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daddy closet

daddy closet

by CD Nelsen


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What's in the daddy closet? A complicated father/daughter relationship, patriarchy itself, vast and contradictory social issues from the 1950s, 1960s and now. Sometimes, real heroes chose non-action or curious actions. Mariane Pearl, a widowed mother-to-be choses not shoot an automatic weapon. A jerk takes a selfie with resting seals. A daughter choses not to avenge a jealous father. Gregory Crewdson burns down a condemned house for a photoshoot. Hemingway is not the perfect role model for all writers.Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass haunt Foley's Department Store. A fake clamshell at a miniature golf course longs for the ocean not to be powered by a nuke. Krishnamurti offers advice from an old video tape. A legless Vietnam vet earns his way selling weed that inspires everyone to dance.Trees celebrate Tu B'Shevat with their own chant. Girls go up in a Piper Cub with Rich instead of studying math. Aveline and Michio Kushi's daughter enjoys a rice ball. Andrew Carnegie plants a Camperdown Elm. These images, sometimes photo-real, sometimes surreal, sometimes magically real offer readers a chance to forage for what will resonate.

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ISBN-13: 9781635344103
Publisher: Finishing Line Press
Publication date: 02/16/2018
Pages: 44
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.11(d)

About the Author

CD (Cheryl Diane) Nelsen considers herself to be tricoastal: she grew up on The Gulf Coast, Houston and Austin TX. She moved to The Oregon Coast in her mid 20s where she read her poetry to an audience for the first time and was published in Total Abandon which nominated her for a Pushcart Prize. She's been East Coast, in Western Massachusetts, a writing and lit teacher for over 3 decades. Her poetry has been published in The Berkshire Review, Patchwork Farm Journal, Potlatcxh, Greenfield Review, Salome: A Literary Dance Magazine, Third Berkshire Anthology, Tightrope #9, and other journals. She co-authored a best-selling book, Food Trips and Traps and has made it to the final four in WORDXWORD story slams the last two years.

Table of Contents

water whirling into 1

custodian 2

daddy closet 4

all I can eat Walt 6

Piper Cub 7

happening 8

ghost of hollow/weenies past 9

Macros on The Road 10

left coast 12

luminescence 13

wack bull out Coast Guard Beach 14

#notmypapa 15

A Clamshell Alliance 16

coyote valentine 18

dragon breath 20

alabaster safe 22

A C tree 23

Exhibit: Studies in Devotion 24

3 centuries: at least 6 devices 25

like I told the hawk 26

Certain Illusions 27

Tu B’Shevat chant 30

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