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Current Perspectives in Human Physiology, 1998 Edition: Selected Readings / Edition 3

Current Perspectives in Human Physiology, 1998 Edition: Selected Readings / Edition 3

by Lauralee Sherwood


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Current Perspectives in Human Physiology, 1998 Edition: Selected Readings / Edition 3

This collection of 49 articles come from a variety of publications, both scholarly and popular. Each article begins with a brief summary of the ideas presented in the selection and ends with a set of questions to help students identify the key points of discussion (answers are in the back of the book).

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ISBN-13: 9780314206404
Publisher: Brooks/Cole
Publication date: 07/28/1997
Series: Biology Series
Edition description: 3RD
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 8.66(w) x 10.24(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

SECTION ONE: LIFE IN THE CELL 1. Conversations in a Cell, by Gary Taubes 2. Epithelial Sodium Channels: Their Role in Disease, by Bernard Rossier 3. Flexing Muscle with Just One Amino Acid, by Robert F. Service 4. Hemochromatosis: The Generic Disorder of the Twenty-first Century, by James C. Barton and Luigi F. Bertoli 5. New Hope for People with Sickle Cell Anemia, by Eleanor Mayfield 6. Ringing Necks with Dynamin, by Regis B. Kelly 7. Revisiting the Fluid Mosaic Model of Membranes, by Ken Jacobson, Erin D. Sheets, and Rudolf Simson 8. Bicarbonate Briefly CO2-Free, by Roger C. Thomas SECTION TWO: WHAT's NEW IN TISSUE ENGINEERING 9. Paralysis Lost, by Clare Thompson 10. Tissue Sealants: Current Status, Future Potential, by Mark R. Jackson 11. Making the Connections in Nerve Regeneration, by Julia Nash and Adrian Pini 12. Designer Tissues Take Hold, by Robert F. Service 13. Researchers Broaden the Attack on Parkinson's Disease, by Marcia Barinaga 14. Fetal Attraction, by Jeff Goldberg SECTION THREE: THE BRAIN, THE NERVOUS SYSTEM, AND THE PROPERTIES OF NEURONS THAT SERVE THEM BOTH 15. Racked with Pain, by Elizabeth Pennisi and Rachel Nowak 16. Revealing the Brain's Secrets, by Kathleen Cahill Allison 17. Action Potentials in Dendrites: Do They Convey a Message? by Heinz Valtin 18. Brain, Heal Thyself, by Josie Glausiusz 19. What is Leptin for, and Does It Act on the Brain? by Richarl J. Wurtman 20. Dendrites Shed Their Dull Image, by Marcia Barinaga 21. New Clues to Brain Dopamine Control, Cocaine Addiction, by Michael Balter SECTION FOUR: THE MECHANICAL FORCES AND CHEMISTRY OF THE SENSES 22. NO in the Nose, by Discover 23. Lasers Win Out in Glaucoma Trial, by Norman Bauman 24. Stimulating Hair Cell Regeneration: On a Wing and a Prayer, by Edwin W. Rubel and Jennifer S. Stone 25. I Spy with My Moulded Eye, by Andy Coghlan 26. Mechanoreceptive Membrane Channels, by Owen P. Hamill and Don W. McBride, Jr 27. The Smell Files, by Sarah Richardson 28. The Sense of Taste, by Susan McLaughlin and Robert F. Margolskee 29. A Taste of Things to Come, by Charles S. Zuker SECTION FIVE: IMPORTANT MESSENGERS OF THE RENAL, ENDOCRINE, RESPIRATORY, CARDIOVASCULAR, AND REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEMS 30. Hemoglobin Reveals New Roles as Blood Pressure Regulator, by James Glan 31. Cardiac Peformance: Growth Hormone Enters the Race, by Luigi Sacca and Serafino Fazio 32. High Blood Pressure, by Harvard Women's Health Watch 33. Thyroid Diseases, by Celeste Robb-Nicholson, M.D 34. Assisted Reproduction, by Celeste Robb-Nicholson, M.D 35. Not by Testosterone Alone, by Sarah Richardson 36. Exercise-Induced Renal and Electrolyte Changes: Minimizing the Risks, by Steven Fishbane, M.D SECTION SIX: HEALTH AND THE ENVIRONMENT 37. Can You Catch a Heart Attack? by Phyllida Brown 38. Skin-Deep Stress, by Mike May 39. Hormone Hell, by Catherine Dold 40. Science Tracks Down the Training Dangers, by Christopher Surridge 41. Could Women Take a Lead over Men in the Long Run? by Ayala Ochert 42. Beyond Steroids, by Scott Veggeberg 43. Do Sports Drinks Work? by Trevor Smith 44. Diet and Breast Cancer, by Celeste Robb-Nicholson, M.D 45. Implications of Fat Replacement for Food Choice and Energy Balance, by David J. Mela SECTION SEVEN: CONTROVERSIES AND ETHICAL ISSUES 46. Xenotransplants from Animals: Examining the Possibilities, by Rebecca D. Williams 47. Is Hormone Replacement Therapy a Risk? by Nancy E. Davidson 48. The Public Health Risk of Animal Organ and Tissue Transplantation into Humans, by Frederick A. Murphy 49. The Mother of All Blood Cells, by Peter Radetsky Answers

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