Current Diagnosis and Treatment: Geriatrics, 3/e

Current Diagnosis and Treatment: Geriatrics, 3/e

by Anna Chang, Louise Walter

Paperback(3rd ed.)

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The definitive guide to safe, effective care of older adults—updated with important new content and streamlined for quick access

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  • Covers the complete range of topics in geriatric care, including theory and fundamentals, assessment, conditions, diseases, symptoms, policies, and societal issues that affect older patients
  • Provides a framework for using the functional and cognitive status, prognosis, and social context of patients to guide diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions
  • Delivers essential information on important topics such as delirium, cognitive impairment, dementia, falls and mobility disorders, Parkinson disease and other movement disorders, sleep disorders, and arthritis
  • Includes guidance on care in all settings – clinic, home, hospital, and long-term care, as well as pre- and post-operative settings
  • New content on technology to enhance geriatric care, caregiving support, the unique needs of older immigrants, Medicare and Medicaid, legal issues and conservatorship, aid in dying, assisted living care, short-stay rehabilitation, prostate cancer, marijuana use, syncope, and driving safety

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ISBN-13: 9781260457087
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing
Publication date: 10/21/2020
Edition description: 3rd ed.
Pages: 736
Sales rank: 956,273
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About the Author

Louise Walter, MD, Professor and Chief, Division of Geriatrics, University of California San Francisco

Anna Chang, MD, Professor, Division of Geriatrics, University of California San Francisco

Rebecca Conant, MD, Professor, Division of Geriatrics, University of California San Francisco

Pei Chen, MD, Assistant Professor, Division of Geriatrics, University of California San Francisco

Daphne Lo, MD, MAEd, Assistant Professor, Division of Geriatrics, University of California San Francisco

G. Mike Harper, MD, Professor, Division of Geriatrics, University of California San Francisco

Josette Rivera, MD, Associate Professor, Division of Geriatrics, University of California San Francisco

Michi Yukawa, MD, Professor, Division of Geriatrics, University of California San Francisco

Table of Contents

Authors xi

Preface xxv

Acknowledgements xxvii

Section I Principles of Geriatric Assessment and Care

1 Transforming the Care of Older Persons Anna Chang, MD Louise C. Walter, MD 1

2 Overview of Geriatric Assessment Albert Bui, MD David B. Reuben, MD Bree Johnston, MD, MPH 4

3 The Interprofessional Team Pei Chen, MD Crystal Burkhardt, PharmD, MBA, BCPS, BCGP Josette A. Rivera, MD 10

4 Goals of Care & Consideration of Prognosis Eric Widera, MD Alexander K. Smith, MD, MS, MPH 16

5 Functional Assessment & Functional Decline Marlon J. R. Aliberti, MD, PhD Kenneth E. Covinsky, MD, MPH 22

6 Falls & Mobility Impairment Deborah M. Kado, MD, MS Daniel Slater, MD, FAAFP Jean Y. Guan, MD 29

7 Managing Vision Impairment Meredith M. Whiteside, OD Tonse A. Kini, MD Andrew G. Lee, MD 38

8 Managing Hearing Impairment Lindsey Merrihew Haddock, MD Margaret I. Wallhagen, PhD, GNP-BC 49

9 Cognitive Impairment & Dementia Kaycee M. Sink, MD, MAS Kristine Yaffe, MD 57

10 Urinary Incontinence Anne Suskind, MD G. Michael Harper, MD 69

11 Sexual Health & Dysfunction Elizabeth Waring, MD Angela Gentili, MD Michael Godschalk, MD 77

12 Depression & Other Mental Health Issues Mary A. Norman, MD Bobby Singh, MD 85

13 Defining Adequate Nutrition Meera Sheffrin, MD, MAS Michi Yukawa, MD, MPH 97

14 Principles of Prescribing & Adherence Michael A. Steinman, MD Holly M. Holmes, MD, MS, AGSF 105

15 Addressing Multimorbidity Cynthia M. Boyd, MD, MPH Christine Seel Ritchie, MD, MSPH 121

16 Atypical Presentations of Illness Michael Goldrich, MD Amit Shah, MD 126

17 Caregiving & Caregiving Support Dawn Butler, JD, MSW Todd C. James, MD 132

18 The Social Context of Older Adults Evie Kalmar, MD, MS Helen Chen, MD 139

19 Detecting, Assessing, & Responding to Elder Mistreatment Abigail Holley Houts, MD Kerry Sheets, MD Nzube Okonkwo, MD Lawrence J. Kerzner, MD, FACP, AGSF 146

20 Prevention & Health Promotion Dandan Liu, MD Louise C. Walter, MD 156

21 Ethics & Informed Decision Making Krista L. Harrison, PhD Alexanders Smith, MD, MS, MPH 169

22 Geriatric Palliative Care Natalie C. Young, MD Eric W. Widera, MD 174

23 Geroscience: The Biology of Aging as a Therapeutic Target John C. Newman, MD, PhD Jamie N. Justice, PhD 181

24 Applying Evidence-Based Care to Older Persons Lauren J. Gleason, MD, MPH Kenneth E. Covinsky, MD, MPH 189

Section II Care Settings

25 Ambulatory Care and Care Coordination Meredith Miner, MD, MHS Veronica Rivera, MD 193

26 Transitions and Continuity of Care Jessica A. Eng, MD, MS Lynn A. Flint, MD 197

27 Emergency Department Care Gallane D. Abraham, MD Corita R. Grudzen, MD, MSHS, FACEP 203

28 Hospital Care Kathryn J. Eubank, MD Edgar Pierluissi, MD 207

29 Perioperative Care for Older Surgical Patients Victoria Tang, MD, MAS Emily Finlayson, MD, MS 215

30 Home-Based Care Mattan Schuchman, MD Jennifer Shiroky, MD, MPH Bruce Leff, MD 222

31 Residential Care & Assisted Living Katherine Wang, MD Rebecca Conant, MD 227

32 Nursing Home Care & Rehabilitation Laura K. Byerly, MD Theresa A. Allison, MD, PhD 232

33 Technology in the Care of Older Adults Kaitlin Willham, MD Daphne Lo, MD, MAEd 239

Section III Common Conditions in Geriatrics

34 Osteoarthritis Ernest R. Vina, MD, MS C. Kent Kwoh, MD 245

35 Osteoporosis and Hip Fractures Michele Bellantoni, MD, CMD Meredith Gilliam, MD, MPH 253

36 Delirium Tammy Ting Hshieh, MD, MPH Sharon K. Inouye, MD, MPH 263

37 Parkinson Disease & Essential Tremor Nicholas B. Galifianakis, MD, MPH A. Ghazinouri, MD, CWSP 271

38 Cerebrovascular Disease Ivy Nguyen, MD Anne Fabiny, MD Bruce Ovbiagele, MD, MSc, MAS, MBA 280

39 Coronary Artery Disease Alan H. Baik, MD Sanket S. Dhruva, MD, MHS 287

40 Heart Failure & Heart Rhythm Disorders Sangita Sudharshan, MD Breck Sandvall, MD Michael W. Rich, MD 303

41 Hypertension Saket Saxena, MD Gina Ayers, PharmD, BCPS, BCGP Ronan M. Factora, MD 317

42 Valvular Disease Margarita M. Sotelo, MD Michael W. Rich, MD 329

43 Peripheral Arterial Disease & Venous Thromboembolism Sik Kim Ang, MB, BCh, BAO James C. Iannuzzi, MD, MPH 345

44 Anticoagulation Anita Rajasekhar, MD, MS Rebecca J. Beyth, MD, MSc 355

45 Chronic Venous Insufficiency Samira Ghaniwala, MD Teresa L. Carman, MD 367

46 Chronic Lung Disease Brooke Salzman, MD Danielle Snyderman, MD Michael Weissberger, MD Gillian Love, MD 373

47 Gastrointestinal Diseases Annsa Huang, MD Priya Kathpalia, MD 389

48 Fluid & Electrolyte Abnormalities Anna Malkina, MD Lesca Hadley, MD 402

49 Chronic Kidney Disease C. Barrett Bowling, MD, MSPH Laura Perry, MD 410

50 Thyroid, Parathyroid, & Adrenal Gland Disorders Steven R. Gambert, MD Ravi Kant, MD Myron Miller, MD 416

51 Diabetes Nami Safai Haeri, MD Sei Lee, MD, MAS Audrey K. Chun, MD 434

52 Anemia Thomas Reske, MD Paul D. Zito, MBBS 443

53 Common Cancers Melisa L. Wong, MD, MAS Kah Poh Loh, MBBCh, BAO Mina S. Sedrak, MD, MS Grant R. Williams, MD YaoYao G. Pollock, MD William Dale, MD, PhD 455

54 Common Infections Ana Montoya, MD, MPH Robin Jump, MD, PhD Lona Mody, MD, MSc 464

55 HIV & Aids Amy Baca, MD Meredith Greene, MD 475

56 Common Skin Disorders Daniel Butler, MD Eleni Linos, MD, DrPH 483

57 Common Oral Diseases & Disorders Bonnie Lederman, DOS Elisa M. Chávez, DDS Susan Hyde, DDS, MPH, PhD 502

58 Common Rheumatologic Disorders Lisa Strano-Paul, MD Asha Patnaik, MD 510

Section V Managing Common Symptoms and Concerns in Geriatrics

59 Sleep Disorders Diana V. Jao, MD Cathy Alessi, MD 516

60 Confusion Candace J. Kim, MD Caroline Stephens, PhD, RN, GNP, FAAN 524

61 Constipation Myung Ko, MD Sara Lewin, MD 530

62 Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia & Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms Scott R. Bauer, MD, MSc Lindsay A. Hampson, MD, MAS 535

63 Persistent Pain Tessa Rife, PharmD, BCGP Brook Calton, MD, MHS 544

64 Headaches Katherine Anderson, MD Jana Wold, MD 557

65 Chest Pain Alejandro Sanchez-Lopez, MD Miguel Paniagua, MD, FACP 562

66 Dyspnea Ashwin Kotwal, MD, MS Rebecca Starr, MD 567

67 Syncope Natalie A. Sanders, DO, FACP Mark A. Supiano, MD 574

68 Pressure Ulcers Courtney K. Gordon, DNP, GNP-BC, MSN David R. Thomas, MD, FACP, AGSF, GSAF 578

69 Driving & Older Adults Annie C. Harmon, PhD David B. Carr, MD 587

70 Unhealthy Alcohol Use Esperanza Romero Rodréguez, MD, MSc Richard Saitz, MD, MPH 595

71 Integrative Geriatrics & Cannabis Use Louise Aronson, MD, MFA Salomeh Keyhani, MD, MPH 606

72 Encouraging Appropriate Exercise for Older Adults Ellen F. Binder, MD 619

Section V Special Populations and Health Policies for an Aging Society

73 Meeting the Unique Needs of LGBT Older Adults Jeffrey de Castro Mariano, MD, AGSF Aleksandr Lewicki, MD 626

74 Optimizing Care of Older Adults with Limited Health Literacy Leah B. Rorvig, MD, MS Anna H. Chodos, MD, MPH Rebecca L. Sudore, MD 635

75 Effects of Homelessness & Housing Instability on Older Adults Rebecca Brown, MD, MPH Margot Kushel, MD 641

76 Helping Older Persons in the Criminal Justice System Lisa C. Barry, PhD, MPH Brie A. Williams, MD, MS 647

77 Older Travelers Leah Witt, MD Megan Rau, MD, MPH 651

78 Unique Needs of Older Immigrants Pei Chen, MD 657

79 Age-Friendly Health Systems Stephanie E. Rogers, MD, MS, MPH Leslie Pelton, MPA 664

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