Customer Genius

Customer Genius

by Peter Fisk


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ISBN-13: 9781841127880
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 05/18/2009
Pages: 406
Product dimensions: 6.90(w) x 6.70(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Peter Fisk is an experienced strategist and marketer, and has worked with some of the world's leading companies including Coca-Cola, Microsoft and Vodafone.
He jointly leads a strategic innovation firm, The Foundation, helping companies to grow their businesses from the outside in. Peter is a recognized expert and commentator on marketing around the world. He is an inspirational speaker on customers and brands, strategy and innovation. He is co-author of the FT Handbook of Management, and The Complete CEO. In January 2006, Business Strategy Review identified him as one of the leading new business thinkers.
He combines youthful energy and inspiration with significant, practical experience. He is married with two young daughters and, having grown up in the Northumbrian countryside, now lives just outside London. He is a committed long-distance runner, Newcastle United supporter, and never far from his BlackBerry or iPod.

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Table of Contents


Track 1: Hello!

Track 2: My world … people and their passions.

2.1 Wonderful people.

Insight 1: Facebook.

2.2 Global village.

Insight 2: Air Asia.

2.3 Customer tribes.

Insight 3: Banyan Tree.

Track 3: My agenda … what matters most to me.

3.1 Emotional world.

Insight 4: Baidu.

3.2 Customer kaleidoscopes.

Insight 5: Stenders Soap Factory.

3.3 The customer agenda.

Insight 6: Camper Shoes.

Track 4: My terms … power to the people.

4.1 Customer power.

Insight 7: Livestrong.

4.2 Pull not push.

Insight 8: Progressive Insurance.

4.3 Outside in, inside out.

Insight 9: Zipcars.

Track 5: My business … the customer business.

5.1 The customer-centric business.

Insight 10: Amazon.

5.2 Customer value, business value.

Insight 11: Best Buy.

5.3 Ten dimensions of the customer business.


Dimension 1: Customer vision.

1.1 Customer purpose.

Insight 12: Lego.

1.2 Customer brand.

Insight 13: Aveda.

1.3 Customer alignment.

Insight 14: Cemex.

Dimension 2: Customer strategy.

2.1 Customer profitability.

Insight 15: Nike Women.

2.2 Customer segmentation.

Insight 16: Club Med.

2.3 Customer management.

Insight 17: Tata.

Dimension 3: Customer insights.

3.1 Customer intelligence.

Insight 18: Dove.

3.2 Customer immersion.

Insight 19: H&M.

3.3 Customer insights.

Insight 20: Harrah’s Casinos.

Dimension 4: Customer propositions.

4.1 Customer context.

Insight 21: Whole Foods Markets.

4.2 Customer propositions.

Insight 22: Oxfam Unwrapped.

4.3 Customer conversations.

Insight 23: Jimmy Choo.

Dimension 5: Customer solutions.

5.1 Customer collaboration.

Insight 24: Heinz Tomato Ketchup.

5.2 Customer innovation.

Insight 25: Smart USA.

5.3 Customer solutions.

Insight 26: Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Dimension 6: Customer connections.

6.1 Customer communication.

Insight 27: Wumart China.

6.2 Customer networks.

Insight 28: Zopa.

6.3 Customer gateways.

Insight 29: Quintessentially.

Dimension 7: Customer experiences.

7.1 Customer journey.

Insight 30: Nintendo Wii.

7.2 Customer theatre.

Insight 31: Vom Fass.

7.3 Extraordinary experiences.

Insight 32: Build a Bear Workshop.

Dimension 8: Customer service.

8.1 Customer delivery.

Insight 33: Disneyland.

8.2 Individualized service.

Insight 34: Singapore Airlines.

8.3 Service recovery.

Insight 35: Ritz-Carlton.

Dimension 9: Customer relationships.

9.1 Customer partnerships.

Insight 36: Harley-Davidson.

9.2 Customer communities.

Insight 37: The Co-operative Group.

9.3 Customer advocates.

Insight 38: New Balance.

Dimension 10: Customer performance.

10.1 Value drivers.

Insight 39: Enterprise Car Rental.

10.2 Customer metrics.

Insight 40: First Direct.

10.3 Business impact.

Insight 41: GE.


Track 6: Leadership … leading a customer revolution.

6.1 Inspiring people.

Insight 42: Eczacibasi.

6.2 New business leaders.

Insight 43: P&G.

6.3 Customer champions.

Insight 44: MAC Cosmetics.

Track 7: Culture … creating a passion in people.

7.1 Engaging your people.

Insight 45: Pret A Manger.

7.2 Aligning people and customers.

Insight 46: Innocent.

7.3 Structures, symbols and stories.

Insight 47: Toyota.

Track 8: Transformation … the journey to customer-centricity.

8.1 Creating a customer revolution.

Insight 48: Avon.

8.2 Making change happen.

Insight 49: Skoda.

8.3 Virgin inspiration.


The customer business roadmap.

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