Culture and Foreign Language Education: Insights from Research and Implications for the Practice

Culture and Foreign Language Education: Insights from Research and Implications for the Practice


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ISBN-13: 9781501510946
Publisher: De Gruyter
Publication date: 07/20/2015
Series: Studies in Second and Foreign Language Education [SSFLE] Series , #10
Pages: 387
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.06(h) x (d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

W. M. Chan, S.K. Bhatt, M. Nagami, I. Walker, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Culture and Foreign language education: An introduction to the book Wai Meng Chan Sunil Kumar Bhatt Masanori Nagami Izumi Walker 1

Part 1 The role of the teacher in integrated language and culture learning

Chapter 2 Culture in foreign language learning - The implications for teachers and training Michael Byram 37

Chapter 3 Pre-service teachers discovering intercultural enquiry in language classroom discourse Robyn Moloney Lesley Harbon Ruth Fielding 59

Chapter 4 Exploring the intercultural in Australian community languages teaching Caroline Mahoney 87

Chapter 5 Critical thinking, (inter) cultural awareness and pedagogical dilemmas: Stories of three university teachers in Indonesia Isti Gandana 107

Part 2 Culture, identity and Language

Chapter 6 First, second, third place and beyond: Reflection on a philosophy of Self & Identity for intercultural language teaching Chantal Crozet 135

Chapter 7 Growing up in Hawai'i as Japanese heritage language speakers: Language, culture, and identity Kimi Kondo-Brown 155

Chapter 8 Identities and languages: Two stories of multilingual development Robyn Moloney Susan Oguro 179

Chapter 9 The construction of cultural difference through negotiating participation: Learning-as-participation in an English-medium college in Japan Takuji Aso 195

Part 3 Culture and learner characteristics

Chapter 10 Motivational changes and their affecting factors among students from different cultural backgrounds Masanori Matsumoto 223

Chapter 11 Significant others in influencing Chinese EFL students' learning strategy use: From a sociocultural perspective Shenghui Cindy Huang 245

Chapter 12 Cultural learning styles?"Is there such a thing?" Lynne Li 265

Part 4 Curriculum development for language and culture learning

Chapter 13 Learning language and culture through video clips: An action research study Saeko Kitai Wai Meng Chan 299

Chapter 14 Shifting paradigms: A model for the integrated assessment of Language and culture Judith Hammer Elena Schmitt 331

Authors and their affiliations 367

Index 371

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