Cubans: An Epic Journey, the Struggle of Exiles for Truth and Freedom

Cubans: An Epic Journey, the Struggle of Exiles for Truth and Freedom


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ISBN-13: 9781935806202
Publisher: Reedy Press, LLC
Publication date: 01/28/2012
Pages: 800
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 2.20(d)

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments iv

Preface Francisco Rodríguez ix

Introduction Carlos Alberto Montaner xiii

Part I The History

Chapter 1 Cuba: Before the Revolution Guillermo Martínetz Sam Verdeja 3

Chapter 2 Miami Before the Revolution Howard Kleinberg 20

Chapter 3 Batista Flees, Castro Takes Over Guilkrmo Martinetz Sam Verdeja 30

Chapter 4 The First Exiles Guillermo Martínetz Sam Verdeja 47

Chapter 5 Bay of Pigs: A Program of Covert Action Howard Kleinberg 56

Chapter 6 Bay of Pigs: The Invasion Howard Kleinberg 70

Chapter 7 Bay of Pigs: The Aftermath Howard Kleinberg 85

Chapter 8 The Missile Crisis Guillermo Martínetz Sam Verdeja 102

Chapter 9 Camarioca to the Diálogo Guillernio Martínetz Sam Verdeja 122

Chapter 10 The Mariel Exodus Silvia Unzueta 142

Chapter 11 Not My-Ami Silvia Unzueta Guillermo Martinet 159

Chapter 12 Balseros Guillermo Martínetz Francisco Rodríguez Sam Verdeja 175

Chapter 13 Elián Guillermo Martínetz Sam Verdeja 192

Chapter 14 Executions and Political Prisoners Juan Clark 13

Chapter 15 The Defense of Human Rights by the Exiles Juan Clark 238

Chapter 16 The Cuban Diaspora Leonardo Rodríguez 247

Part II The Exile Experience

Introduction to Part II Louise O'Brien 272

Business and Finance

Chapter 17 Cuban Exiles' Impact in Banking Francisco Rodríguez Leonardo Rodríguez Sam Verdeja 278

Chapter 18 Entrepreneurs: The Pioneers Francisco Rodríguez Leonardo Rodríguez Sam Verdeja 288

Chapter 19 Entrepreneurs: The New Generation Francisco Rodríguez Leonardo Rodríguez Sam Verdeja 312

Chapter 20 Leaders in Corporate America Francisco Rodríguez Leonardo Rodríguez Sam Verdeja 325

Arts, Entertainment, and Religion

Chapter 21 Cuba's Wandering Literature Olga Connor 334

Chapter 22 Plastic Arts Olga I. Nodarse 355

Chapter 23 Theater Francisco Rodríguez 384

Chapter 24 Movies and Documentaries Alejandro Ríos 398

Chapter 25 Popular Music Eloy Cepero 417

Chapter 26 Classical Music and Ballet Sonia Frias 434

Chapter 27 Cuban Sports Before and After the Revolution Roly Martin 443

Chapter 28 Religion Marcos Antonio Ramos 467

Media and Advertising

Chapter 29 Print Media Armando GonZález

Chapter 31 Advertising and Public Relations Aida Levitan 522


Chapter 32 Medicine Rene F. Rodríguez 550

Chapter 33 Engineering and Science Jose C. Irastorvza 567

Chapter 34 Architecture RauL Rodríguez 587

Chapter 35 Accountants in Exile Enrique Viciana|zLeonardo Rodríguez 596

Chapter 36 Education Federico R. Justiniani Rogelio de la Torre Eduardo Zayas-Bazán 606

Chapter 37 Lawyers and Judges René V. Murai 636

Political, Civic, and Social Life

Chapter 38 Exiles in U.S. Politics Carlos Curbelo 656

Chapter 39 Exile Civic and Social Organizations José R. Garrigó 671

Epilogue The Cuban Nation Raúl Chao 695


Appendix I Timeline of the History of Cuba A Chronology of Key Events, 1940-2011 Leonardo Rodríguez

Appendix II Cuba 1958: By the Numbers Leonardo Rodriguez

Appendix III Cuban-American Community in the United States: By the Numbers Leonardo Rodriguez

Appendix IV Human Rights Violations in Cuba Juan Clark

Appendix V The Cuban Diaspora: By the Numbers Leonardo Rodríguez 749

Contributors 757

Index 765

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