Daily Diabetic Log: (Record Keeping for one Year)

Daily Diabetic Log: (Record Keeping for one Year)

by Therlee Gipson



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Daily Diabetic Log: (Record Keeping for one Year) by Therlee Gipson

Diabetes are going to destroy the United States. This all could be prevented if we would turn the clock back to eating only free range meat and more fruit and vegetables with a minimum of artificial stimulants and antibiotics to hasten their growth. We must alter our lifestyles or be doomed to our own self centered greed and unhealthy consumption.

Most Illness are self-inflicted. The human body has a super natural designed healing system that can meet most of its problems without outside intervention. Even when outside help is needed, healing is enhanced if the patient can be kept free of emotional devastation and panic. Emotional trauma impairs immune function by decreasing the body's interleukins vital immune defense substances. Panic constricts blood vessels, putting additional burden on the heart. Depression intensifies existing diseases that open the door to other aliments. There is a direct connection between our mental state and the ability of our immune system to do its job. Keep your mind-set positive and free from depression, unnecessary emotional stress which can induces illness. Other words, REFUSE to get involved in a confrontation with anyone, no matter what the issue is. DO NOT allow the daily grime of living and coping take control of your mental health. Bottom line, your body will suffer the consequences by weakening your immune system.

Lets face the facts. We do not take care of our bodies. We eat thing that taste good and over indulge in those foods. We have bad drinking habit of some beverages. We have substance abuse of prescription and non-prescription drugs. We are not active doing chores around our homes. Apartment dwellers are even less active; they are couch potatoes. We as a nation have evolved into a fast food society. This is a bad sign for the future of our health care system. The projection for medical cost for preventable medical aliments will run into the trillion of dollars annually in less than 10 years. Medical Care alone will bankrupt our country. Something must be done to change what we consume and reduce unnecessary stress and depression we put upon our bodies. This is an urgent situation we have gotten ourselves into; unfortunate, none of our leaders don't know or really don't care.
Take heed and monitor your body on what you consume.

Beware of Red Meat. Red meat is our biggest diet contributor of excess protein and saturated fat levels No one argues that less fat in our diet is healthier, or that saturated fats are the most harmful. Knowing this, livestock growers and butchers have made some changes for the better. Red meat are acid forming in the body; when red meat is cooked too well done, chemical compounds are created that are capable of causing many diseases. Most of us eat more meat than we really need. A 100 gram serving of meat is the size of a deck of cards. Red meat is significantly harder to digest than plant foods. Meat digestion requires more oxygen in the bloodstream. Watch Chinese food, because It has the potential of raising blood sugar level in diabetics. Stay away from smoking and other bad habits; they only make matters worse. Of course, I love red meat and I will eat it the rest of my life. In no way I am telling you to stop eating anything, just be careful and monitor what you consume. Slowly change your eating habit. Eat less and eat healthier.

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