Cut to the Bone

Cut to the Bone

by Shane Gericke

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"Shane Gericke is the real deal." - Lee Child

Emily Thompson, the hard-charging Naperville Police officer who barely escaped with her life in Shane Gericke's series debut Blown Away, has been promoted to detective. She's fallen in love with Martin Benedetti, the county sheriff's homicide commander. They're building their dream house in the Chicago suburb of Naperville, where she lives and works. Life is good as she slowly recovers from her jagged wounds, both physical and emotional . . .

Until another serial killer decides to crash the party and match wits with a cop he believes should have died in the noose of the first killer's "Hangman" game.

In Cut to the Bone, a stone-cold multiple murderer is scheduled to die in the state electric chair in Naperville. He'd kidnapped an expectant mother, cut the baby out her womb, and gave it to his girlfriend, who'd wanted kids but didn't want to ruin her figure giving birth. The screams of the dying mother alerted nearby police officers, who gave chase. The killer smashed the infant against a tree trying to escape. The cops caught him anyway. He was tried, and now he'll fry.

But Emily Thompson's newest foe, who calls himself The Executioner, decides that he, not the cops, jury, state, governor, or a mere detective, is this man's god of life and death. So he attacks Emily to get inside the death house and free the baby - and mom-killer, even as the electrical generator winds up to deliver its killing punch.

An electrical killing punch that Emily takes full-force . . .

This fictional crime was inspired by a ghastly real-life one in the Chicago suburb of Addison. In November, 1995, Jacqueline Williams's boyfriend, Fedell Caffey, murdered a pregnant woman, Debra Evans, and cut her nearly full-term fetus from her body. To eliminate witnesses, he and Williams also murdered Evans's ten-year-old daughter, Samantha, and eight-year-old son, Joshua. A third child, Jordan, was spared because, they thought, children under the age of two couldn't be reliable witnesses.

The cut-out boy, named Eli, survived. Jordan and Eli are being raised by Evans's grandfather. Caffey and Williams were sentenced to death. That was commuted to life without parole when then-Illinois Governor George Ryan banned capital punishment in Illinois.

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Publication date: 08/18/2015
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About the Author

Shane Gericke is the author of The Fury, Torn Apart, Blown Away, and Cut to the Bone. The Fury, a sweeping novel of global terrorism endorsed by such literary superstars as Steve Berry and Rambo creator David Morrell. Torn Apart was shortlisted for the prestigious Thriller Award for Best Novel and named a Book of the Year by Suspense Magazine. His debut novel, Blown Away, was selected as the year's Best First Mystery by RT Book Reviews, which also named his Cut to the Bone a Top Pick. Gericke spent twenty-five years as a newspaper editor, most prominently at the Chicago Sun-Times, before jumping into fiction. He lives in the Chicago suburb of Naperville.

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Cut to the Bone 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Gericke's second novel is even better than his debut novel, Blown Away. The same terrific characters are back for another thrilling adventure in Naperville. It's non-stop action as Emily and friends try to snuff out the latest evil-doer. Wonderfully written! Can't wait for the next one!
MAGDDS More than 1 year ago
Great read-- you will not regret it!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Forty years ago, a man who was not completely innocent but who definitely was not guilty of the crime was convicted of mass murder and executed. Among the victims was the brother of the Wayne Covington, a man who would later become the crusading pro-execution governor of Illinois. Now Covington is determined to execute the convicted murderer of a pregnant woman and the baby he cut from her womb, despite the mounting protests of anti-execution advocates. Controlling the relatively obedient crowds is an unwanted burden for Detectives Emily Thompson and Marty Benedetti, who are enmeshed a rash of seemingly unrelated homicides involving a ruthless killer who leaves matches at each crime scene. With her enormous load of emotional baggage, Emily is decidedly pro-execution, which has her butting heads with her partner and lover, Marty. When the killer begins to target Emily she is brought near her breaking point as she balances her own inner turmoil and her determination to solve the murders before the killer achieves his ultimate goal. While the dialogue occasionally seems more suited for an action movie (¿Now! Out! Run for your life!¿) and the quick point changes at times left me confused, Gericke keeps the action moving along so swiftly that I was unable to put the book down. Gericke throws in some clever red herrings and the plot was so riveting that Cut to the Bone can be read in one sitting. The author also presents a surprisingly balanced view of legal execution, with no side being truly favored. While the motivation behind the killings seems a little far-fetched, this is a very fast-moving read that satisfies the reader and lives up to the success of the previous novel by Gerick, Blown Away.
harstan More than 1 year ago
In Naperville Illinois, detective commander in the sheriff¿s office Martin Benedetti and local police detective Emily Thompson brought down a serial killer. In a very short time Corey Trent was convicted of killing a woman, tearing her unborn from her uterus and killing it too. He is scheduled to die in the electric chair. On site will be Governor Wayne Covington who in the 1960¿s on the day the Supreme Court struck down the death penalty was at the execution of the man who killed his beloved younger brother, innocent bystanders and some men in blue. He intends to be there for Corey¿s execution as well.------------ The police are busy with a series of killings, one of which took place in Naperville. Marty and Emily investigate the homicide including extracting information from the national crime database at least nine other comes up with the same modus operendi. Also the victims were the grandchildren of Naperville residents. As the killer makes his way back to Naperville and the execution, Martin and Emily race the clock to prevent another murder and see justice done.----------------- Serial killer thrillers are glutting the market but CUT TO THE BONE is no ordinary work. It is as much a police procedural as it is a thriller and there are two shocking twists when taken in total context make perfect sense. The one thing is for sure is that fans won¿t get bored while reading this novel with its non-stop action, red herrings and romance between Marty and Emily. Their relationship feels genuine, takes up a significant part of the book and brings a little needed light in the dark world that the knights in blue explore.---------------- Harriet Klausner
Jebbie74 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I read this book in one was just too good to put down! An awesome thriller with lots of action and interesting twists. If you like James Patterson, you'll definately love Shane Gericke.Reading Blown Away is not a necessity before picking this one up, but you'll probably want to once you've finished with Cut To The Bone.