Cultures and / of Globalization

Cultures and / of Globalization



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ISBN-13: 9781443832175
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Publication date: 10/01/2011
Pages: 285
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Barrie Axford is Professor of Politics at Oxford Brookes University in the UK. His books include The Global System: Economics, Politics and Culture (Polity, 1996), Politics: An Introduction (Routledge, 1997, 2002, 2012) Unity and Diversity in the New Europe (Peter Lang, 2000), New Media and Politics (with R. Huggins; Sage, 2001) and Theories of Globalization (2012). He researches on globalization, new media and politics. His work has been translated into Persian, Chinese and Croatian. Richard Huggins is Associate Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Oxford Brookes University in the UK, and Jean Monnet Chair of European Political and Social Geography. He has published a number of articles and chapters on globalization, new media and politics, and a number of books including New Media and Politics (with B. Axford; Sage, 2001) and Politics: An Introduction (Routledge, 1997, 2002, 2012). He is currently completing a book on illicit drug policy (Routledge).

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Globalization and / of Culture Barrie Axford Richard Huggins 1

Part 1 Cultural Dialogues and Borders : Constructions and Crossings

Chapter 2 An Inter-cultural Dialogue on Trans-cultural Issues Marek Hrubec 14

Chapter 3 Global Fissures: Intercultural Dialogues in Contemporary Art Kristen Sharp 37

Chapter 4 The Culture of Global Citizenship and Global Media Oleg Susa 54

Part 2 Counter Cultural Voices and Glocal Conflict

Chapter 5 The 'Long Frontier of Insurgent Action': Counter-globalism and Climate Justice James Goodman 64

Chapter 6 Campaigning Against "Fundamentalist" Globalization: Toward a Negative Dialectical Feminist Perspective Regina Cochrane 84

Chapter 7 The Independence of Kosovo: A Semiotic Stance on Glocalization Matteo Albertini Paolo Demuru 111

Part 3 Cultural and Cross-cultural Spaces

Chapter 8 Multicultural Cities, "Construction Sites" of Globalisation Sara Saleri 128

Chapter 9 Driving in the Suburbs: The Making and Unmaking of Multicultural Social Space in a Film by Young Arab Australian Film Makers Ilaria Vanni 138

Chapter 10 The Role of Urban Icons in Cultural Policies: The Case of Casa da Música and Porto 2001 Joana Ramalho 153

Chapter 11 Identities and Music: Identity of Place and Cultural Identities of Generations. Hungarian 3G Case Study Lyudmila Nurse Endre Sik 171

Part 4 Cosmopolitan Migration: Transnational Identities and Local Lives

Chapter 12 Respatialisation Dynamics beyond the Myth of a Homogeneous Elite of World Citizens: International Business Travellers and Cosmopolitans Laura Gherardi 204

Chapter 13 Transnational Lives? The Case of Peruvians in Milan Marco Caselli 218

Chapter 14 Interethnic Alliances and Transdiasporic Appropriations: The New Sound of the Metropolis Elena Midolo 236

Pedagogic Postscript

Chapter 15 The Challenge of Equipping Teachers with Global Perspectives for the 21st Century Classroom Steven Jongewaard 250

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