation and healing. They are one of the many medicines of the planet, with each crystal holding a specific energy that can assist us in our healing process. The Earth is made up of 85 per cent crystal, so in reality we are living on one big ball of crystal.

Crystals are definitely more than just pretty rocks, they're alive and have a consciousness of their own. I believe that all crystals hold unique, loving energies that assist humanity in discovering our true divine magnificence. As we connect to a crystal and its energy, it allows us to align and connect to the same healing energy that exists within each of us. Crystals radiate Divine Love and pure energy from Mother Earth and the universe, and amplify and reflect back to us the beauty within our hearts, allowing us the opportunity to heal ourselves. In this process, our emotional, mental, spiritual and physical bodies can attain balance. Crystals encourage and assist us to live in the now so we start to truly understand that we are all connected to the universe at all times. Crystals remind us of our true essence of oneness and connection to source.

So you can get a deeper understanding of how this works, I would like to share with you a little information about the science of crystals and our sacred connection to them. Everything in this universe is made up of energy and vibration. The science that explains this is Sacred Geometry, which is an in-depth study of how everything in the universe is connected to the one source — universal energy. There are five main shapes, or blueprints, that energy organises and aligns itself to as it manifests into the physical form. All life on the planet stems from these shapes, called the five platonic solids.

Crystals are pure energy made up of atoms. These atoms are the inner structure of energy. Crystals are formed and birthed when these atoms of energy align to different forms, the platonic solids. This process allows each crystal to be unique, each holding a different energy, colour and vibration. Everything on this physical plane is created from these energetic structures, all vibrating at different frequencies with different combinations of these atoms aligning through the five platonic solids and Sacred Geometry. This tells us that everything is connected to the same universal source at our core.

The sacred relationship that's created between us and the Crystal Kingdom allows for deep transformation and healing to occur on many levels. Crystals hold within them the secrets to healing as they assist humanity in our journey back to peace and wellbeing. The healing energy of the crystals merges with the body's energy fields, promoting harmony and balance. The similarities between crystals and the human body allow the cells of the body to communicate with each other, creating a transfer of energy and allowing the innate intelligence of the body to heal itself. Crystal healing is actually a science and works within a law of physics, the law of resonance, which states 'like energy attracts like energy'. This is why, when we are in the presence of crystals, they assist us in aligning with the same healing energy that is within.

Through our lives we experience many challenges that we sometimes misinterpret, which then creates much pain, hurt and fear, and we tend to shut off from ourselves and those around us. This process can start to create suppressed emotions within our energy field that can lay dormant, creating unwanted behavioural patterns in our lives. This imbalance in our energy body can eventually create disease within the physical body. These suppressed emotions, old patterns and belief systems are stored in our energy fields and become our emotional baggage. This can then create the feeling that we are not whole. The illusion of separation from our source starts to take place as we begin to identify ourselves as our issues instead of our true essence and divinity.

Crystals create a sacred, safe space for us to discard these old, suppressed emotions and unwanted patterns from our fields. Crystals know they are pure love and light of the universe. They gently assist us in connecting our higher selves with our pure essence as we align to the love and order of the universe, allowing transformation and deep healing to occur. The crystal vibration resonates with the energy in the body and the auric field, and the imbalance rises as a memory of the past. As we are held in the vibration of love and truth and with our hearts open, we are able to expand our awareness to see the truth within these experiences, and are given an opportunity to accept and release the issue. We move out of the old way of being and receive the blessings and gifts from such an experience. We surrender and set ourselves free from the chains of our old perception as we move deeper into our hearts and accept, love and nurture more aspects of our selves. This process creates a deep connection between our heart and soul, and an opportunity to look deeply into the inner self with unconditional love and trust.


Excerpted from Crystals by Rachelle Charman, Catherine Spedding Editorial Services, Lisa Shillan. Copyright © 2012 Rachelle Charman. Excerpted by permission of Rockpool Publishing Pty Ltd.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Meet the Author

Rachelle Charman is the founder of The Academy of Crystal Awakening. She worked for Hay House Publishing from 2001 to 2004 and has also worked as a personal assistant to Doreen Virtue, the author of Healing with the Angels.

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