Customer Integration: The Quality Function Deployment (QFD) Leader's Guide for Decision Making / Edition 1

Customer Integration: The Quality Function Deployment (QFD) Leader's Guide for Decision Making / Edition 1

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Customer Integration: The Quality Function Deployment (QFD) Leader's Guide for Decision Making / Edition 1

Customer Integration

Attaining higher levels of customer delight, increasing the speed and efficiency in the product development process, and increasing profits are goals many managers are struggling to achieve. Customer Integrated Decision Making, or CIDM, is a process that will show managers how to reach these goals by integrating the customer into the decision-making process and incorporating the customer's wants and needs into the design of new products and services.

Customer Integration: The Quality Function Deployment (QFD) Leader's Guide for Decision Making focuses on the complete CIDM/QFD process. The book details the reasons for using CIDM market identification techniques, and QFD idea generation methodologies, as well as some basic and advanced customer "choice" prediction approaches. This practical, structured, and replicable process will provide a company of any size with the tools to assure its teams' success as they move to become linked to the customer.

Customer Integration opens with a comprehensive overview for executives, followed by a detailed discussion of how CIDM/QFD can increase profits for businesses in a variety of industries. The executive overview reviews the issues confronting companies today and gives reasons why executives will need to be linked to customers to compete. The second part of the book lays out some of the foundation knowledge that middle managers will need to have in order to commit to supporting individuals and teams and to complete CIDM/QFD projects. Part II also offers practical discussions on the critical role of leadership and the challenges of implementation. The third part of the book provides a step-by-step explanation of the process, along with a complete review of the necessary concepts and tools to make a CIDM/QFD project happen.

Customer Integration is designed for the whole company. It provides the information executives and managers need to undertake a Customer Integrated Decision-Making project and the knowledge that team members need to assure success in their project.

Advance praise for Customer Integration

"Customer Integration is written for the entire management team, from the executive to the project team members, challenging all not only to decide to use CIDM/QFD, but to achieve maximum value from the process. This is a book for those who believe delighting customers is a state of the art." —Michael E. Holtzleiter Manager-Europe, Senco Fastening Systems

"The CIDM concepts in this book go beyond the QFD matrix analysis to show how to introduce the process into a company and how to lead a multifunctional team through the process. These concepts are helping us balance the voice of the customer in our product development process. After just one project, it is adding clarity and objectivity to our decisions by highlighting the trade-offs that must be made between customer wants, competitive pressures, and our company's capabilities." —Ronald A. Weeks Corporate Planning Director, Cincom Systems, Inc.

"Having completed a CIDM project, I found Customer Integration to be a comprehensive documentation of this incredible process. This very replicable methodology truly allows companies to get at the 'real' customer requirements. The way the book is divided into sections for the executive, project and middle manager, and team members provides a clear perspective on 'hands on' for each." —Steve Nelson

Manager-Emerging Markets, Senco Fastening Systems

"If you are looking for structured processes that provide you with a better understanding of your customers, an understanding about what they mean by value, that promotes 'leveling' of customer knowledge among the enterprise, that assures 'true' teaming and reduces the time to bring innovations into the marketplace, then Customer Integration is the book that you have been looking for." —John Edholm Vice President-Sales & Marketing, Pierce and Stevens

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ISBN-13: 9780471132776
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 10/01/1995
Edition description: BK&DISK
Pages: 336
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Table of Contents


Bringing QFD into Your Company.


Quality and Customer Choice: Where CIDM/QFD Fits.

Making CIDM/QFD Work in Your Company.

Establishing the Infrastructure.

Details and Expectations for CIDM/QFD Leaders.


Defining the Project.

Leading the Team's Implementation.

Identifying Segments, Customers, and Competition.

Key Market Research Tools.

CIDM/QFD Essence: The Logical Chain of Decisions.

Project Management and Evaluating Project Success.

Summary: The Future of CIDM.




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