Cursed Victory: A History of Israel and the Occupied Territories, 1967 to the Present

Cursed Victory: A History of Israel and the Occupied Territories, 1967 to the Present

by Ahron Bregman

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An authoritative and impassioned history of the aftermath of the Six Day War—by a former Israeli soldier—and a cogent argument for an end to the occupation.

In a move that would forever alter the map of the Middle East, Israel captured the West Bank, Golan Heights, Gaza Strip and Sinai Peninsula in 1967's brief but pivotal Six Day War. Cursed Victory is the first complete history of the war's troubled aftermath—a military occupation of the Palestinian territories that is now well into its fifth decade.

Drawing on unprecedented access to high-level sources, top-secret memos and never-before-published letters, the book provides a gripping and unvarnished chronicle of how what Israel promised would be an 'enlightened occupation' quickly turned sour, and the anguished diplomatic attempts to bring it to an end. Bregman sheds fresh light on critical moments in the peace process, taking us behind the scenes as decisions about the fate of the territories were made, and more often, as crucial opportunities to resolve the conflict were missed. As the narrative moves from Jerusalem to New York, Oslo to Beirut, and from the late 1960s to the present day, Cursed Victory provides vivid portraits of the key players in this unfolding drama, including Moshe Dayan, King Hussein of Jordan, Bill Clinton, and Yasser Arafat. Yet Bregman always reminds us how diplomatic and back-room negotiations affected the daily lives of millions of Arabs, and how the Palestinian resistance, especially during the first and second intifadas, and now in recent tragic developments, have shaped the political arena.

As Bregman concludes, the occupation has become a dark stain on Israel's history. Cursed Victory is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand the origins of the ongoing conflict in the region.

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Publication date: 05/08/2015
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About the Author

Born in Israel in 1958, Ahron Bregman was a soldier in the 1982 Lebanon War and reached the rank of captain. He then studied in Jerusalem and London, completing a doctorate in War Studies at King's College London. He is the author of Israel's Wars: A History Since 1947 and A History of Israel. An academic and journalist, Bregman teaches at the Department of War Studies, King's College London.

Table of Contents

Preface to the American Edition ix

List of Illustrations xvii

List of Maps xix

A Note on Sources xxvii

A Personal Note xxix

Introduction xxxiii

A Note on Occupation xli

Part 1 The First Decade, 1967-1977

1 West Bank and Jerusalem 3

2 Gaza Strip 56

3 Golan Heights 71

4 Sinai 86

Part 2 The Second Decade, 1977-1987

5 Likud Years 101

6 Black December, 1987 131

Part 3 War and Diplomacy, 1987-2007

7 Intifada 145

8 Gulf, Madrid, Oslo, 1991-1995 164

9 Missed Opportunities, 1995-1999 186

10 Golan First, 1999-2000 201

11 Camp David II, 2000 217

12 Al-Aqsa Intifada, 2000-2001 247

13 Sharon and Arafat, 2001-2004 268

14 Unilateralism and Its Rewards, 2004-2007 289

Into a Fifth Decade of Occupation 305

Select Bibliography 309

Notes 317

Index 347

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