A Dad of His Own

A Dad of His Own

by Gail Gaymer Martin
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A Dad of His Own 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
grace_enough More than 1 year ago
As I curled up in my favorite chair on Super Bowl Sunday to read (instead of watching the big game), I thought I knew what to expect when I cracked open "A Dad of His Own" by Gail Gaymer Martin. I'm a fan of the Love Inspired line by Steeple Hill and Mrs. Martin is one of their finest authors. I settled in to read for a few minutes at a time as I fixed supper. I prepared myself for the usual mix of a some guilt-free romance, a little laughter, a lesson in faith, and of course a happy ending. A couple of hours later I fond myself thoroughly surprised-and without supper-as I'd read straight through the novel. "A Dad of His Own" delivers all the ingredients of a Love Inspired novel. But this story tackles a subject uncommon to the romance genre: cancer. The story revolves around Cooper Carlson, a fatherless boy who is battling leukemia. He has one wish-for Ethan Fox to be his dad. It's Ethan's business to grant wishes through his Dreams Come True foundation. Ethan finds it easy to spend time with the lovable Cooper and single mom Lexie. But Lexie is reluctant to risk her son's heart and her own to a man whose job it is to turn wishes into reality. Mrs. Martin doesn't take the easy way out by tying up the plot in the expected way. She takes the time to deepen the story, building the characters into people I was rooting for. Lexi isn't just another cookie cutter romance heroine. While single mothers are often at the heart of inspirational romances, Lexie's background as a never-married mother, is one that is rarely explored. Mrs. Martin handles Lexie's past with realism and grace. Cooper, despite his physical ailments, has a strong spirit and a child-like faith that is unshakable. Ethan is the hero I've come to expect from inspirational romances. His Christian faith and devotion to family makes him all the more attractive. It's evident that Mrs. Martin is a mature Christian who seeks to glorify God through her novels. This story doesn't add a last-minute dash of God into the plot as a way to rework the traditional romance recipe for the Christian market. Readers who are looking for more love and less Sunday School lesson won't be turned away by the faith element. There are no trite sermonettes; just a genuine exploration of a woman looking to heal her son and her past. The ending was more than satisfying. Mrs. Martin's talent for storytelling adds spice-making this book one for the keeper shelf. Though Mrs. Martin left me hungry for future books that will hopefully feature some of the supporting characters in search of a happily ever after of their own.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Mary--D More than 1 year ago
Gail Martin writes romance and she writes it well. A Dad of His Own is no exception. Gail covers the topic of cancer in a powerful way. Ethan Fox falls for a single mom with a sweet son. But when he finds out the little boy named Cooper has leukemia, can he let go of the pain of his past and risk loving again? Or will his reservations make him pull back? Can he find love when cancer is involved? Lexie, Cooper's mom, finds her pulse racing when Ethan is around. But she is suspicious of his motives. Does he only hang around because of Cooper? Does he pity her? That thought makes her mad. And she just can't figure Ethan out. As Cooper grows to love Ethan and professes his love, will that profession wreck Ethan's relationship with Cooper and Lexie? You'll have to read this truly inspiring romance to find out. Gail gives hope of love in a not so perfect world. You'll enjoy this book!
Carlybird More than 1 year ago
I have become quite fond of Gail's writing and I always look forward to reading her new books, but A Dad of His Own became very personal to me early on. When I read that little Cooper has leukemia, I knew this book was going to be particularly meaningful and special to me. My mom had leukemia and sadly lost her battle in February 1997. Despite the sadness of reading about a boy with leukemia, I knew this book would be filled with the hope and uplifting message I have come to appreciate in Gail's books. It absolutely lived up to my expectations and as I turned the last page of A Dad of His Own, I was filled with the hope that not all stories about leukemia have to end sadly. And, in the middle of Cooper's fight against leukemia a love develops that will change his life, and his mom's life, forever. There are a couple of things I have noticed about Gail's writing that make her stories especially good. First of all, she knows how to create romantic situations, but at the same time, her characters have real-life problems and issues from their pasts that add a depth and realism to the story. Lexie and Ethan had to struggle through some difficulties and pains to find love. There was some tension in the story, but it was just enough to make the romance more interesting. Gail has certainly mastered the art of creating romantic tension between characters that readers can't help but like. I also really like how Gail includes a lot of detail in her stories. She leaves nothing out. I feel like I am actually in the story because I can see what the characters see and Gail lets the reader in on all the questions and doubts and feelings in the characters' hearts. I just love the way she writes and I loved the way I felt while I was reading A Dad of His Own. I have not been disappointed in the least by any of Gail's books and I loved A Dad of His Own every bit as much as I hoped I would. This book spoke to my heart and reminded me that God is always with us, especially through our trials, and that He forgives us and loves us. I highly recommend A Dad of His Own. I hope this book will mean as much to you as it has meant to me.
Ollies-Mom More than 1 year ago
Gail Gaymer Martin has done it again! A MUST -READ for fans of romance, Love-Inspired/Christian fiction. Or if you just LOVE to read! Gail takles a touchy storyline BEAUTIFULLY! You WON'T be sorry!
CHall_Writer More than 1 year ago
Gail Gaymer Martin brings us another wonderful book with "A Dad of His Own." We're introduced to her new series Dreams Come True in this story. Dreams Come True is an organization that helps seriously ill children realize they're biggest wishes - a topic that will touch everyone's heart. I was curious how she would wrap a love story around such a serious issue, but she does this marvelously. Not only does she tell us the wonderful story of single mother Lexie Carlson and Dreams Come True board member Ethan Fox, we get to learn about Cooper and his fight with Leukemia. First of all, Cooper is a wonderful little boy. He just wants to be a normal kid. Go to school, play catch and have fun! Unfortunately, his illness keeps him from enjoying those things, but he keeps his spirits up. He loves to read and can't get enough of books. His child-like faith is a lesson to us all. Lexie, on the other hand, struggles with her belief in God. After the heartbreak of a bad relationship and through the hardships that Cooper endures, she struggles with believing a loving God could let these things happen. This is where Gail does a fabulous job of showing a very realistic doubt of God's love and she brings us Ethan, to be there for Lexie during her moments of uncertainty. Ethan is strong in his faith, even after losing his wife to cancer. He finds it difficult to open up to love again, afraid he can't handle losing someone else he cares for. His heart has other plans though. The lessons on God's love, freewill and faith are strong throughout the book. Gail's reference of Romans 5:3-5 brings encouragement to not only Lexie and Ethan, but to the readers as well. It is a good reminder that even when God does not answer our prayers in our timing or way, he is bringing us through this journey for a reason. It will help us to build character and also to rely on him more during difficult times. Through the times of suffering, doubt, happiness and discovery, this is truly a sweet and moving story of how the three become a family. It will make you laugh, cry and grow to love them. I know you will enjoy Gail's newest book.
Major-Book-Freak More than 1 year ago
i like books like these where the main character is part of an organization that helps out helps out people in need. it's like the make-a-wish foundation. but the little boy the main character Ethan is trying to help wants a dad, & for Ethan to be his dad, but Ethan's not so sure about that.