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Dachshund - Dog Books for Kids

Dachshund - Dog Books for Kids


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Dachshund - Dog Books for Kids

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Early History
Chapter 2 Fascinating Features & Care
Chapter 3 Amazing Dachshund facts
Conclusion A little-big Companion!
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"A dog is man's best friend, and vice versa."

Dachshunds are beautiful little dogs with a big personality! They have a long body, short little legs and belong to the hound family group. refers to them as "short on leg but long on personality." Aren't they cute?

At the start of their history, Dachshunds were busy chasing and flushing out badgers. This skill applied to burrow dwellers, which are animals that dig holes or tunnels.

Normal size Dachshunds were bred for this singular purpose, but the shorter size breed was another story. They were better at chasing rabbits, so they were bred for this purpose. Some even hunted in packs to track bigger animals.

Today, Dachshunds have other abilities apart from game hunting. They are found in many conformation shows and living at home as family pets. Their unique personality and versatile nature is very appealing and they make great family companions!

Their coat can be a unique blend of colors. Some are single colored or dappled, which is single colored with spots. The primary color is red. Black and tan is the most common color. There is even solid black and solid chocolate.

For a long time, Dachshunds were considered favorites, but especially since the 1950s! Can you believe this little dog has kept its fame for such a long time? No doubt the Dachshunds high intelligence and loving affection has been a great part of their fame.

But don't let their large eyes and soulful glances fool you. A Dachshund is not the easiest dog to train! And if you leave them to their own devices you may be surprised at their stubborn nature. Despite this, these little dogs are big on heart. And because of their variety, colors, and skills, there is a Dachshund for almost everyone!

For these reasons and many more, Dachshunds are highly recommended as a faithful companion. Unlike other dogs, they are more of a one - person family pet. This steadfast and loyal nature is well deserving of the title "man's best friend!"

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