Current Therapy in Equine Medicine - E-Book

Current Therapy in Equine Medicine - E-Book

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Stay up-to-date on the latest advances and current issues in equine medicine with this handy reference for the busy equine practitioner, large animal veterinarian, or student. This edition of Current Therapy in Equine Medicine brings you thorough coverage and expert advice on selected topics in areas that have seen significant advances in the last 5 years. Content emphasizes the practical aspects of diagnosis and treatment and provides details for therapeutic regimens. Arranged primarily by body system, the text also features sections on infectious diseases, foal diseases, nutrition, and toxicology. With this cutting-edge information all in one reliable source, you’ll increase your awareness of key therapies in less time.
  • Focuses on the latest therapy for equine diseases, emphasizing detailed discussions and the most reliable and current information.
  • Organized approach to important problems brings you up-to-date, practical information organized by organ system.
  • Concise, easy-to-read format saves you time; most articles provide essential information in 2 to 5 pages.
  • Renowned group of contributors share their expertise on the timely topics you need to know about.
  • Photos enhance information.
  • Line drawings illustrate important concepts.
  • NEW! Emerging topics include issues such as disinfection in equine hospitals; complimentary modalities to traditional medicine; chemotherapy for oncological diseases; and protecting yourself with medical records.
  • Each section has NEW topics including medical management of critically ill foals in the field; oral cavity masses; radiology of sinuses and teeth; biochemical tests for myocardial injury; protozoal myeloencephalitis update; management of bladder uroliths; skin grafting; managing the high-risk pregnancy; shock wave therapy; and more!

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ISBN-13: 9781437710090
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
Publication date: 12/08/2008
Series: Current Veterinary Therapy
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 1104
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Table of Contents

Section I Clinical Pharmacology

Chapter 1 Adverse Drug Reactions Jennifer L. Davis
Chapter 2 Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Anthony T. Blikslager
Chapter 3 Update on Common Antimicrobials K. Gary Magdesian
Chapter 4 Systemic Chemotherapy for Oncologic Diseases Teresa Burns, C. Guillermo Couto
Chapter 5 Fluphenazine Toxicosis Michael Brashier
Chapter 6 Field Anesthesia Craig A. Mosley
Chapter 7 Anesthesia at High Altitude Khursheed Mama
Chapter 8 Anesthesia and Sedation of Miniature Horses Nora S. Matthews, Carin Ponder

Section II Medico-Legal

Chapter 9 Reading and Interpreting Scientific Literature Philip H. Kass
Chapter 10 Equine Insurance Ronald Kirk, T. Douglas Byars
Chapter 11 Protecting Yourself with Medical Records Margaret L. Neterer, Patricia O’Handley
Chapter 12 The Unwanted Horse: An Overview of the Issue Tom R. Lenz
Chapter 13 Field Necropsy Kurt Williams

Section III Nutrition

Chapter 14 Nutritional Management of the Starved Horse Iveta Becvarova, Craig Thatcher
Chapter 15 Dietary Management of the Obese Horse Ray J. Geor, Pat Harris
Chapter 16 Updates to the Nutrient Requirements of the Horse: NRC 2007 guidelines Laurie M. Lawrence
Chapter 17 Antioxidants and Horse Health Pierre Lekeux, Nathalie Kirschvink
Chapter 18 Nutritional Factors in Developmental Orthopedic Disease Brian D. Nielsen
Chapter 19 The Pros and Cons of Probiotics Veronique Julliand, Annette Zeyner
Chapter 20 Herbs and Nutraceuticals Carey A. Williams
Chapter 21 Use of Nutraceuticals for Equine Joint Disease Wayne McIlwraith
Chapter 22 Nutrition for the Critically Ill Horse Susan J. Holcombe, Elizabeth A. Carr

Section IV Behavior

Chapter 23 Headshaking Syndrome Katy Taylor, Daniel Mills
Chapter 24 Management of Stereotypic Behavior (Stable Vices) Daniel Mills
Chapter 25 Aggression in Horses Sharon Lynn Crowell-Davis
Chapter 26 Foal Rejection Katherine A. Houpt
Chapter 27 Transportation of Horses Ted H. Friend

Section V Infectious Disease

Chapter 28 Strangles, Immunology and Management John Timoney
Chapter 29 Epidemiology and Prevention of Rhodococcus Infection Noah Cohen
Chapter 30 Control of Salmonella and Nosocomial Infections Roberta M. Dwyer
Chapter 31 Rhodococcus Equi Pneumonia Nathan Slovis
Chapter 32 Lyme Disease Thomas J. Divers, Yung-Fu Chang
Chapter 33 Leptospirosis Thomas J. Divers, Yung-Fu Chang
Chapter 34 Systemic Illness Caused by Corynebacterium Pseudotuberculosis Suzanne M. Pratt
Chapter 35 Equine Viral Arteritis Peter Timoney
Chapter 36 Clostridial Diseases J. Scott Weese
Chapter 37 Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococci J. Scott Weese
Chapter 38 Lawsonia Intracellularis Enteropathy in Foals Ramiro E. Toribio
Chapter 39 Equine Herpes Virus Myeloencephalopathy Lutz S. Goehring, D. Paul Lunn

Section VI The Cardiovascular System

Chapter 40 Cardiovascular Pharmacology Colin C. Schwarzwald
Chapter 41 Management of Atrial Fibrillation Gunther Van Loon
Chapter 42 Training Effects on Echocardiographic Measurements Rikke Buhl, Annette K. Ersboll
Chapter 43 Congestive Heart Failure Sarah Gardner
Chapter 44 Pericarditis Sophy Jesty
Chapter 45 Infective Endocarditis Sophy Jesty
Chapter 46 Pulmonary Hypertension JoAnn Slack
Chapter 47 Biochemical Tests for Cardiac Injury Simon F. Peek
Chapter 48 Blood Donors and Whole Blood Transfusion in Private Practice J. Barry David
Chapter 49 Coagulopathies Karsten Feige

Section VII The Respiratory System

Chapter 50 Radiology of Sinuses and Teeth David O. Klugh
Chapter 51 Sinuscopy and Sinus Surgery in the Standing Horse James Schumacher, Justin Perkins
Chapter 52 Ultrasonographic Examination of the Upper Airway Heather J. Chalmers, Normand G. Ducharme
Chapter 53 Disorders of the Guttural Pouch Scott R. Pleasant, Douglass B. Berry, II
Chapter 54 Efficacy of Surgery for Laryngeal Hemiplegia Jennifer Brown
Chapter 55 Surgical Advancement of the Larynx for Treatment of Dorsal Displacement of the Soft Palate Normand G. Ducharme
Chapter 56 Disorders of the Trachea Niam M. Collins. Padraig M. Dixon
Chapter 57 Cough Virgina Buechner-Maxwell
Chapter 58 Viral Respiratory Diseases Undine Christmann, Virginia Buechner-Maxwell
Chapter 59 Antimicrobial Therapy of the Respiratory System Harold C. McKenzie, III
Chapter 60 Multimodal Management of the Horse with Airway Disease Laurent Couetil
Chapter 61 Managing IAD in Pleasure Horses Melissa I. Mazan
Chapter 62 Inflammatory Airway Disease in Racehorses Brett Berthold, N. Edward Robinson
Chapter 63 Pleuropneumonia Marybeth Miskovic, Laurent Couetil
Chapter 64 Granulomatous Lung Disease T. Douglas Byars
Chapter 65 Pulmonary Fibrosis Kurt J. Williams, Pamela A. Wilkins
Chapter 66 Silicosis/Osteoporosis Syndrome Matthew Durham
Chapter 67 Respiratory Fungal Infections Allison J. Stewart
Chapter 68 Pneumothorax Joel Lugo
Chapter 69 Thoracoscopically Guided Pulmonary Biopsy Joel Lugo
Chapter 70 Management of Pulmonary Edema Kate Borer
Chapter 71 Exercise-induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage Montague N. Saulez

Section VIII The Gastrointestinal System

Chapter 72 Dental Consequences of Excessive Use of Power Equipment Thomas J. Johnson
Chapter 73 Periodontal Disease David O. Klugh
Chapter 74 Dental Nerve Blocks Colleen Porter
Chapter 75 Dental Extraction W. Henry Tremaine
Chapter 76 Management of Tongue Injuries Mathew P. Gérard
Chapter 77 Oral Cavity Masses Mathew P. Gérard
Chapter 78 Esophageal Obstruction Yvonne A. Elce
Chapter 79 Dysphagia of Neurogenic Origin Monica Aleman
Chapter 80 Esophageal Surgery David E. Freeman
Chapter 81 Gastric Ulcer Syndrome Jenifer A. Nadeau, Frank M. Andrews
Chapter 82 Working the Acute Abdomen Including Imaging Alison Morton
Chapter 83 Stabilizing the Surgical Colic Patient for Referral Lance H. Bassage
Chapter 84 Laparoscopic Diagnosis in the Abdomen John F. Peroni
Chapter 85 Multimodal Pain Management of the Horse with Acute Abdomen Lori A. Bidwell
Chapter 86 Medical Management of the Postoperative Colic Patient Louise L. Southwood
Chapter 87 Ileal Impaction Kelly Fleming, P.O. Eric Mueller
Chapter 88 Cecal Impaction Anthony Blikslager
Chapter 89 Intraluminal Obstruction of the Large Colon Marco Lopes
Chapter 90 Extraluminal Obstruction of the Large Colon Marco Lopes
Chapter 91 Acute Colitis Rebecca McConnico
Chapter 92 Chronic Colic: Diagnosis and Treatment Debra C. Archer
Chapter 93 Right Dorsal Ulcerative Colitis Samuel L. Jones
Chapter 94 Antibiotic-induced Colitis Samuel L. Jones
Chapter 95 Mesh Hernioplasty John F. Peroni
Chapter 96 Infiltrative Bowel Diseases John Schumacher
Chapter 97 Integrated Control of Equine Cyathostomes Anne M. Zajac
Chapter 98 Neoplastic Disease of the Gastrointestinal Tract Yvonne A. Elce
Chapter 99 Rectal Tears John F. Peroni
Chapter 100 Icterus Simon F. Peek

Section IX The Musculoskeletal System

Chapter 101 Heritable Muscle Diseases Stephanie J. Valberg
Chapter 102 Evaluation of Back Pain Robert Van Wessum
Chapter 103 Assessing Saddle Fit in Performance Horses Hilary M. Clayton
Chapter 104 Vertebral Facet Joint Syndrome Robert Van Wessum
Chapter 105 Sacroiliac Disease Robert Van Wessum
Chapter 106 Pelvic Fractures Kevin Brown
Chapter 107 Musculoskeletal Injuries in the Western Performance Horse Robin M. Dabareiner
Chapter 108 Diagnostic Imaging and Surgical Management of the Stifle Joint Lisa A. Fortier
Chapter 109 Ultrasound of the Shoulder Mary Beth Whitcomb
Chapter 110 Hypochoeris Radicata-Associated Stringhalt Sarah Y. Gardner
Chapter 111 Osteoarthritis Earl M. Gaughan
Chapter 112 Osteochondrosis Pieter A. J. Brama
Chapter 113 Management of Tendon Injuries Linda A. Dahlgren
Chapter 114 Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy and Radial Pressure Wave Therapy Scott McClure
Chapter 115 Regional Limb Perfusion with Antimicrobials Joel Lugo
Chapter 116 White Line Disease Scott R. Pleasant, Stephen E. O’Grady
Chapter 117 Management of Wounds in the Foot Brian W. Fitzgerald, Clifford M. Honnas
Chapter 118 Laminitis Pathogenesis James K. Belknap
Chapter 119 Pharmacological Management of Laminitis John F. Peroni
Chapter 120 Pasture Laminitis Scott R. Pleasant
Chapter 121 Chronic Laminitis Andrew H. Parks, Stephen E. O’Grady
Chapter 122 Ultrasound Imaging of the Distal Extremity Robert Van Wessum
Chapter 123 Diagnostic Value of Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Horses with Foot Pain John G. Peloso, Lynn Hilt
Chapter 124 Collateral Desmitis of the Coffin Joint Michael C. Schramme, Mark J. Matinelli
Chapter 125 Deep Digital Flexor Tendon Injuries in the Foot Michael C. Schramme
Chapter 126 Ossification of the Cartilages of the Foot (Sidebone) Sue Dyson
Chapter 127 Rehabilitation Therapy Mimi Porter

Section X The Nervous System

Chapter 128 Making a Neuroanatomic Diagnosis John H. Rossmeisl, Jr.
Chapter 129 Diagnostic Imaging in Neurological Disease John Mattoon
Chapter 130 Ataxia Allison J. Stewart
Chapter 131 Equine Motor Neuron Disease Thomas J. Divers, Husni J. Mohamed
Chapter 132 Alphaviral Encephalomyelitis (EEE, WEE, and VEE) Gabriela Suarez, Robert J. MacKay
Chapter 133 West Nile Encephalitis Robert J. MacKay
Chapter 134 Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis Debra C. Sellon
Chapter 135 Atypical Myopathy Vincent Gerber, Dominique Votion

Section XI The Eye

Chapter 136 Equine Recurrent Uveitis Brian C. Gilger
Chapter 137 Ocular Squamous Cell Carcinoma Elizabeth A. Giuliano
Chapter 138 Eosinophilic Keratoconjunctivitis Jamie Schorling
Chapter 139 Medical And Surgical Therapies for Ulcerative Keratitis Mary E. Utter, Dennis E. Brooks
Chapter 140 Complications of Chronic Ocular Disease Kathryn L. Wotman, Mary E. Utter
Chapter 141 Enucleation Brian C. Gilger
Chapter 142 Intraocular Surgery Including Lens Replacement Wendy Townsend
Chapter 143 Acute Care of Soft Tissue Injuries Involving the Eyelids, Ears, and Face Mathew P. Gérard
Chapter 144 Electrodiagnostics for Retinal Disease Andras M. Komaromy

Section XII The Integument

Chapter 145 Topical Treatments for Skin Disease Paul B. Bloom
Chapter 146 Insect Hypersensitivities Annette Peterson
Chapter 147 Non-Neoplastic Nodular and Proliferative Lesions Beth A. Valentine, Jon D. Plant
Chapter 148 Fungal Skin Diseases Rosanna Marsella
Chapter 149 Skin Tumors Virginia Beuchner-Maxwell
Chapter 150 Equine Sarcoid: What’s New in Diagnosis and Treatment Elizabeth Carr
Chapter 151 Chronic Progressive Lymphedema in Draft Horses Hilde DeCock, Gregory L. Ferraro
Chapter 152 Hereditary Equine Dermal Regional Asthenia Danika Bannasch, Stephen White
Chapter 153 Wound Care and Management Linda A. Dahlgren
Chapter 154 Management of Wounds in High-Motion Areas Dean Hendrickson, Joanna Virgin
Chapter 155 Skin Grafting Linda A. Dahlgren

Section XIII The Endocrine System

Chapter 156 Insulin Resistance/Equine Metabolic Syndrome Nicholas Frank
Chapter 157 Pituitary Pars Intermidia Dysfunction Janice Sojka
Chapter 158 Thyroid Disease Babetta Breuhaus

Section XIV The Urogenital System

Chapter 159 Management of Bladder Uroliths Claude A. Ragle
Chapter 160 Hematuria Jan F. Hawkins
Chapter 161 Clinical Pathology of Renal Disease Frederic S. Almy, Bruce E. LeRoy, Michelle H. Barton
Chapter 162 Diseases of the Accessory Sex Glands of the Stallion John V. Steiner
Chapter 163 Inguinal Hernia Warren Beard
Chapter 164 Conditions of the External Genitalia of Stallions John P. Hurtgen
Chapter 165 Conditions of the External Genitalia of mares Tracey Chenier
Chapter 166 Diseases of the Uterus Carlos M. Pinto
Chapter 167 Prevention of Estrus Behavior in Performance Mares Tracey Chenier
Chapter 168 Techniques for Ovariectomy and Ovariohysterectomy Thomas B. Yarbrough

Section XV Reproduction

Chapter 169 Peripartum Complications in the Mare Pamela A. Wilkins
Chapter 170 Postpartum Complications in the Mare Grant S. Frazer
Chapter 171 Artificial Insemination in Private Practice Juan C. Samper
Chapter 172 Collection and Transportation of Semen Juan C. Samper
Chapter 173 Embryo Transfer in Private Practice Juan J. Vazquez
Chapter 174 Ovarian Diseases Patrick M. McCue
Chapter 175 Problems of the Older Broodmare Michelle LeBlanc
Chapter 176 Diagnosis of Pregnancy Karen Wolfsdorf
Chapter 177 Early Embryonic Loss Kirk K. Vanderwall
Chapter 178 Placentitis Fairfield T. Bain, Walter Zent
Chapter 179 Causes of Abortion Neil M. Williams
Chapter 180 Diagnostic Approach to Abortion Neil M. Williams
Chapter 181 Managing the High-Risk Pregnancy Karen Wolfsdorf

Section XVI The Foal

Chapter 182 Rescuing Foals During Dystocia Jonathan E. Palmer
Chapter 183 Placental Evaluation for Diagnosis of Foal Problems Peter R. Morresey, Kristina G. Lu
Chapter 184 Meconium Impaction Susan J. Holcombe, Kristin P. Chaney
Chapter 185 Assays for Evaluation of Transfer of Passive Immunity Johanna L. Watson
Chapter 186 Septic Inflammatory Response Syndrome T. Douglas Byars, Elizabeth Carr
Chapter 187 Management of the Sick Neonatal Foal in the Field Fairfield T. Bain
Chapter 188 Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Foals K. Gary Magdesian
Chapter 189 Colic in Foals Susan J. Holcombe, Kristin P. Chaney
Chapter 190 Nonsurgical Urogenital Diseases Sharon Witonsky
Chapter 191 Angular Limb Deformities A. Berkley Chesen, Clifford M. Honnas
Chapter 192 Juvenile Idiopathic Epilepsy in Arabian Foals of Egyptian Linage Monica Aleman

Section XVII Miscellaneousm

Chapter 193 The Geriatric Horse Mary Rose Paradis
Chapter 194 Diagnostic Approach to Chronic Weight Loss, Laureline Lecoq, Jean-Pierre Lavoie
Chapter 195 Integrative Medicine: Applications of Acupuncture Mark Chrisman, Rachel H.H. Tann
Chapter 196 Stem Cell Therapy Linda A. Dahlgren
Chapter 197 Choosing and Purchasing Laser Equipment Tom Yarbrough
Chapter 198 Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Nathan Slovis
Chapter 199 Maintenance of Horses in Slings Jeremy Hubert, Rebecca McConnico
Chapter 200 Nursing Care of the Recumbent Horse Jaime Miller
Chapter 201 Managing the Exhausted Horse Jami Whiting
Chapter 202 Rattlesnake Envenomation Langdon Fielding
Chapter 203 Mycotoxins Robert H. Poppenga

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