Cure Diabetes with Diet (Arabic)

Cure Diabetes with Diet (Arabic)

by Miss Alia Rose


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Most of the medical doctors fail to understand the fact that diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disease and it is as easily curable as common cough. They just focus on the symptoms of diabetes and administer insulin or strong medicines to the patients, which further aggravates the condition of the pancreas. The fact of the matter is that, this is a metabolic and nutritional deficiency that reduces the performance and efficiency of the pancreas to the extent that its ability to produce insulin gradually diminishes. The second big mistake they make in dealing with the patients of diabetes is that they ask their patients to strictly avoid sugar products . The strict avoidance of sugar products exerts bad effects on pancreas which reduces the levels of insulin dramatically. Jaggery is one of the best alternatives for white sugar, if at all white sugar is to be avoided.
This books provides the patients of diabetes one month diet regimen . This food has a stimulating effect on pancreas to retain its ability to produce increased levels of insulin.Please follow the step by step, and day by day instructions with regard to food and diet described here, and reverse your diabetes in one month. Stay healthy without medicines. Good luck!

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