Daddy, Tell Us about when You Were a Little Boy:89 Years and Most of Them Fun

Daddy, Tell Us about when You Were a Little Boy:89 Years and Most of Them Fun

by E. Walter Snyder


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Working alone, to start with, I filled three pages of legal pads with two columns per page with notes on events in my life. The title of the book came from the incessant questioning by my daughters for stories of my life, and of the lives of those near and dear to me. I have had an interesting series of events that carried me through prep school, three colleges (with two bachelor's degrees), three WII essential engineering jobs, and close to three years as a U.S. Navy intelligence officer, over two years of which were in the Pacific. Initially, after nine years working as a mechanic, I began a career in 1947 as a contractor with a small business that my father turned over to me. This ended in 1988 when I sold my 82-year old business that had completed that year over $4 million worth of contracts. In retirement since 1988, my wife and I have spent the winters in a deluxe country club complex in Florida and our summers on our 11-acre farm in Connecticut. I played golf, spent afternoons in the condominium pool, and, following advice given to me by my dad's brother, a doctor, I have a three-ounce martini every night to keep the blood thin and the heart relaxed.

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ISBN-13: 9780595254286
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 01/13/2003
Pages: 416
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