Dagger's Edge (Brute Force Series #2)

Dagger's Edge (Brute Force Series #2)

by Lora Leigh

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#1 New York Times bestselling author Lora Leigh is back—with a vengeance—in her latest novel of passion and intrigue, Dagger's Edge, featuring the men of Brute Force.

Ivan Resnova wants nothing more than to escape his hard, brutal past. Starting over is not so easy once you’ve been a powerful crime boss but now, instead of being punished for his alleged crimes, Ivan fears that the one woman he can’t forget is in danger of paying the price.

Crimsyn “Syn” Delaney thought the danger she’d faced was over, and that she could resume her life. She never imagined it would return with a vengeance and throw her back into Ivan’s world. But when an attempt is made on her life, she needs Ivan more than ever to keep her safe—even if she is in danger of falling deeply and dangerously in love. . .

“Leigh’s books can scorch the ink off the page.”—RT Book Reviews

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ISBN-13: 9781250110343
Publisher: St. Martin''s Publishing Group
Publication date: 08/28/2018
Series: Brute Force Series , #2
Pages: 304
Sales rank: 89,040
Product dimensions: 4.00(w) x 6.70(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

#1 New York Times bestseller Lora Leigh is the author of the Navy SEALS, the Breeds, the Elite Ops, the Callahans, the Bound Hearts, and the Nauti series.

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Four years later Outside Boulder, Colorado

This was dangerous.

Journey Taite, now known as Crimsyn Delaney, stared around the guest room as she rubbed her hands over her arms, wishing she could chase away the chill spreading through her.

The Resnova estate was smaller than many she'd stayed on, but she had to admit it had an understated elegance rarely seen. She liked that. The rooms were warm, a gas fireplace gracing this one, and a small sitting area across from the bed.

Rugs were scattered over the hardwood floors; the beds were sinfully comfortable, the blankets that covered them downy soft and inviting rest.

It wasn't what she expected from a crime lord, especially a Russian crime lord. She expected flash, very little class, and found something she admired instead. Unfortunately, it was probably the most dangerous place she could be.

If there was a single place on the face of this earth that drew together all the forces she considered a threat to her life, then this was the place. And here the concentration of individuals most likely to realize exactly who she was, was the highest.

Noah Blake and Riordan Malone and Ivan Resnova. Though, thankfully, the first two had left the day before, along with Ivan's daughter, Amara. She was stuck here for the moment because Amara had made her swear to wait until her father made arrangements for her to return to New York before leaving the estate.

This was what she got for trying to help a friend, she told herself, pacing the room. Sticking her nose in where it didn't belong. She should have learned better years ago. But had she?

Evidently, she hadn't.

The only good thing to have happened was Amara's safety. With the death of the Resnova servant who seemed to have masterminded the problems Ivan's daughter, Amara, had faced, that part of the problem was taken care of.

Now to find her way out of the estate without anyone learning her true identity.

It had been four years, she told herself. She was no longer a fresh-faced twenty-two-year-old though she still looked younger than her twenty-six years. At twenty-two she'd looked like a teenager. A naïve, rather stupid teenager. Not that she was displaying more common sense now than she had then.

Noah Blake and Riordan Malone hadn't realized who she was though; that was a plus. At least they hadn't seemed to. And from what she knew of those two, if they even suspected her name was something other than Crimsyn, then they'd have called her on it before they left the estate that morning. Ivan was suspicious of everyone from what her friend Amara had told her over the past year that they'd worked together, but she was confident the identity she'd paid so much for would hold up.

She'd have to disappear after she left here though. Perhaps use some of the carefully hoarded funds she'd hidden away when she ran four years ago to buy another name, another past. Honestly, she'd begun to like this identity though.

She liked the way Ivan Resnova called her Syn. The dark quality of his voice, the way his gaze seemed to flicker with hunger.

Stupid, Journey. Stupid, she told herself as she paced back to the balcony doors and stared out onto the snow-packed grounds.

She should have never come to Boulder. No matter the danger to Amara or the danger to herself because of their friendship, she should have remembered how little Lady Luck cared for her.

That mercurial bitch hated her.

She was so screwed if she didn't get out of here. If there was one man in the world who had a reason to hate her the most, it was Amara's father. Because of her family and her father's and grandfather's involvement with Ivan's father decades ago, Ivan had nearly lost his own daughter, as well as his life.

Because of her father, Craig Taite, Amara had nearly been taken from him as a child and given to a white slaver known as Sorrel. Simply because she'd been born a girl rather than a boy.

Because of her father, Ivan had been forced to kill his own father and countless men he'd been raised with as well as those he had counted as friends before the betrayal.

Because of the Taite family, he had nearly lost everything he'd held dear, and he'd spent countless years working to destroy a family that always seemed one step ahead of him.

Until four years ago.

Her stomach roiled at the memory of that night as she fought to push it back. She didn't want to remember the night she'd learned the evil that ran in her bloodline. Not that she could forget it for long. News stories still ran about the remaining family. Her brother, her sister, and her cousins.

The Taite wealth was all but nonexistent now from what she read, the Queen's support stripped, their titles taken.

Not that she cared about the wealth or the titles. She'd cared about the sense of family, and learning it was no more than an illusion had nearly broken her.

Watching the thick, heavy fall of snow that had begun once again, she drew in a deep breath and tried to reassure herself she would make it out of there before she was discovered. That was all she had to do: make it out of there, get a bus ticket, and then disappear.

Maybe she'd go someplace warm. Florida or California. She liked the idea of California; it was warmer there. Maybe it would be easier to find a job and to hide.

A quiet knock at the door had her turning quickly, barely controlling her response to the sight of Ivan standing in the doorway.

He shouldn't look so good. He should look like a father, dammit. Maybe some gray hair, at least an ounce or two of fat on his leanly muscled frame. But oh no, the jeans he wore, cinched at those lean hips with a leather belt and paired with a black silk shirt, sleeves rolled partway up his forearms, emphasized the power of his six-two frame. Thick black hair brushed rakishly back from his face, deep midnight blue eyes, and a face that wasn't classically handsome but rugged and wickedly sensual.

She wanted to clench her thighs against the response she had to him. She'd never, at any time, responded to a man as she did to this one. Her body sensitized, her breasts felt achy and tight, and between her thighs she could feel herself growing damp. Never, at any time, had she so wanted a man to touch her.

"Yes?" She cleared her throat as he stepped into the bedroom and closed the door behind him with deliberate care.

Her heart was racing now, nerves gathering in her stomach as she fought back an instinctive fear of what was to come.

"Tell me, Ms. Delaney, what are your plans now that this is over?" he asked; the low pitch of his voice only made her nerves worse.

This. The deaths of the men attempting to kill his daughter. Yeah, fate hated her. They hadn't even been tied to the Taite family. She'd simply been at the wrong place at the wrong time with his daughter.

She shrugged at the question. "Return to my job," she lied. "My life. Why?"

Stepping farther into the room, he stalked to the fireplace, where he leaned against the surrounding brick, arms folding over his chest as he watched her closely.

How many times had she dreamed of him? Dreamed of him holding her, his strength supporting her. So many years, she knew, and now, rather than reaching out her only choice was to run again. Because she couldn't bear to have him know who she was. "You've lost six months of your life," he pointed out. "The apartment you had is no longer available, your belongings disposed of by the apartment manager, and your position at the DA's office has been filled."

She frowned, her fingers tightening as she linked them in front of her.

"There are other apartments, other jobs, and things can be replaced," she told him, keeping her voice calm.

Hell, she knew better. Nothing was ever easy but it sure as hell beat a forced marriage to a man she had no desire for.

"Where will you live?" he asked then as though simply curious.

Ivan Resnova was never simply curious. According to his daughter, he was at his most dangerous when he pretended to be.

"I have friends ..."

"Family?" The question was asked so smoothly she nearly stuttered over her response.

"A few cousins." She finally shrugged, remembering the identity she'd paid so much money for and fighting to contain her growing frustration. "I'll be fine."

It was as though he were rubbing her nose in the fact that the obstacles she faced were rather difficult.

"Hmm." The murmured response had her lips tightening as she fought to hold on to the temper he seemed to ignite without trying.

"Is there a point to this interrogation?" she snapped before she could stop the words.

Dammit. She didn't need to piss him off further. Amara wasn't here right now; he could kill her, have her body disposed of, and simply tell his daughter she'd left the estate.

His brow arched, mocking amusement touching his lips.

And still, he was so handsome. The deep, dark blue eyes, thick black hair. His features were that of a fallen angel's, dark skinned, savage lines, and determined angles.

"Doesn't every interrogation have a point?" he mused lazily.

He was dangerous, she reminded herself, far too dangerous to allow herself to be comfortable with him. She had to remember this man could destroy her.

"Then get to it so we can be done with it," she demanded, steeling herself to pretend unconcern. "I'm sure I have better things to do than stand here and be questioned by you."

"Like what?" That amusement filled his voice now. "We're in the middle of another snowstorm at the moment, and other than minimal security and staff, we're pretty much alone. Humor me."

Yeah, she'd get right on that.

"Humor me and get to the point." She sniffed irritably.

Taking an attitude with a crime lord wasn't the smartest thing to do, but he just pissed her off. She wasn't a twenty-two-year-old child anymore. The four years she'd been running from her past had taught her a few things at least.

He pissed her off now though, and made her wet. A hell of a combination, wasn't it?

"What do you want to compensate you for the past six months and to ensure I don't have to kill you to keep you from running your mouth about it?" His demeanor went from amusement to icy control.

She stared back at him for long moments, knowing he'd said exactly what she thought he said, but unable to explain why it hurt so bad to hear the words.

"Wow. Just call me a money-grubbing whore and have it done with," she told him with far more calm than she felt. "Honestly, I thought I'd consider myself lucky if I just got out of here while I was still breathing."


She could feel her temper burning now, and though she was certain it would be far better to push it back, she found it impossible to do so.

"As if there was any other option," he snorted as though disgusted by that fact. "Amara would no doubt check on you from time to time, just because she's nice like that. I'd never let my daughter suspect I'd killed a friend."

Of course not. He loved his daughter, didn't he? How could she have forgotten that? That didn't mean she was safe by any means.

"If I'd wanted anything in compensation, I would have asked your daughter," she pointed out with a haughty little sneer she'd learned from her mother. "Keep your money, Resnova. I don't need it, nor your insults. And I damned sure don't want my life and my safety further inconvenienced by my running my mouth, as you so crudely put it."

Her fingers curled into fists; the need to plant one of them in his face again was nearly overpowering.

"I find that rather hard to believe," he murmured, suspicions shadowing his expression.

"I don't give a damn how you find it!" she snapped furiously. "Amara is my friend. Helping her was helping myself. I'm alive. I can return to my life. And you can take your offer and go to hell."

She should have expected this, she told herself. Ivan and men of his ilk only knew the power of their money. There was no such thing as friendship or loyalty that didn't involve some type of payment.

She should have run the opposite direction of the Resnovas. When the men working with Amara's abductors six months ago had come after her as well, she should have just headed to California then. There was nothing in New York to hold her. It was just a place to stop, to rest, nothing more. The last place her family or their investigators would think to look for her.

Ivan was watching her doubtfully now, obviously unable to believe she wanted nothing.

"How much?" he asked her again.

Her teeth clenched.

"Fine. Whatever." She flipped her hand toward him angrily. "Just write yourself a check, whatever you think it's worth, and give me a ride to town in the morning and you'll never have to remember I existed. How's that?" She didn't have to cash a check; she could just burn the damned thing.

She hated him.

She wanted him ...

She hated herself because she wanted him to touch her, to kiss her with those sensual lips, touch her with those long-fingered, broad hands, surround her with the warmth of his body.

She wished she could find some way to shed the pain, the aching loss, for just a single moment out of time instead of having this man make it worse, intensify it. For the first time in her adult life she wanted a man to touch her, and he just wanted to pay her off and get rid of her.

She glared at him, letting the anger build instead of the hurt. Hadn't she hurt enough yet? Hadn't she lost enough?

He watched her silently now, his expression giving nothing away as he stared back at her. But she could feel the suspicion, the growing sense that he was playing some game, had some agenda she wanted no part of.

"This storm is expected to last through the night and now into the morning as well," he suddenly announced. "Getting you into town will be impossible until the day after tomorrow at the earliest. Think about it and we'll discuss it again before you leave."

He straightened, his arms dropping from his chest as he moved closer to her.

Journey watched warily as he paused beside her, his gaze on the snow outside the balcony doors, his profile implacable.

"Was there something else you wanted?" She couldn't help the confrontational tone.

Her father had warned her countless times that her temper was going to get her in more trouble than she could get herself out of one day. For a moment, the memory of a vicious blow to her face, her father's cruel gaze, the icy mercilessness in his expression, and her own horror flashed through her mind.

She flinched and moved a few steps from Ivan, desperate to lock the past away again, to run from it just as hard as she was running from those searching for her.

His head turned, those dark blue eyes watching her intently.

"Who are you running from, Syn?" The question shocked her, terrified her. He asked it so gently, as though he understood her fear, as though he wanted to help her.

If she didn't get out of this house, out of his life, then he'd end up destroying her.

* * *

Ivan watched as Syn's face paled and her green eyes darkened in fear. She wasn't as good as she thought she was at hiding the fact that she was running.

Oh yes, he knew who she was now, and he was rather shocked by the fact that he hadn't recognized her. Though, in his defense, four years had wrought just enough changes in her delicate features that he could be excused for that. That added maturity, as well as the shorter hair and the thinness of her once curvier body, had allowed her to slip beneath the radar and away from those searching for her.

He was one of those searching. He'd had a team tracking her since the night she'd disappeared, though the trail had grown cold a year after they'd begun their search.

Craig Taite's younger daughter was still a beauty though, perhaps even more so than she had been at twenty-two. And so very young. Twenty-six. It was a crime that she had to carry the weight on her shoulders that she carried, that she had the knowledge of the monster her father had become.

It was a shame that she would now face her father's crimes in ways she'd avoided since she'd begun running. He couldn't allow her to run farther though. As long as she was out there, undefended, knowing the things she possibly knew, then she was a liability to some dangerous people.

He turned to her, watching as she swallowed tightly, her deep green eyes meeting his before shifting, touching her lips, then dropping before she quickly turned away and pushed her fingers restlessly through her hair. But not before he saw the flush that washed through her cheeks.

His lips quirked in amused knowledge at what he knew she'd seen.

Oh yes, she could make him hard. Instantly. There was something about her fiery nature, about that shy, innocent gaze, that filled him with raw lust. Just as it had for years before she disappeared. She was his secret fantasy, his flame-haired dream lover.


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Dagger's Edge 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 28 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved the story line
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great read!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
MaimeosAngelsEL More than 1 year ago
4 Star Review Dagger’s Edge (Brute Force #2) by Lora Leigh This is Ivan Resnova and Crimsyn "Syn" Delaney story.I read the first book in this series not realising that this series is a spin off from another of Ms Leigh’s series. There was a great deal of chemistry between Ivan and Syn and it was scorchingly hot. Dagger’s Edge had action, suspense, danger and intrigue which kept me interested. I had a hard time engaging with the characters but that is more me than them although I did like how feisty Syn/Journey was and that she held her own against the grumpy Russian.Will Ivan be able to keep Syn safe or will it all be in vain? There were secrets, lies and surprises and Ms. Leigh wove an interesting story. I received this book through the publisher and Netgalley.
Cheryl-S 6 months ago
This fabulous book is second in the Brute Force series and it features Ivan Resnova and Journey Taite. Journey has been helping Amara for six months. When it’s all over and Amara is safe, they end up at Amara’s fathers home. She doesn’t think he recognizes her but she’s wrong. How could he not recognize the daughter/ granddaughter of the men who murdered his mother and raped his aunt. Will his plan for revenge using Journey as a way to drive his enemies even more insane than they already are, end with something else entirely different? This story is exciting, full of action, suspense and a beautiful erotic romance that this author is well known for writing. The beginning was a little rocky. Also, switching between different “first person” paragraphs needed to be noted somehow. All in all, when the story got going, I was riveted and couldn’t put it down. If not for the confusing start this would have been a 5-Star read for me. I can’t wait for the next book in this fantastic series!
LEH0644 More than 1 year ago
Journey Taite (now known as Crimsyn Delaney) has been attracted to Ivan Rosnova since her teens. Running from assassins, she is saved by Ivan and falls totally in love with him. Ivan is trying to find out who is trying to kill her. He calls in Jordan and Riordan Malone to act as security around his compound. Crimsyn’s evil father and grandfather are in prison but they could still send assassins. Ivan vows to keep her safe and to keep her his. Lots of steamy sex between Syn and Ivan but this series has so many unanswered questions that you feel as if you’ve been dropped into the middle of the book and missed the first half. Journey is said to be the favorite cousin of the Queen. How is this? Then a title is to be taken away from the Taite’s until Journey is returned. But the Taite’s criminal network is made up of white slavery where titled and blue blood girls and young women are taken and sold to the highest bidder. How can this family deserve a title?
BuckeyeAngel More than 1 year ago
Ivan Resnova wants nothing more than to escape his hard, brutal past. Starting over is not so easy once you’ve been a powerful crime boss but now, instead of being punished for his alleged crimes, Ivan fears that the one woman he can’t forget is in danger of paying the price. The story before this was Ivan’s daughter and, while I didn’t remember getting much of a description (or age) of him, I remembered the hint of boiling heat between Ivan and Syn. So, starting this one off, my visual of him before the author did a great job of revealing him probably wasn’t the most attractive. However, as with all of Lora Leigh’s stories, she did their story justice. I really enjoyed it and read it pretty quickly. There were plenty of hot scenes to go along with the drama. I highly recommend. **I voluntarily read and reviewed this book
belllla More than 1 year ago
A story of Ivan continues in a new book. This time he is protecting the women that have been in his mindes since she was an innocent teenager. But lust, the attraction between Ivan and his Syn is strong and escalates in wild lovemaking. But to escape her family they make a compromise and fake soon become very real. Both Ivan and Syn are likable characters they made a really great readable story. I volunteered to review an ARC of this book for Netgelly
annie2015 More than 1 year ago
Hot, steamy, fast paced...and maybe a little confusing at times. I enjoyed it overall. I do think you should read the first book in the series before reading this one. I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley. My thoughts and opinions are my own and without bias.
Ticvic2001 More than 1 year ago
Deflate 4.5. A great hit! Loved, love this series and the interactions with the previous. Makes me want to go back and star at the beginning. It has been a while since reading one of these and diving into the characters brought a lot of good stories and characters together. The story is suspenseful with twists and turns throughout with great descriptions and story links. Love of course the steamy scenes which are always great. Only thing I thought could use a little more detail was the initial link between the 2 characters. I felt I missed a link between the two in the beginning that caused a little difficulty connecting in the beginning. Fabulous and can’t wait for the next hopefully not too long.
jennifer315 More than 1 year ago
Lora leigh is a must read author for me. Her books always have great plot twists. I always spend the whole time trying to figure out what will happen. I loved Ivan and Syn. Their story was so addicting. I was kept guessing the entire book. I have to say that these characters were super hot together. I find myself having to fan myself. I'm interested in seeing where this series goes from here.
UpAllNightBB More than 1 year ago
4 Stars Review by Elizabeth Late Night Reviewer Up All Night w/ Books Blog Dagger’s Edge is installment two in the Brute Force series by Lora Leigh. If you love suspense with your romance this book is just for you. It takes a few pages to grab your attention and once it has you it will not let go. Journey (Syn) has been on the run from her family and fiance for four years. After a near death experience at their hand, she is afraid they will eventually catch up to her. Enter Ivan, a fierce Russian crime lord, and father to her friend, Amara, and anything is possible. When Journey comes face to face with Ivan four years after him saving her, she does everything she can to make sure he does not recognize her. Needless to say, he does recognize her and they have one night of passion before she runs. Ivan has been at war with her family for years and when he has her in his house, what will he do? Dagger’s Edge is full of so much suspense you will not see anything coming. Not to mention the romance is amazing!! Journey and Ivan have this chemistry that you cannot defuse no matter how much people try. I will say this though, as you make progress in the book it gets confusing a bit. The POVs switch with a snap of a finger and it is a bit difficult to follow. I found myself having to start the book over to try and understand what was happening. If you can keep up with it then I applaud you! Even though it was a bit confusing to me at times, give it a shot. You will love the book and the way Lora has written it, it is wonderful. You will fall in love with both Journey and Ivan.
jkmeaux More than 1 year ago
Dagger's Edge is exactly the kind of book I love. Full of action, suspense & steamy romance, it was impossible to put down. Not having read Collision Point, the first book in the series, I was confused at the beginning but the plot had me so mesmerized that I decided to continue it and read the first after. I've already purchased Collision Point and it's #1 on my TBR list! I would highly recommend this series and look forward to the next one. I received an advanced copy through NetGalley for my honest review.
valerie holm More than 1 year ago
Romantic Suspense Thriller 4 star Dagger's Edge (Brute Force 2) by Lori Leigh is a romantic crime thriller. The events begin directly after Collison Point's ending. Information relevant to current affairs is summed up when necessary, but there is a depth to the relationships if one reads both. Crimsyn, on the run and desperate to escape her corrupt, powerful family befriends Ivan's daughter. Ivan is a dominant man possessing a significant Russian family legacy. Having ties to Ivan from her past, she knows he can help her maintain cover. Syn, as Ivan calls her, realizes it is a risky request due to a violent feud between their families. After a passionate night in Ivan's bed, Syn runs again with the intent of leaving Ivan behind permanently. Several weeks after Syn's escape, Ivan catches up with her. Together they devise a plan to stop Syn's family from causing more horror in their lives. Ivan persuades Crimsyn they must get engaged. He hopes the betrothal going public will lure those trying to abduct Syn in the open. When that occurs, he intends on striking them down permanently. Syn's only requirement for participation is Ivan helps her believe the love she wants for them is real. Ivan's passion for Syn is apparent, and the love between them feels authentic. It's fulfilling Ivan accepting he needs Syn. Even more satisfying is Syn accepting her fairy tale has become a reality. Ivan exudes power. He doesn't give excuses regarding possessing and shielding those he loves. Nor his drive to complete those tasks by any means necessary. Rising above his treacherous past gained Ivan a vast empire, which ensures Syn can remain by his side and protected. Syn has a tenacity to her. Her strength comes from within. Moments passed I saw a week woman who needed rescuing, but never so much so that I was totally put off by her. Dagger's Edge is a great addition to the Brute Force series. Ivan and Syn were well paired, and quite sexy together. There was a great amount of mystery and suspense. I am enjoying piecing the character's background stories together. I was granted an ARC copy of this book by St. Martin's Press through NetGalley for my honest opinion. I encourage all readers to come to their own conclusions.
Jolie More than 1 year ago
I have a personal goal of not DNFing any book. I like to give books a chance. Sometimes a book will start rocky and then morph into a great book. I have never been challenged to finish a book until Dagger’s Edge. I had to talk myself out of deleting this book and sending a DNF to the publishers. I had to force myself to finish this book. Dagger’s Edge is the 2nd book in the Brute Force series. Journey (aka Crimsyn “Syn“) is on the run from her family. Being pressured to married Beauregard and to restore favor to the Queen Mother, she leaves. She runs into Ivan, who she has always had a thing for. Besides being her best friend’s father, Ivan is the one man she wanted to run to. But can she trust this dangerous man? Will he be able to protect her? When a book leaves me confused after the prologue, I know that it isn’t going to be good. That is what Dagger’s Edge did to me. Left me confused and going “What the heck is happening here” I reread the prologue to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I paged back to see if there was something before the prologue. Nothing. So I was left confused. And I stayed confused the entire book. I have a feeling that if I read book 1, then I would have a better understanding of what was going on. But I didn’t….so yeah. That confusion trickled down to the characters and their relationships. I could not connect with Journey. At. All. She went between acting like a child and a mature woman for most of the book. She made life choices that had me questioning how she survived so long on her own. Seriously. I respected Ivan but I didn’t like him. He rubbed me the wrong way. I did think at one point “He must have a lonely life.” So when he went all in with Journey, it didn’t fit in with the image that was projected. There was sexual tension between Journey and Ivan. What I liked is that the author was able to keep the level of sexual tension for the entire book. There was no dip. It was thick in this book, which was one of the few enjoyable things in the book. Let’s talk about sex. Journey and Ivan had a lot of sex. They were like freaking bunnies. In a van, in a plane, in a limo, the list could go on. One look and he was ripping her panties off. Which would have been great except, sex was related to pleasure/pain in every sex scene. I couldn’t get past it. Listen, I know a little pain is good during sex. I also know that there are people who get off on pain. But in this book, nothing was mentioned about that. It seemed like having sex was actually hurting her. To have it brought up all the time ruined the sex scenes for me. The secondary plotline involving Journey’s family made me sick. The abuse she suffered at their hands was horrible. No wonder she took off. I don’t understand why she didn’t tell the Queen Mother?? Going with the plotline involving her family, I couldn’t understand why her cousin didn’t scoop her up like she said she could. Instead, she got bent over Ivan having her and got in his face. Which almost didn’t end too well for her. The other storyline, which I won’t talk too much about, I saw coming from a mile away. Even with Ivan telling himself certain things, it still happened. The end of the book was a cluster. Storylines were left wide open. I am hoping that is because the author is going to write a 3rd book. Minor things got resolved but all the major things didn’t. I was left scratching my head and going “OK” after the last chapter.
Sailon More than 1 year ago
Holy Hotness Batman!!!! Known for explosive, erotic, suspense-filled romances, Lora Leigh brings it all, fast and hard in Dagger’s Edge. Dagger’s Edge is a story about the daughter of a ruthless and corrupt businessman, who gets caught up in a war for power. Her only hope is another criminal…an older man…from her past…that she fell for years ago… Heavy on the steam, Leigh totes that fine line of balancing plot with pleasure in this sizzling hot romantic suspense. This is not a light-hearted read, but a brutal, erotic, white knuckle reading adventure. I received this ARC copy of Dagger's Edge from St. Martin's Press. This is my honest and voluntary review.
gigiluvsbooks2 More than 1 year ago
Ivan Resnova wants nothing more than to escape his hard, brutal past. Starting over is not so easy once you've been a powerful crime boss but now, instead of being punished for his alleged crimes, Ivan fears that the one woman he can't forget is in danger of paying the price. Crimsyn "Syn" Delaney thought the danger she'd faced was over, and that she could resume her life. She never imagined it would return with a vengeance and throw her back into Ivan's world. But when an attempt is made on her life, she needs Ivan more than ever to keep her safe--even if she is in danger of falling deeply and dangerously in love. . . Review: This is the second book in the Brute Force series and leaves off where the last book ended. Now, this does not mean you will be lost if you read these out of order. Of course, this like the other series is full of action, romance and suspense. The story is full of Ms. Leigh's sexy writing and style. Ivan and Syn/Journey as May/ December lovers who fighting to keep Syn alive. I enjoyed reading about them and how they worked through the age difference, their secrets and everyone trying to get in the way of their HEA. Full of action, suspense, romance and a few surprises to appeal to all readers. If you enjoy reading romantic suspense or other Lora Leigh stories, you should pick this one up. 4Stars *I voluntarily read an advance reader copy of this book provided by the publisher.*
thicks More than 1 year ago
Lies and deceit among your peers is bad but when it comes from those closest to you it's so much worse. Family can do you like no one else. This erotic suspense has mafia and black ops, betrayal, human trafficking and more. There is plenty of intrigue and action to keep your heart rate up in between the erotic scenes. Virgin stories are not usually my thing but the story behind this one made up for it and made it worthwhile. This is my first read by this author and it has been a pleasure checking out her style. It's a good read that will keep you invested in the characters especially the red head vixen who proves she has some moxie, his Syn. She saw beyond what he showed to others. Broke through his walls of protection and gave him more than he knew he wanted.
tsinclr More than 1 year ago
Friend or foe? Journey assumed a new identity to remain hidden from her family. But after she tried to help a friend, she finds herself in the home of someone she believes may want to kill her more than her family if he figures out who she is. She decides that it's better for her to leave than stay and take that chance. Ivan knows that the woman calling herself Crimsyn is really Journey Taite, the daughter of his most hated enemy. But as in the past when he's seen her, there is an attraction that he can't explain. So instead of hurting or killing her like she thinks he wants to do, he finds himself wanting to act on that attraction. When she runs from him, he's determined to get her back. And he's not the only one looking for her. Suspense, action, and maybe a surprise to two.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
With Dagger’s Edge, Lora Leigh keeps this Brute Force Novel as sensual as dangerous as the first. One thing is for sure her strong men never lose their edge. Until they meet a woman that pushes them over it. I read this first and then wanted to read the first one. So you don't have to read the first one to follow this one. She gives enough character development for you to understand the players and their history. This is an action-packed whos who right up till the end. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
Rainn2978 More than 1 year ago
This is book 2 in the Brute Force series. I would suggest that you read book 1 so that you can understand some of the things talked about along with the characters in this book. I would also recommend that you read the Elite Ops series as it introduces these characters as well. And it might make this story make more sense if you haven't read those books. This book is about Ivan Resnova and Crimsyn "Syn" Delaney AKA Journey. Ivan is still trying to move on from his past and the things his family has done. Along with trying to take care of his enemies so that he and his family can live freely and safely. Syn never knew the things that her family had done. And when she found out, she ran. She thought that part of her life was over, until an attempt is made to kill her she now knows that they won't let her go. But can she put her trust and faith in the one man who she has always been attracted to? Especially knowing that their families are enemies and if he finds out who she truly is, he will make her pay for just being related to them? I loved this! Like I said, if you haven't read any of the other books then you won't really understand and the prologue especially will be confusing to people. Ivan is definitely all alpha male and will do anything to make sure his daughter is safe and happy. Syn is an innocent who has been caught in the crossfire but she manages to learn how to stand up for herself and what she feels is the right thing to do. I love how even though there are so many things that happened in the past that hurt so many people they still manage to to move on and fall in love. For me, it was a great read. A lot of people may not like it, especially if they haven't read any of the others to know the backstories that have happened to lead to this. After this one I really want to know more about Syn's former fiance
carvanz More than 1 year ago
This was much more thrill and suspense oriented than I anticipated. From the very beginning it was one wild race for safety after another as Journey tries to run from her past and the dangers that still threaten her present. When Ivan steps in, she knows that he will kill her once he learns who she really is but perhaps making a deal with the devil could save her in the end, even if she doesn’t believe in fairy tales. I enjoyed this story despite not remembering the details of the previous one. Initially, it was a bit complicated to follow and I was tempted to set it aside. However, I pushed through and I’m so glad that I did. While Journey was trying to find her way in a world that she had never felt safe in, it was Ivan’s determination to give her a soft place to land that really snagged my heart. He was all alpha, all protective, and completely possessive of her. When they come to an understanding, I could see the writing on the wall even if Journey could not and I was even further gone for this hero. This is a fast paced read with plenty of hot steam and even more characters. I never knew which direction it was going to go and in the end was taken completely by surprise. If you enjoy a thrilling ride of suspense and danger, death hovering at the doorway at any given time and uncertainty over who to trust even as two people fall in love amidst the chaos, this is definitely a read you will want to check out. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book provided by NetGalley and St. Martin's Press. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
Monnie777 More than 1 year ago
Welcome back to Brute Force. I would highly recommend reading the first book before you read this one as you will lose a big portion of the background of this series if you don't. It was great to catch back up with Ivan and Syn. In this book they finally don't hid there attraction to each other. This book is more of what happens in the first and I really don't want to give anything away but I will say finally. I do hope this series continues as I do like it a lot. *I received a free copy of this book via NetGalley and am voluntarily leaving a review.*
nku More than 1 year ago
Dagger's Edge (Brute Force #2) by Lora Leigh The most I can give this 3 1/2 stars.... I really enjoyed Collision Point and was so looking forward to this book. Ivan and Journey "Sin" continue the story with a lot of the same characters from the first book. Thanks to the publisher and #NetGalley for letting me preview this book. The journey is full of danger and a lot of steamy sex... To get to their HEA.