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Current Directions In Dyslexia Research

Current Directions In Dyslexia Research

by Dirk J. Bakker, Kees P. van den Bos, David L. Share, Linda S. Siegel

ISBN-10: 902651297X

ISBN-13: 9789026512971

Pub. Date: 01/01/1994

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

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Taylor & Francis
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Table of Contents

Contributors. Preface. Are Discrepancy-Based Definitions of Dyslexia Empirically Defensible? Validity of the Concept of Dyslexia: Alternative Approaches to Definition and Classification. A Critical Evaluation of the IQ-Achievement Discrepancy-Based Definition of Dyslexia. The Clinical Relevance of Dyslexia Subtype Research. Dyslexia and Irregular Dynamics of the Visual System. Electrocortical Correlates of Reading Disability Subtypes. Pharmacological Treatment of Dyslexia. Deficient Phonological Processing in Disabled Readers Implicates Processing Deficits Beyond the Phonological Module. Phonemic Segmentation: Testing and Training. Metalinguistic Awareness and Reading Acquisition: Some Issues. Word Identification Routes and Reading Disorders. Treatment of Dyslexia. Neuropsychological Treatment of Dyslexia in Clinical Practice. Effects of Computer-Assisted Instruction on Word and Pseudoword Reading of Reading-Disabled Students. Instructional Approaches to Problems in Reading Comprehension of Dyslexics.

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