Dachshund Through the Snow (Andy Carpenter Series #20)

Dachshund Through the Snow (Andy Carpenter Series #20)

by David Rosenfelt


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This Christmas, lawyer Andy Carpenter and his golden retriever, Tara, can't say no to helping young Danny and his dachshund, Murphy.

Lawyer Andy Carpenter and his wife, Laurie, have started a new Christmas tradition. Their local pet store has a Christmas tree, where instead of ornaments there are wishes from those in need. One poignant wish leads Andy to a child named Danny, whose selfless plea strikes a chord. Danny asked Santa for a coat for his mother, a sweater for his dachshund, Murphy, and for the safe return of his missing father.

It turns out Danny’s father doesn't want to be found, he’s on the run after just being arrested for a murder that took place fourteen years ago – a murder that Danny’s mother swears he didn’t commit.

With his trademark humor and larger-than-life characters – including a police officer and his K-9 partner, Simon – Rosenfelt never fails to deliver as Andy and his eccentric crew dash to reunite a family in time for Christmas.

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ISBN-13: 9781250237682
Publisher: St. Martin''s Publishing Group
Publication date: 10/01/2019
Series: Andy Carpenter Series , #20
Pages: 352
Sales rank: 11,567
Product dimensions: 5.80(w) x 8.20(h) x 1.40(d)

About the Author

David Rosenfelt is the Edgar-nominated and Shamus Award-winning author of eleven stand-alones and nineteen Andy Carpenter novels, most recently Bark of Night. After years of living in California, he and his wife moved to Maine with twenty-five of the four thousand dogs they have rescued.

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Dachshund Through the Snow 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 27 reviews.
3no7 24 days ago
“Dachshund Through the Snow” by David Rosenfelt is the latest Andy Carpenter adventure, and an adventure it is. New readers will be immediately pulled into the story through the compelling opening. Regular readers will find the whole familiar gang Andy Carpenter, wife Laurie, son Ricky, and of course dogs Tara and Sebastian, all anticipating the upcoming holiday/football season. Rosenfelt’s characters are affable, relaxed, likeable, and yet focused and diligent when necessary. The first person narrative by Carpenter is a little self-deprecating, a little sarcastic, very humorous, and always focused on his dogs, other peoples’ dogs, and, actually, just the wellbeing of dogs in general. This is an absorbing detective story with a challenging client, and complicated adversaries, however, when the chips are down, Carpenter rises to the occasion with excellent intuition, focused investigative skills, and brilliant (in his opinion) legal tactics to save the day for all. The entire Andy Carpenter series is just entertaining to read, and “Dachshund Through the Snow” is no exception. Rosenfelt includes plenty of Carpenter’s trademark humor and dedication to justice with a dash of violence but without buckets of blood and gore. There is also a fun product placement for Rosenfelt’s other books; “He also has two books on the night table, including a thriller by David Rosenfelt, who I hear is terrific.” I received a review copy of “Dachshund Through the Snow” from David Rosenfelt and St Martin’s Press. It is compelling, suspenseful, and makes me wish that Tara and Sebastian could just save everyone.
Anonymous 3 months ago
I felt this book was one of his best. All of his team was involved,and the dogs,
Anonymous 4 months ago
enjoyed it
Denice_L 4 months ago
David Rosenfelt is one of my very favorite authors so my review may be just a little slanted....but not really. When an author has spent the time and effort to develop a world of characters that fit so well together and then sets them into the middle of some very unusual law and order situations, the end results are sure to be entertaining. Andy Carpenter is a lawyer who only defends cases that would not interest other lawyers. He is surrounding by a support team that keeps Andy on his toes. This time he defends a german shepard who is trying to retire early from the police department! Along the way, Andy picks up another client with an equally interesting case. If you have not read any of this series, start now. If you like Stephanie Plum or Kinsey Millhone, you'll love Andy Carpenter.
Anonymous 4 months ago
I am never dissappointed! I wish Andy Carpter could become a tv ccharacter i think they would be great syories
Anonymous 5 months ago
Mystery, humor and wonderful characters keep you guessing to the last page. Highly recommended
MysteryluvrOK 5 months ago
What a great holiday mystery! This is the first Andy Carpenter mystery I've read but I'll be catching up on the series! In this book, Andy (a lawyer) and his wife, Laurie (a former police Lieutenant and now an investigator for Andy) have a decade old crime to solve. Their success could bring a family back together or shatter it forever. With many twists and turns - one concerning a retiring police officer and his older canine partner - the book keeps you on your reading "toes"! I enjoyed the witty dialogue and the relationship between Andy and Laurie. Also, the supporting characters were as well written as the main character's and all added a layer of mystery, humor and humanity to the book. The book is the perfect holiday read. While it's not a cozy mystery, it has a "cozy" feel. I'd put this on my holiday TBR! I received an ARC from NetGalley for a fair and honest review of this book.
Anonymous 5 months ago
Andy Carpenter, reluctant lawyer, takes on a case for a police dog. Simon’s handler is ready to retire, but the force says Simon must work for another year, even though he has arthritis in his hips. Andy sues for species discrimination and Simon is retired with his partner. Meanwhile, Laurie is starting her three-month long Christmas celebration by choosing from an angel tree wish list. The little boy wishes his daddy could come home, and Laurie is determined to grant his wish. His father, Noah, has been arrested for a murder committed fourteen years earlier. The dachshund in the title is their dog (though he actually has a very limited part in the story). Andy gets the team together and begins digging into the case. I enjoy Andy’s snarky attitude and humor, the dogs, and the characters on their team. The mystery was well-done and this was another great addition to the Andy Carpenter series!
Anonymous 5 months ago
Well plotted mystery with enough twists to make it a page turner? Well-developed, relatable characters? Satisfying conclusion? The right touch of humor? Dogs? It’s like a flow chart, and when I go through all of the steps, I know I’m reading a book by one of my favorite authors, David Rosenfelt. In this newest novel, Andy has 2 clients, one biped, and one quadruped. Andy takes on Simon the German Shepherd as a client when the police department engages in what Andy calls “species discrimination.” The second case starts when Laurie is trying to fulfill a child’s Christmas wish, and one of .the items on his list is to get his dad back. The dad is in danger of being convicted of murder, and what he needs is a good defense attorney, which is where Andy Carpenter comes in. Entertaining and enjoyable reading, not just for dog lovers.
Anonymous 5 months ago
Excellent read! Full of Rosenfelt's wit, humor, and intriguing plot twists!
labmom55 5 months ago
Well, this started off as a case of deja vu. I recently listened to Deck The Hounds and the beginning of this book was so similar, I started thinking I had somehow already read it. No, Mr. Rosenfelt is just recycling his opening lines. But I’ll forgive him. Because when I need something light and refreshing, Andy Carpenter is my go to. Rosenfelt has tapped into the current use of DNA websites by the police to find links to UnSubs. In this case, Andy’s client is accused of a fourteen year old unsolved murder when his brother’s DNA comes up as a relative to the DNA found under the fingernails of the victim. There’s also a subplot about a police dog seeking early retirement. These are books you love for the characters. And I love that Laurie is able to twirl Andy around her little finger and he knows it. While these aren’t serious books, they’re always well constructed and designed to keep you guessing. And almost every page has a bit of Rosenfelt humor. Very few authors are equally successful in combining humor with a good mystery. Kudos to Mr. Rosenfelt for keeping me engaged through 20 books. My thanks to netgalley and St. Martin’s Press for an advance copy of this book.
Anonymous 5 months ago
Typical Andy Carpenter book, quick read full of humor, mystery, dogs and courtrooms. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
VWilliams 5 months ago
I love a good book with a sense of humor. It's not a cozy. These are serious mystery books, with well-structured plots, fully engaging from page one. He has a way with his snarky lawyerly attitude that tells you maybe being an attorney was not what he really wanted to do. He'd rather devote time to the animal rescue he created. This narrative begins simply enough with a Christmas request and devolves into a full-fledged, multi-level whodunit. A young boy's father is in jail for a murder he didn't commit fourteen years ago. Unfortunately, they have his DNA, but as Andy gets deeper into the case, he begins to believe he is innocent. Now: How to prove it. Parallel with the main plot premise is a retiring cop who'd love to have his beautiful K-9 service dog retire with him. But Simon is nine. They don't retire service dogs until they are ten. And more bad news: Simon is beginning to exhibit signs of arthritis. So Andy sues for species discrimination. Dialogue between Andy and his wife, (former) policewoman Laurie is intelligent and realistic. He has a cadre of unusual support staff, including Marcus (the silent muscle), a computer technie-hacker, and an office manager who also rather not work and usually doesn't. He has an irreverent attitude and can be quite self-deprecating, but don't ever sell him short. He's thoroughly competent where he needs to be. Talk about hitting all the right buttons. Intelligent mystery, dialogue, twists, red-herrings, and dogs. I love the complexity and thought I knew the ultimate culprit. But the final twist at the conclusion brings a smile and one last chuckle. I received this book from the publisher and NetGalley and totally appreciate the opportunity to read and review. (THANK YOU St. Martin's!) The book and this series are highly recommended. I'll continue to follow this author, even if he's leaving Andy behind. But I'll miss him.
Anonymous 5 months ago
The day a Andy Carpenter books comes out , I am in line at Barnes and Noble. They are always great. This one is no exception. a must read.
MKF 5 months ago
Laurie, wife of Andy Carpenter, ace semi-retired attorney and leader of a pack of great characters, loves Christmas. She uses their resources to make life better for kids and this time out, she's plucked a wish that Santa brings a dad home. Well, that's just a small challenge that gets bigger when it turns out that Noah, the dad, had a relationship with a young woman who was murdered years before. He's been in hiding because his brother recently used one of those pesky DNA test kits and this his DNA, which has never been in the system before, is now one step away from discovery by the police. Andy steps in to represent him and, along with Laurie, Marcus his investigator/body guard, and terrific new character Casey (and Simon), untangles a massive international and topical case. Readers of this series know that Andy is quick with the quip, that he might see a book by Rosenfelt in someone's house, and that the mystery will have lots of twists. The more recent novels in this series have been more complex than the earlier and while I miss reading a lot about the dogs, that's ok. It's especially OK here because the book starts with Andy representing a police dog! If you haven't read these, or if you've only read a few, don't worry- it's fine as a standalone. Thanks to the publisher for the ARC. This is a fun read that might seem light on the surface but makes you work along with Andy to solve crime and right wrongs.
TorieStorieS 5 months ago
I can't believe that this is the 20th installment to the Andy Carpenter series! This is definitely a great addition to the series - as always Andy's humorous narration combines nicely with a twisting plot that holds some genuine surprises. Plus, this time there are two new dogs - Andy represents one dog in court, and then later represents the owner of the titular dachshund in a murder conviction. Like the other entrants to the series, this one is fast-paced and a lot of fun to read. And despite the seasonal title, it isn't really all that Christmassy (so don't worry if you can't wait until December to pick this one up!). The ending also hints at a future direction to the series and a further expansion of some series regulars. It makes me more excited than ever for the series to continue! Plus, this one's plot holds more surprises than usual and it's definitely one of the better installments! I also really appreciate the fun in Rosenfelt plugging his own books within this book. These books always make me laugh and Roosevelt is a guaranteed good time of a read! As always, I am left eagerly awaiting the next book!
Kat-E 5 months ago
Another remarkable installment of David Rosenfelt's Andy Carpenter series. I have read quite a few and they never loose any luster. His new book is innovative and riveting but then again what else would you expect from Patterson's most acclaimed lawyer? This time the storyline revolves around a 14 year old cold case. Teenager Kristin McNeil was brutally murdered and no DNA has ever been found to match the crime scene. Until now! This killing is being linked to a man that claims he was briefly seeing her and vehemently denies having anything to do with her death. Laurie, Andy's wife who I may add seems to be the polar opposite of said husband, picks up a Christmas wish list from a little boy at her local pet store. The wish is to bring Daddy home. Connecting the dots? His father is Noah Traynor the man sitting in jail for that long ago murder. Naturally Laurie is intrigued and after meeting with Noah, long suffering Andy takes him as a client. He is only suffering because he would prefer to be retired watching sports all day. Andy seems to gripe a lot when taking on a new case but once he is invested he works diligently and is a brilliant lawyer. The plot thickens with a trail of assassins once Andy starts uncovering the past. Can Andy convince the jury that Noah's DNA was there from an innocent encounter and stay alive while trying? Once you enter the courtroom with Andy prepare for lightning fast and witty dialogue along with a well fleshed out plot. This action packed mystery kept me guessing until the very end. If you love mysteries with a large dose of canine antics I strongly urge you to give this fantastic read a try. I am excited for the new spin off of Laurie and friends for a new series.
diane92345 5 months ago
Andy, the perpetually retiring defense lawyer, gets sucked into two cases involving dogs in the fun cozy mystery, Dachshund Through the Snow. Andy is asked by an old cop frenemy to find a way to get the city to allow the cop’s K-9 partner, Simon, to retire with him in a few weeks. Simon has arthritis and could be hurt if he continues to work. So Andy sues the city alleging that Simon is a city employee who should be able to disability retire. It really is a case of species discrimination! Laurie, Andy’s wife and an ex-police lieutenant, starts celebrating Christmas in November. So it is no surprise when she selects a wish off a tree in her local pet store. The child requestor, Danny, wants three gifts: a winter coat for his mother, another coat for his dachshund, and his dad to come home. The coats are no problem. Unfortunately, Danny’s dad is accused killer, Noah. Fourteen years earlier, he met Kristen at a bar. After a few dates on the down low, they meet in a remote spot. Kristen asks Noah to take her with him when he leaves for college in a few days. When Noah refuses, Kristen becomes distraught and accidentally scratches his face. He leaves. He finds out that she is killed later that night. Fourteen years later, Noah’s brother spits into a genealogy website’s test tube and Noah is caught by his DNA—found under Kristen’s fingernails so long ago. A Christmas setting has everything I love about cozy mysteries. Family interactions and murder. Okay, I’m not trying to wish up a murder at my next family Christmas party, but it would stop everyone from gossiping—at least for a minute or two. The Andy Carpenter series is always entertaining and this installment is no different. I love the interaction between the characters, who all seem realistic and relatable. However, the trials are also a smart addition to all the books in this series and that is rare in cozy mysteries. You might even say that Dachshund Through the Snow is a legal thriller set in a cozy mystery world. Plus Andy’s sarcastic asides are hilarious! Overall, I continue to love this series and wait each year for the next to appear. 5 stars! Thanks to Minotaur Books and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.
Tangen 5 months ago
law-enforcement, lawyers, family-dynamics, friendship, verbal-humor, snark-fest, assassins, K-9, pets, private-investigators, murder-investigation ***** The first case Andy agrees to is on behalf of a K-9 and his partner. The handler is retiring but Simon theoretically has a year to go and would be retrained for a more physically demanding job that would seriously aggravate the incipient arthritis. Of course Andy grandstands and is as humorously obnoxious as he can be, but Simon gets the Milk Bone prize. In lieu of cash payment, a service contract is negotiated for dog and partner, who plans to go private. The next case is a high profile murder trial in which the murder went unsolved for fourteen years until recently a DNA match was made. Andy and wife Laurie,also a private investigator, determine that the man is innocent of the crime and should be free for his family. But it's been fourteen years and new evidence is hard to come by. Except that someone targets Andy, but is murdered along with another assassin. Then an international assassin tries his hand at it but is foiled by the very team of K-9 and partner in the earlier case. There's lots more and a real Perry Mason ending! A really great and fun read! I requested and received a free ebook copy from St Martin's Press/Minotaur Books via NetGalley. Thank you!
paytonpuppy 5 months ago
Another wonderful mystery by David Rosenfelt featuring my favorite lawyer, who doesn’t want to practice law, Andy Carpenter. There are two cases for Andy, the first a K-9 officer who is retiring and wants his K-9 Simon to retire with him due to Simon’s health. Andy loves dogs, so he is “all in” on this one. The second begins as Andy’s wife, Laurie, tries to answer a Christmas wish for a young boy, Danny, who wants his father to come home. Before she can help, a man is charged with a murder that happened fourteen years ago. A love affair gone wrong? There was DNA at the scene, but no match until now…the match is Danny’s father, Noah. As Andy and his team investigate, he is targeted by someone who wants this investigation to end. What is the real reason this woman was murdered so many years ago? If you have not read the Andy Carpenter mysteries or really any book by Mr. Rosenfelt, you should. He writes amazing, complex mysteries and characters, with humor and sarcasm. This book provides a lead in to the new spin-off series he is writing (yeah). I received an advance review copy at no cost and without obligation for an honest review. (by paytonpuppy)
AFerri 5 months ago
This book is well written and holds your attention. This is the first book I've read by this author, now I want to read the rest of the books in this series. I enjoyed reading this book. Thank you St. Martin's Press Minotaur Books via NetGalley for the ARC copy of this book. All opinions expressed are my own.
KiahJT 5 months ago
5 stars David Rosenfelt delights with another Andy Carpenter book! I am utterly addicted to this book. This book draws the reader in from the first page and doesn't let go until the very end. Rosenfelt writes deep engaging, sassy and fun characters that are so much fun to root for. I hope this series never ends. As an added bonus, this book although part of a series can be read as a stand-alone. I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
4GranJan 5 months ago
Great Detective Mystery This is an entertaining book! It is like a modern-day, humorous Perry Mason with dogs. There is drama, dry humor, compassion, mystery, sarcasm. and more. The author even makes a plug for his own writing – his own cameo appearance. The plot is very believable, realistic and would make a great movie. There is an outstanding plot twist at the end that I didn't expect. I received this ARC book for free from Net Galley and this is my honest review.
Anonymous 5 months ago
This book which contains legal drama and high stakes criminal investigation is the 20th in the Andy Carpenter series. This is only the 5th I have read, but I intend to read more. Narrated by Andy, I always enjoy his witty, sardonic sense of humour and his sarcastic thoughts and conversations. Andy Carpenter is a defence lawyer. He prefers to spend time with his dog rescue foundation and with family and his 2 pet dogs Being independently wealthy, he only accepts legal cases if there is somehow a dog involved. The author. David Rosenfelt, the author of the series, also runs a dog rescue service, has over two dozen pet dogs, and has rescued 4,000 animals. It is hard to resist the adorable dogs pictured on the covers, but be aware these are not relaxing, cozy mysteries, but are intricately plotted crime thrillers. They involve difficult and dangerous investigations by Andy, his wife, and friends and conclude with courtroom drama. The stories I have read feature mob violence, drug trafficking, criminal conspiracies, smuggling, gang-related murders and terrorism, crimes involving technology, and a most wanted international criminal by Interpol, all within complicated plots. A team of Andy's friends help with the investigations and court trials. Fourteen years previously, a teenaged girl was murdered. She was meeting a teenaged boy secretly as she was involved in another relationship. ( That boy is now a man and is the father of the boy who wants him home for Christmas.) There was an argument where she clawed at his face and he left her sitting there. DNA was found under the girl's fingernails and at the murder site but it could not be matched with anyone at the time. Now years later it has been traced to him, and he is in hiding to avoid arrest for murder. He insists the girl was alive when he left the scene, and always feared he would be blamed for the murder. Andy, urged by his wife reluctantly agrees to defend him, but to do so he must come up with an alternate suspect to raise doubts in the minds of a jury. He has put himself in danger. After being attacked by two small-time criminals, they are found shot dead the next day. Another shady character dies after informing Andy of a most- wanted international criminal who may be involved. As bodies start piling up, Andy feels a conspiracy is somehow involved in the girl's death. Will the jury believe in such a complicated plot? It is Andy's task to tie together a complex thread of killings in order to defend his innocent client. This task seems impossible since he has no idea of the motive, why the girl was their victim, and what others may have participated in her murder. He must convince a jury that a gang of criminals with seemingly with no connection to the girl caused her death. Did she have a dangerous secret which led to her death, and was she was killed to silence her? Can he place his client's guilt in doubt and restore him to his family? He is also involved in another trial. A policeman is retiring, but the Department insists his arthritic police dog must work another year regardless of the dog's physical condition. Andy sues the Police Department for species discrimination. I wish to thank NetGalley and St. Martin's Press for this delightful book in the Andy Carpenter series in return for an honest review. They are told with great humour and contain serious criminal cases and courtroom drama. I look forward to more books in this enjoyable series. Highly recommended!.
CozyOnUp 5 months ago
Andy Carpenter is a married lawyer and family man. His wife Laurie is a Christmas elf and grants wishes at Christmas. When Laurie reads a you g. Inks request she enlists Andy’s legal services to help bring the boy’s father home after he is arrested for a fourteen year old murder. While Andy and Laurie believe that Noah didn’t kill the young woman all those years ago, they must find a way to create reasonable doubt in the mind of the jurors. Andy and the gang do far more than that when they are able to connect an internationally wanted criminal and some local thugs to the case. But the real challenge is going to be getting Noah back home with his family. Can the team grant a young boy’s wish, or will Andy become the next victim? This is the first entry I have read in this series and I am shocked I have never heard of it before. The wit and banter reminds me of a male Janet Evanovich, another NJ author I enjoy. Best of all, there are 19 books to catch up on in the series and this Jersey gal looks forward to reading every one of them.