Daemonorops Draco

Daemonorops Draco

by Paul Campbell



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ISBN-13: 9781462006090
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 03/23/2011
Pages: 132
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Daemonorops Draco

By Paul S. Campbell

iUniverse, Inc.

Copyright © 2010 Paul S. Campbell
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4620-0611-3

Chapter One

Running quickly away from the beast, Misty moved through the trees ducking and swerving to miss each branch. Thorny vines scraped her bare legs, leaving many small cuts. The adrenalin rushing through her body numbed the burning pain as her bare feet rushed across the cool, damp earth. Her heart pounded as air rushed in and out of her lungs. Feeling like a rabbit hunted by a wolf; she looked ahead, turning quickly to her right after again seeing the beast. Fear began to crawl into her veins; she could not hide because the beast appeared in every direction she ran. Feeling weakened and hopeless, she lay upon the cold forest floor, surrendering to the beast.

"Please leave me alone!" Misty screamed. "What do you want from me?" The beast replied only with silence.

Looking up, Misty focused her eyes on the beast: a bold, seven-foot tall creature, with hairy legs like a goat and the body of a man. He pronged her with his ram horns to force her upright. His large dirty hand, with grimy short claws, pushed at her back, forcing her to walk through the woods. Painful scratches and dirt covered her naked body from her failed attempt to escape. Her trembling legs carried her a few yards to a cave entrance hidden behind tree branches. The light of the moon disappeared as they walked deeper into the cave.

Misty and the beast entered into a dungeon dimly lit by a flaming torch suspended on the wall. The hairs on her neck stood up as a deep cold shiver moved down her spine into her bladder causing her to urinate down her legs. She looked around, seeing many medieval torture devices, blades, and pliers made for dissection. In the center of the dungeon stood a cage, similar to an iron maiden, mounted to a large platform that allowed vertical to horizontal rotation. Misty tried pleading with the beast, but the same emotions that kept her from struggling tied her tongue. The beast forced her to stand upright, forcing her into the iron cage lined with small diamond spikes. The beast closed the back of the cage, lined with more spikes, encasing her naked body. Turning a large steel wheel on the side of the cage, the beast rotated the cage horizontally until her body lay face down on the bed of spikes, which pushed into her skin from all directions. Tears rolled from her eyes. If she tried to move in any way, the spikes would pierce her skin. The blood flowing from the pinpricks felt like energy draining from her soul. The cage design kept her legs spread apart. She began to panic, trying to scream, but the spike beneath her chin prevented her mouth from opening. Misty nearly lost her mind from panic, but remained aware of the beast now standing between her legs. He thrust his huge cock into her delicate loins. Misty's eyes opened wide as tears shot out. The beast continued to thrust his erection into her wet vagina, though she was not sure if the wetness was blood or vaginal secretions.

Misty's neurological system was overwhelmed from the brutal cage and fierce penetration. The intensity of her pain began to feel like intense pleasure. She felt disoriented, because no woman feels pleasure while being raped. It was more than rape, however, it was torture. Her entire central nervous system was having an orgasm. Her heart was pounding so hard it felt like a balloon popping when a long diamond spike sprang inward, piercing her heart. Misty felt herself breathe her last breath. Her eyes looked feebly towards the floor. She could see drops of blood from between her legs hitting the floor in slow motion. The beast was still throbbing hard inside her loins as the room became silent and darkness filled her eyes.

Chapter Two

Misty had fallen deeply asleep, her mind dreaming, but spellbound by a hellish nightmare. She awakened in bed, opening her eyes, seeing Sherry and Cassidy sleeping. Feeling a burning pain, Misty glanced down at her left thigh and leg noticing a few deep scratches. She watched Sherry awaken, sitting up against the back of the sofa, her legs still under the covers.

Cassidy awoke from feeling Sherry's movements and began touching her body quickly, acting surprised to be alive. Misty listened to Cassidy ramble on frantically about a beast capturing and fucking her to death. Sherry, looking unsurprised, explained a similar nightmare.

The three women began to talk about last night's wild time. They giggled back and forth about having group sex during the necromancer ritual performed the night before. "I was just playing along, until I got caught up in it; then the pharaoh appearing and giving me an out of body experience. It just blows my mind," said Sherry.

"I can't forget the great sex, I had my first orgasm," said Cassidy. "I was playing along to get laid. Do you think I cared about the ritual actually working?"

"What happened last night was a lot more serious than sex," said Misty. "True, I wanted to make love to Dante since puberty; his blonde hair, blue eyes, and charming personality are irresistible." But we invoked something very powerful that took control of our bodies and minds. Then, we had similar nightmare. That was way too real." Misty flashed back into a daydream about her sexual ritual experience last night that she believed caused her nightmare.

Misty had been the first to take off her clothes, her small breasts were perky and well formed. The candle light illuminated her naturally clean vagina. She moved her head back and forth causing her hair to flow as her gown slid down her thighs resting around her ankles. Jerome, another young man participating in the ritual, turned towards Misty only to see he was too late. She was already moving towards Dante.

Misty had secretly fantasized about Dante for most of their twelve years in school together. Misty wanted Dante's pleasure to be equal so she laid down with her head toward his feet, his cock erect before her eyes. Dante grasped Misty's small ass cheeks with his hands. His fingers reached towards her vaginal lips so he could pull them apart. Misty's luscious loins were bright pink inside. Dante licked it all, enjoying her delicate taste. Her clitoris hung down into his mouth. He tilted his head up to take her entire rosebud into his mouth as he moved his tongue up and down, feeling her clit press over his tongue. Dante, so focused on her succulent pussy, could hardly feel Misty submerging his cock into her mouth. She licked his erect penis head, running her tongue around, then with a deep sucking motion pulled his cock into her mouth.

Misty glanced over to see Sherry on her knees with her legs around Eduardo's face. His hands were reaching up to Sherry's nipples topping her medium sized breasts. Sherry had a nicely shaved hot, wet, sweet spot with only a vertical line of pubic hair remaining. Sherry's head tilted upwards as she crooned in ecstasy, "ooh, ooh, oh." Her firm round buns squeezed tightly because the sensations of Eduardo's tongue caressing her clitoris was more pleasurable than she could endure.

Glancing to her other side, Misty saw Cassidy lying on her back with her knees up and full-figured thighs spread. Jerome's head was deep between her legs. He was licking her clit feverishly while reaching around with is finger, penetrating her with a hook motion hitting her g-spot.

Dante mounted directly on top of Misty. She spread her legs so he could push his erect cock in to her small, tight pussy. Dante penetrated her gently while kissing her delicate lips. Misty, taken by the feelings from making love, reached her climax.

Misty stared toward the center of the pentagram. Her peers' naked bodies were lying on the floor, draped around the circle. Their bodies were paralyzed, not feeling scared or surprised but accepting and peaceful. An illuminated sphere, somewhat transparent, with millions of energy cycles darting in all directions, hovered in the center. The headdress of a pharaoh appeared within the Sphere, fading in and out. Misty and her peers were taken away, astral-projecting to separate and unique places.

The spirit soon vanished, but Misty could not blink or move to see her friends. The room around her formed into small cubes spinning into a vortex. The walls and everything in the room disappeared into the vortex. Her mind could barely handle all she was experiencing. Misty astral projected, like a quantum leap, to a place where humanity's harvest had already begun.

Chapter Three

Misty was at class during first hour. Her classroom had a wall of windows overlooking a tree-filled valley that extended for several miles. She was the first to arrive for class, entering the large room containing thirty drafting desks. She was majoring in architecture. An alarm clock radio on a filing cabinet near the room's center played classical music; displaying the time as 8:58 AM. Misty stood at her desk, which was positioned against the wall of windows. She looked down at the building designs she had created. Her t-square rested neatly upon the transparency paper. Misty looked up, staring out the window. In the middle of the wide valley hovered a large flying saucer. She just stared at it, entranced. A civil defense tone broke into the lilt of classical music. The harsh sound was followed by a computerized voice announcing an emergency evacuation warning for the following counties. The news then began announcing attacks on nearby cities from UFO's. Misty felt shocked. Was she dreaming again or could this be reality?

Misty ran down the stairs and outside, hoping to reach her car, but it was too late. A shot fired from the flying saucer had blown away part of the building. Misty caught up with Eduardo and hid with him behind a dumpster, the wall behind them half crumbled. Misty saw that Eduardo was shaking with fear. "We are going to die," he cried.

"We are going to make it," Misty assured. They peeped around the dumpster waiting for a chance to make a run for it. Smaller tactical vessels were now hovering around the area, pinpointing their targets. Misty and Eduardo watched in horror as a classmate, in the distance, screamed in agony as the flesh of his body vaporized from the ships blasting laser. They made a run for it, behind the university campus into the woods.

Although the woods were deep, Misty and Eduardo ran along the edge, just deep enough in to remain hidden from above. It was not long before they reached Misty's house and ran inside the storm shelter. Within the storm shelter, they found Dante, Jerome, Sherry, and Cassidy listening to a small battery operated radio. "I was hoping you guys already made it safely here," said Misty.

Outside the sound of fighter jets ripped through the air as they fired missiles. The group huddled in the shelter hoped desperately for the Air Forces' victory. The radio announcer, however, explained that the Air Force was having no effect on the UFO's. Entire squadrons were destroyed but not a single alien vessel was tarnished.

They stayed hidden within the storm shelter for a day. The next day they awoke to loud speakers ordering everyone to come out and surrender. Misty peeked her head out to see a black, six-wheeled military truck stopped in the distance with loud speakers playing the recording. People had begun to go outside and walk towards the vehicle, loading up inside.

"The government has been taken over," Misty said to the others. "We cannot stay here forever." They tried to make another run for it, creeping out of the shelter and dodging from house to house, heading for the other end of town. Their hearts pounded in their chests as their bodies pressed against the side of a house. Down the street another military vehicle roared by playing the same recording. There was no place to go. A small tactical flying vessel appeared from around the corner, firing a warning shot that destroyed much of the house. The group scattered in different directions. Misty narrowly escaped back into the woods. She planned to follow the tree line down to the four-wheeler trails. The others, captured and forced to surrender, walked towards the military vehicle. Two armed human soldiers wearing black uniforms escorted them into the six-wheeled truck.

The military truck, full of civilians, drove for hours to the collection point. A massive alien ship hovered over several open fields. Hundreds of military vehicles unloaded civilians. Rows of people walked up the long ramp, composed of only light, into the alien ship. The humans were unsure of their fate; in shock from such a massive reality change, walking as if just awakening, only seeing the light from a dark horizon.

Children separated from their parents cried in terror. Jerome and Cassidy held onto lost children. At this time everyone was together, common victims of a higher species. Dante took the long journey up the ramp, feeling like a helpless cow walking into a factory.

Inside the spaceship, spider like aliens stripped off the humans clothing and fitted a silver band across their foreheads, extending to each temple. They walked, naked, in endless lines under complete mind control from the silver band placed on their foreheads.

Dante could see the back of Sherry's head as she walked in front of him. Everyone walked like robots but Dante, the alien mind control had no effect. His eyes were still able to move and his mind was able to think. He looked around and saw they were in a room with no walls only space. Sprinkled amongst millions of people were a few spiderlike aliens. Dante noticed they had six long tentacles for legs, moving its brain shaped body around. The aliens sensed Dante's awareness and moved quickly towards him. Suddenly, Dante's mind became nothingness.

The initial attack and harvest depleted most of Earth's population, with only a few left behind. Misty and many others had made it safely to the four-wheeler trails behind the forest preserve. Misty's sister, Janet, approached on foot through the woods, hoping Misty would be hiding there. "Come on, everyone is being evacuated to nuclear bunkers for safety," Janet commanded.

They ran through the woods to a nearby road, where Misty's brother-in-law Joe was waiting with the car. Misty got into the back while her sister sat in the front with Joe. "We figured if you were alive you'd be hiding down at the four-wheeler trails," she said. The car rolled slowly down the road. Janet began to cry; her children had been taken during the harvest. Misty looked to the side of the road at soldiers standing beside their military vehicles, some conducting traffic.

They arrived at the bunker. A soldier handed them nuclear facemasks. Misty did not go directly inside. She walked over to a power line tower and climbed to the top; she could see for miles from up there. The wind began to blow hard in the distance. She could see the trees bending over completely like a foot smashing the grass. A light stretched across the horizon. Misty climbed down quickly, running into the bunker yelling, "It's coming." Misty cried, "I'm not putting on that mask. I know it won't do any good." Joe stared up at the ceiling. Maybe he was saying his final prayers silently in his mind. Misty looked towards the wall as it disappeared, consumed by the light. The light moved instantly across the room, their bodies disintegrated in a flash. Disintegrating so fast an image of their bodies pressed into space and floated upwards into the heavens.

Chapter Four

After the night's ritual, Dante, Eduardo, and Jerome crashed out at Jerome's place. However, they were not alone. A messenger of the dead had come to deliver. Dante fell asleep on the sofa while Eduardo and Jerome settled on two recliners.

Dante began to dream of a girl so beautiful; she was his dream girl. She sat naked upon a rock beside the ocean. The waves crashed into the rocks splashing onto her firm breasts. She had golden blond hair, blue eyes, and skin smooth as silk. She was a small-figured girl that made him feel masculine. He sat down next to her on the large rock, feeling the warmth of their bodies. She grabbed his hand and stood up, pulling Dante to his feet. She leaped off the rock, pulling Dante behind her. He felt the warm sand squish between his toes as they ran together along the water's edge. He felt his spirit flying free like a helium balloon. They frolicked beside the ocean, talking and playing like two young lovers. He felt so content and happy that he wanted to be there with her forever.

Sensing something strange, Dante awoke. The dream girl began to fade away from his mind. Dante could hear the most soft and beautiful woman's voice singing lyrics, "You have been many places that I could only dream of. Lie to yourself and you will know others, lie to others and you shall know yourself." "Good bye," she sang. The moment before Dante opened his eyes he had an erection. He lay there feeling empty and lonely, but satisfied thinking he just had a wet dream.


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