Cured Meat, Smoked Fish & Pickled Eggs: Recipes & Techniques for Preserving Protein-Packed Foods

Cured Meat, Smoked Fish & Pickled Eggs: Recipes & Techniques for Preserving Protein-Packed Foods

by Karen Solomon


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Easy to grab and satisfying to eat, preserved proteins go way beyond jerky. Food preservation teacher and cook Karen Solomon teaches you how to smoke, pickle, salt-cure, oil-cure, and dehydrate a variety of meats, dairy, fish, eggs, and other proteins economically and at home. Fifty-six creative recipes highlight the range of specialty foods that you can make yourself with these techniques, including smoked salmon, pickled beans, cured sardines, brined cheese, duck breast prosciutto, and, of course, beef jerky (eight varieties!).

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ISBN-13: 9781612129037
Publisher: Storey Books
Publication date: 07/10/2018
Pages: 200
Sales rank: 626,060
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Karen Solomon is a food preservation teacher and food writer whose cookbooks include Cured Meat, Smoked Fish & Pickled EggsAsian Pickles: Sweet, Sour, Salty, Cured, and Fermented Preserves; Jam It, Pickle It, Cure It; as well as Can It, Bottle It, Smoke It. Her articles and recipes have appeared in, Fine Cooking, Prevention, Men’s Health, Every Day with Rachael Ray, and Yoga Journal and on Food52. She lives in San Francisco.

Table of Contents

1  Techniques & How-Tos
     Hot-Water-Bath Canning
     Pressure Canning
     Dry Curing
     Brine Curing
     Fat Curing
     Hot Smoking
     Cold Smoking
2  Beef, Lamb & Game
     Basic Beef Jerky
     Sour Orange Beef Jerky
     Miso-Yogurt Beef Jerky
     Big Game Jerky
     Meat Energy Bars
     Pemmican (Native American Dried Fruit and Meat)
     Biltong (South African Dried Meat)
     Khlea (Moroccan Preserved Lamb)
     Corned Beef
3  Pork
     Czech Pickled Hot Dogs
     Bacon Extraordinaire
         Cook It: Bacon, Roasted Tomato, and Onion Spread
     Salt Pork
         Cook It: Boston Baked Beans
     Pork Rinds
     Pork Belly Confit
     Rousong (Pork Floss)
     New Orleans–Style Pickle Meat
         Cook It: Red Beans and Rice with Pickle Meat
     Bak Kwa (Chinese-Style Dried Pork)
     Coppiette (Roman-Style Dried Pork)
 4  Poultry
     Chicken Stock
     Duck Confit
         Cook It: Duck Confit, Endive, and Apple Salad
     Duck Breast Prosciutto
     Smoked Turkey Breast
     Thanksgiving Turkey Jerky
5  Big Fish
     Cold-Cured Gravlax
     Hot-Smoked Fish
         Cook It: Killer Smoked Fish Salad
     Bacalao (Salted and Dried Cod)
         Cook It: Bacalao, Tomato, and Olive Stew
     Canned Salmon
         Cook It: Salmon Croquettes
     Salmon Jerky
     Canned Tuna
         Cook It: The Best Tuna Salad
6  Small Fish
     Pickled Herring
     Creamed Herring
         Cook It: Baked Chopped Herring
     Pickled Shrimp
     Cured Anchovies or Sardines
7  Eggs & Dairy
     Preserved Egg Yolks
     Salt-Brined Eggs
     Slightly Smoky Soy Sauce Eggs
     Curry Pickled Eggs
     Beet Pickled Eggs
     Simple White Cheese
     Czech Pickled Cheese
     Preserved Herbed Feta
     Dried Yogurt Bombs
     Frozen Walnut-Yogurt Pops
     Banana-Yogurt “Pappadams”
8  Beans & Nuts
     Tofu Jerky
     Pickled Tofu
     Sake-Brined Tofu
     Canned Beans
     Pickled Garbanzo Beans
     Protein-Punched Three-Bean Salad
     Edamame Pesto
     Black Bean and Corn Relish
     Honey-Preserved Pistachios
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