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Cultural Diversity and Education: Foundations, Curriculum, and Teaching / Edition 4

Cultural Diversity and Education: Foundations, Curriculum, and Teaching / Edition 4

by James A. Banks


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ISBN-13: 9780205308651
Publisher: Pearson
Publication date: 07/07/2000
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 360
Product dimensions: 6.80(w) x 9.60(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents

All chapters conclude with"References."


1. The Dimensions of Multicultural Education.
The Aims and Goals of Multicultural Education.
The Dimensions and Their Importance.
Limitations and Interrelationship of the Dimensions.
The Meaning of Multicultural Education to Teachers.
Contextualizing Multicultural Education.
The Dimensions of Multicultural Education.

2. Multicultural Education: History and Revitalization Movements.
The Rise of Nativism.
Nativism and Education.
The Melting Pot.
The Call for Cultural Pluralism.
Ethnic Education between the Two World Wars.
The Inter-Group Education Movement.
The Inter-Group Education Movement Ends.
Assimilation Continues and Helps to Shape a New Nation.
The New Pluralism.
The New Immigrants.
Ethnic Revitalization Movements: A Phase Typology.
Ethnic Revitalization: A Precondition Phase.
Ethnic Revitalization: The First Phase.
The Rise on Antiegalitarian Ideology and Research.
Ethnic Revitalization: The Later Phase.
Ethnic Revitalization: The Final Phase
Ethnic Revitalization: Educational Implications.

3. Multicultural Education: Nature, Goals, and Approaches.
The Emergence of Multicultural Education.
The Goals of Multicultural Education.
Cross-Cultural Competency.
Levels of Cross-Cultural Functioning.
Multicultural Education: Nature and Promises.
Linking Multicultural and Global Education: Promises.
Linking Multiculturaland Global Education: Problems.
Linking Multicultural and Global Education by Helping Students Develop Interrelated Identifications.
Ethnic, National, and Global Identifications.
Goals for Global Education.
The Need for a Delicate Balance of Identifications.
The Stages of Cultural Identity: A Typology.
Approaches to Multicultural Curriculum Reforms.
Multicultural Education and Educational Reform.


4. Culture, Ethnicity, and Education.
Multicultural Education.
The Meaning of Culture.
Culture as Symbols and Interpretations.
Culture as a Strategy for Survival.
The Characteristics of Cultures.
Culture, Macroculture, and Microcultures.
The Variables and Components of Culture.
Microcultural Groups and Individuals.
Multicultural Education: Nature and Limitations.
The Nature of an Ethnic Group.
Types of Ethnic Groups.
Ethnic Group: A Multidimensional Concept.
The Relationship between Physical Characteristics and Ethnic Behavior.
The Variables of Ethnic Group Behavior.
Ethnic Studies.
Race as a Factor in Intergroup Problems.
Education for Race and Ethnic Diversity.
Reducing Racial Conflict.

5. Race, Diversity, and Educational Paradigms.
The Nature of Paradigms.
Multicultural Education Paradigms.
The Need for Multifactor Paradigms and Holism.

6. Pluralism, Ideology, and Educational Reform.
The Cultural Pluralist Ideology.
The Assimilationist Ideology.
A Critique of the Pluralist and Assimilationist Ideologies.
The Multicultural Ideology.
The Societal Basis for the Multicultural Ideology.
Multiple Acculturation.
Ethnic Subsocieties and Nonuniversalized Cultural Components.
Sharing Power.

7. The Stages of Cultural Identity: Implications for Curriculum Reform.
Uses of the Typology in Research.
Expanding the Typology to Include Nonethnic Cultural Groups.
Defining Cultural Groups and Cultural Identity.
Social Groups and Cultural Groups.
Gender as a Cultural Group.
Scholarship on Other Cultural Groups.
Assumptions about Students.
Cultural Groups Are Complex and Dynamic.
The Stages of Cultural Identity: A Typology.
Characteristics of the Cultural Identity Typology.
Preliminary Curricular Implications of the Stages if Cultural Identity Typology.


8. Race, Disability, Giftedness, and School Reform.
Aims of This Chapter.
Race Relations at the Dawn of a New Century.
The Challenge of Fostering Diversity.
The Social Construction of Race.
The Continuing Significance of Race.
The Continuing Significance of Culture.
Expansions of Equality for Students with Disabilities.
Intellectual Hierarchies.
Disability and Race.
The Social Construction of Mental Retardation.
The Social Contruction of Giftedness.
Knowledge, Power, and the Construction of Categories.
Reforming Schools.
The Road Ahead.

9. The Lives and Values of Transformative Scholars and Citizenship Education.
An Epistemological Journey.
The Values of Researchers.
Aims of This Chapter.
Educational Research, Policy, and Practice.
Values and the Quest for Objectivity.
The Quest for Authentic Voices.
Race and Gender.
A Typology of Cross-Cultural Researchers.
Case Studies of the Lives of Researchers.
Intellectual Leadership and Action.
Social Action for Scholars: Benefits and Risks.
Implications for Citizenship Education in a Multicultural Society.


10. A Curriculum for Empowerment, Action, and Change.
Types of Knowledge.
School Knowledge.
Knowledge and Empowerment.
The Attempt to Reformulate the Canon.
School Knowledge and the Dominant Canon.
The Dominant Canon and the Popular Culture.
A Transformative Curriculum for Empowerment.
The Moral Component of Action.
The Long Shadow of Little Rock.
Decision-Making and Citizen Action.
The Decision-Making Process.
The Role of the Teacher in an Empowerment and Transformative Curriculum.

11. Teaching Decision-Making and Social Action Skills.
Elements of Reflective Decision-Making.
Some Subissues Related to the Major Problem.
Stages in Considering This Issue.
The Origin of the Issue.
Suggested Methods for Teaching about Racial, Ethnic, and Cultural Diversity and Public Policies.

12. The Curriculum, Cross-Cultural Teaching, and Social Change.
Life-Style versus Life-Chance Approaches.
The Search for New Perspectives.
The Extent of Institutionalization of Multicultural Education.
The Root of the Problem: Ideological Resistance.
Teaching for Social Change.
The Teacher as Cultural Mediator and Change Agent.
A Typology of Cross-Cultural Teachers.
The Effective Multicultural Teacher.


13. Gender and Educational Equity.
The Educational Status of Females.
Concerns about Males.
Implications of the Gender Debate for Schools.
The Role of Multicultural Content in Curriculum.
Vocational Choices and Expectations.
The Effects of Television and Films.
Curriculum Interventions and Gender-Role Attitudes.
Gender Gaps: Where Schools Still Fail Our Children.

14. Ricardo L. Garcia, Language, Culture, and Education.
The Relationship between Language and National Policy.
Language Policy in the United States.
English-Language Ethnocentrism.
Equal Educational Opportunities and Language Programs.
Political Interest Groups.
Attitudes toward Learning Standard English as a Second Language.
Research and Theory on Language and Dialect.
Dialects of American English.
Linking Culture, Ethnicity, and Language.
Language Acquisition of Native Bilinguals.
Research Bases of Bilingual Instruction.
Global Stakes of Effective Cross-Cultural Communications.
Benchmarks for Linking Language and Culture in Education.

15. Reducing Prejudice in Students: Theory, Research, and Strategies.
Theories of Prejudice.
Personality Theories of Prejudice.
Social Structure Theories of Prejudice.
Micro Approaches to Prejudice Reduction.
Macro Approaches to Prejudice Reduction.
An Interdisciplinary Conceptual Curriculum.
The Role of the Teacher in Prejudice Reduction.
Changing Teacher Attitudes and Behaviors.
A Multicultural Philosophy.
The Teacher and the Stages of Cultural Identity.
Cross-Cultural Experiences: Problems and Promises.
Hypotheses Regarding Cross-Cultural Behavior.

16. Curriculum Guidelines for Multicultural Education.
The Role of the School.
Curriculum Guidelines.

Appendix: Multicultural Education Program Evaluation Checklist.


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