Curse of Kali

Curse of Kali

by Guido Henkel
4.3 6

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Curse of Kali 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
SFelkel More than 1 year ago
Curse of Kali was my first book to read by Mr. Henkel, but it won't be my last. It was fun, fast paced, and engaging. I particularly enjoyed the buddy cop feel to Dark and Siu Lin's relationship. Even though this is the latest chapter in an ongoing series, it worked quite well as a stand alone. I definitely plan to go back and collect the series from the beginning.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
VictoriaLDixon More than 1 year ago
For a fun romp through a pseudo-Victorian England murder mystery, you can't go wrong with The Curse of Kali. There's enough tension and fast paced action, I read the book in a single afternoon. A gothic feeling pervades the story and just to alert parents, violence is involved. It is a murder mystery, after all. "Kali" will especially appeal to teens or adults with a taste for supernatural horror, but think "X-Files" rather than "Friday the 13th." There's a heroine who literally kicks more butt than the hero detective, Jason Dark, a revenge-driven not-quite-ghost, a murderous Hindu statue, hopping vampires (a true Chinese legend and ultra creepy) and more. For instance, there's the somewhat gratuitous appearance of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. By "gratuitous," I don't mean I didn't enjoy their cameos. I did. I would have preferred that the characters continued to put in appearances throughout the book, which they don't. Yet it was still delightful to see them and agree with the other characters' assessments of Holmes. The book does have some minor points to quibble over, though most readers won't care. There were a few moments when I stubbed my reader's eyes on anachronisms, but hey, there are vampires. There is no reason to expect total historical accuracy in a story when you know to expect supernatural or science fictional elements. If you or your teens enjoy mysteries or the supernatural, this is a must-read and I can't wait to read the sequel, "Fu Man Chu's Vampire."
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Read_A_Book More than 1 year ago
This is the tenth, and final novella (for now) in the Jason Dark series, and I must say I have had a blast reading and reviewing these novellas. Henkel has created a series for the paranormal junky that has multiple gothic elements and rivals Poe¿s Sherlock Holmes series. Speaking of which, in this final novella, we do meet Holmes in the flesh! Up until this point there have been a few implication of Holmes, as rivalry almost, but in this novella, the rivalry becomes blatantly clear and Holmes continually scoffs at Jason Dark¿s theories of the paranormal. Lestrande brings together the two great masterminds and their sidekicks in a battle of the wits, and while it may seem like Homles wins, there is more than meets the eye afoot in this great mystery of the decapitated man. Of course, Holmes is extremely smart, but also brash and brazen; nobody in the novella likes him, and with good reason. I thought it was ingenious of Henkel to write Poe¿s mastermind into his own series and I liked the subtle snubs toward Holmes as the novella progressed. This is a fantastic end to such a great series, and I am eagerly awaiting more
Anonymous More than 1 year ago