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Cyclolinear Organosilicon Copolymers: Synthesis, Properties, Application / Edition 1

Cyclolinear Organosilicon Copolymers: Synthesis, Properties, Application / Edition 1

by Mukbaniani, Gennady Zaikov


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ISBN-13: 9789067643979
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 11/01/2003
Series: New Concepts in Polymer Science Series , #17
Pages: 498
Product dimensions: 6.12(w) x 9.25(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Linear and cyclic organosiloxanes
Linear and cyclic organosiloxanes with assigned disposition of functional groups at silicon atoms
Chapter 2. Organosilicon oligomers and copolymers of bead-shaped structure
Bead-shaped organosiloxane oligomers and copolymers with organocyclotetra(penta,hexa)siloxane fragments in the backbone
Bead-shaped methylphenylsiloxane copolymers with ethylene bridges between cycles
Bead-shaped methylphenylsiloxane polymers with ethylene bridges between rings
Oligomers and copolymers with organocyclocarbosiloxane fragments in the chain
Silarylene cyclosiloxane and silarylene carborganocyclosiloxane oligomers and copolymers
Chapter 3. Copolymers with cyclic fragments in dimethylsiloxane backbone
Siloxane cyclolinear copolymers with organocyclotetra(penta, hexa)siloxane fragments in dimethylsiloxane backbone
Cyclolinear copolymers with cyclic carbosiloxane fragments in dimethylsiloxane backbone
Organosiloxane copolymers with heterocyclic fragments in the dimethylsiloxane backbone
Poly(organocarbosiloxanes) with cyclic siloxane fragments in the backbone
Cyclolinear copolymers derived by polymerization of organobicyclo- and organotricyclosiloxanes
Chapter 4. Organosilixane copolymers with cyclic fragments in the side chain
Synthesis of monomeric difunctional organocyclosiloxanes
Synthesis of organosiloxane copolymers with monocyclic (cyclotri-, cyclotetra-, cyclopentasiloxane) fragments in the side chain
Synthesis of organosiloxane oligomers with cyclic fragments in the side chain by catalytic dehydrocondensation
Synthesis of cyclolinear organosiloxane copolymers by hydrosilylation
Chapter 5. Organosilicon copolymers with carbocyclosiloxane fragments in dimethylsiloxane backbone
Synthesis of organospirobicyclosiloxanes and organosprirobicyclosilazasiloxanes
Synthesis of difunctional heterocyclic compounds
Synthesis and study of properties with organosilicon copolymers with cardocyclosiloxane fragments
Organosilicon copolymers with card-type heterocyclic fragments in the linear chain
Synthesis and studies of properties of card-type organosilicon oligomers with silaoxadihydrophenentrene fragments in the chain
Chapter 6. Organosilicon copyolymers with bi-, tri- and tetracyclic structures in dimethylsiloxane backbone
Synthesis of organobi-, organotri- and organotetracyclosiloxanes and bicyclocarbosiloxanes with functional groups
Synthesis of difunctional bicyclocarbosiloxanes
Synthesis of organosilicon copolymers with organobi-, organotri- and organotetracyclosiloxane fragments in dimethylsiloxane backbone
Organosilicon copolymers with bicyclocarbosiloxane fragments in the backbone
Carbosiloxane copolymers with tricyclic fragtments in the backbone
Chapter 7. Synthesis of organosilicon cyclolinear block-copolymers
Block-copolymers with poly(phenylsilsesquioxane) fragments in the dimethylsiloxane backbone

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