Da Vinci Mole: A Philosophical Parody

Da Vinci Mole: A Philosophical Parody

by Ian Browne


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Da Vinci Mole: A Philosophical Parody by Ian Browne

Keeping Da Vinci Code fans, conspiracy buffs, and puzzle enthusiasts in mind, the mysterious Dr. Ian Browne has woven a story of taut suspense and shocking revelations. When Eric San Leté, visiting curator of the Whitney Museum, is found dead, having left only a cryptic message as a clue to his death—"Oh, Rubik's Cube! / Oh, Unisex haircut! / Find Dan Black / (Ehay idn'tday oday itway)—" Dan Black, professor of modern art, and Saphie Paradise, French exchange student, are sent on a whirlwind adventure to uncover the most profound conspiracy in the history of the human race. Except for the words, every aspect of The Da Vinci Mole is accurate, and it reveals the truths behind some of the great mysteries of the universe, including the secret meaning of Jackson Pollock's paintings, why Intelligent Design is actually correct, definitive proof of the existence of God, the truth behind Area 51, the real rationale for the conservative agenda, the secret plan of the Scientologists, and what Karl Rove does in his spare time.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781932100907
Publisher: BenBella Books, Inc.
Publication date: 04/01/2006
Series: Smart Pop Series
Pages: 127
Product dimensions: 5.20(w) x 7.40(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Dr. Ian Browne is the pseudonym for a well-known figure who, for reasons of security, must remain anonymous. His diverse career path has included time as a fighter-jet pilot, professional pool hustler, paid assassin, and Bushido master, and he has been rumored to have worked for a clandestine intelligence organization. He has been married to two, and soon three, of the world’s most beautiful women. He divides his time between London and Los Angeles.

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